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Friday, February 15, 2019

Spotlight on Clear Creek Nursery Pen Dragon Reporting...

Shopping in Second Life typically means you go to a store that looks like thousands of other standard looking stores, fighting the crowds at events and then coming home to relax. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have an experience while shopping, to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while you find the perfect decor for your land? That place exists in Clear Creek Nursery.

Owned by Ricardo Avalira, Clear Creek Nursery offers a wide array of trees, flowers, fountains and decor perfect for giving your home or land that extra touch of nature. The nursery is designed to give you the experience of being outdoors as you peruse the wide assortment of items available, all designed by Ricardo himself.

”I lay out my walkways and start decorating around them. It creates a peaceful environment for people to enjoy. I've visited several nurseries over the years and most are just rows of products, I want mine to be different. I encourage people to walk the walkways, to experience the nature, to relax.” Ricardo said of Clear Creek Nursery.

Ricardo is a landscape photographer in real life and brings his eye for the beauty and tranquility of the natural world to his creations in Second Life. His images have even been featured in several galleries and have been sold in Second Life in resizable frames designed to either be put on a small desk or sized to cover an entire wall, affording the opportunity to stand before the image and feel the majesty of the natural world. Ricardo hope to expand his current nursery and offer the images again as part of his product line.

There is so much to see at Clear Creek Nursery, with a winding path that leads you through a beautifully designed garden, leading back to a rezzer that will display different scenes that Richardo has created. The scenes are complete with various seasons, animals and sounds that are sure to be the centerpiece anywhere they are displayed.
He even offers a scene that can be changed to reflect all four seasons. His scenes are created based on the seasons and holidays, often offering special items that reflect nature and serenity, including one at the top of a large tree with a zen garden and swing, perfect for escaping the stress and pressures of everyday life.

Richardo came to Second Life almost nine years ago and has aspirations of being a builder, creating prefab homes because of his creativity and over 30 years in construction in real life.

“I thought I'd be a builder, but instead I wound up designing trees and flowers. I like the creativity of making the scenes.” Richardo said. He opened his first nursery within the his first year in Second Life and hasn’t looked back. The vast majority of his items are now mesh. “I've had my own sim for several years and at one point the entire sim was covered with nursery items. When I first started there was no mesh, only sculpties.” he continued. His newer products are copy/mod and he includes some outdoor furniture in what he sells. “I do some outdoor furniture. Places that you can put out in your backyard and relax.”

Speaking with Richardo I found that, beyond just creating beautiful landscaping, it was very important to him that he provide customers with something that he hopes will allow them to escape everyday life, to relax and find peace. “I want to create a comfortable, relaxing shopping experience for people. I want them to come and connect with nature, give them a chance to escape their problems and relax. Think people move too fast, this gives them a chance to slow down a bit and smell the roses.” Customer support is also among his highest priorities, making sure that any questions are answered as quickly as possible.

When you are looking for that perfect piece of landscaping to complete your home or garden, be sure to check out Clear Creek Nursery where you will not only find all your decorating needs, but will enjoy the beauty of the experience as well.



  1. Thank you Pen for such a well written article. You captured my vision perfectly.


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