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Saturday, March 14, 2020

A SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE: Unusual Oracle at Curei's Floating Gallery


The creative, nonprofit "Curei's Floating Gallery" keeps coming up with the most unusual things.  It has brought you everything from a photojournalist's panoramas by Curei, and a trip to a little island in the river Seine in Paris, to real world gallery prints from virtual reality by Tal.  And it has also become a place known for it's three music streams and amazing interactives.
Now, there is the most unusual Oracle since Delphi.  The wisdom it imparts is so vast that you can access the offerings for more than an hour and you will not experience any repeats.  It is the wisdom of the ages made personal, and that's what makes it truly special.  You get the sense that it was created for you, personally.  Guess what,.... that's exactly what was done.
The words brought up are shared with all those nearby, which makes it a natural for an educational discussion group that uses the Oracle as a very unique tool for personal discovery.  Such activities are encouraged, for learning and growing are what it's all about.
This one-of-a-kind Oracle was the creation of a very special team comprised of Tal, who researched and created the massive database, Fran, who programmed it into the operating system of the Oracle, and Curei, who originated the idea and formed the outer appearance of the creation.  All three find it to be something that truly has become more than the sum total of its parts.
All of this is open to the public and additionally, special group tours of this new creation, and of all the unusual things to be found here, are available upon request.  Send your email request to:
And remember, everyone will always be welcome at any time at "Curei's Floating Gallery."


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