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Showing posts with label gallery. Show all posts

Sunday, July 4, 2021

From the Depths to the Heights at Sinners & Saints Art Show- STARTING JULY 10th!


In the wake of the UWA Gratitude Art Show back in November which Chuck Clip curated alongside Mariposa Upshaw, we here at Sinful Retreat and Angels Rest decided to carry UWA's torch onward into the future in the form of occasional themed art shows. Sinners & Saints Art Show is our first show which serves the dual purpose of carrying the aforementioned torch and celebrating the culmination of our first year in Second Life. 

Sinful Retreat and Angels Rest are mirrors for each other, highlighting the dichotomy of light and dark in art and humanity as a whole. We thought it appropriate that our first show should reflect that. Despite the terminology, you need not think in terms of Christianity. This show represents the width and breadth of the arts in Second Life. With submissions from about 30 artists and poets from across the grid, and performances by 15 musicians and DJs (and counting) this show is sure to encapsulate all of us and serve to start some interesting conversations. We cannot wait to gaze deep into the mirror with you. 

Sinners & Saints Art Show opens on July 10th with spiritLed, Semina, and Acoustic Energy at 12pm SLT. Music events will follow throughout the month, and the exhibit itself will stand through September, at which point selected pieces will rotate in and out of circulation on the sims of Sinful Retreat and Angels Rest. 


July’s Schedule (Subject to change and additions) 

Keep an eye here for any changes

July 10th

3PM Spiritled

4pm Semina


July 13th

12PM SLT Buskmet Stormcrow

1PM SLT Morlita Quan

July 17th

7PM Aufwie

8PM Noma

July 18th

1PM SLT Traci

2PM SLT Haze

July 19th


11PM SLT Poul

July 20th

12AM  SLT Kael

3PM SLT Donn Devor

July 25th

9PM Essence

10PM Max

Saturday, April 25, 2020

5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show April 24th- May 1st


5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show

Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life. The goal of Kultivate Magazine is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. Kultivate Magazine consists of the magazine, The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery of Black & White Imagery,  The Kultivate Loft Gallery, The Kultivate Signature Gallery, The Kultivate AIR Gallery & The Kultivate Select Gallery. Kultivate Magazine is proud to be the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team for The American Diabetes Association

Dates: April 24, 2020 to May 1, 2020
The 5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show will take place April 24 to May 1, 2020 and will feature 2D and 3D artists, live music, a hunt, storytelling, and cabaret dancing! We will also have a variety of giveaways and contests, so you can win a variety of artistic and photo tools, as well as lindens! This event will feature both a juried and non juried competition component, where artists will compete for prizes in a variety of categories.
Participating juried artists include: AlexAvion, angyel Resident, Anouk Lefavre, danielofangel, Eucalyptus Carroll, Freedom Voix, ilyra chardin, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Judilynn India, Kacey Macbeth, Kapaan, KodyMeyers Resident, Michael Lysios, mth63, Myra Wildmist, paineful, Rory Torrance, Sabine Mortenwold, SandyBlackCloud, Sevant Anatra, Sheba Blitz, Skye Joubert, softandred, softandred, Solana Python, Syphera Inaka, TaraAers, Tempest Rosca, Vanessa Jane, Veruca Tammas, & ViktorSavior. There are also two special exhibitions by Debauche Dance & The Art Loft.
The following live performers and instructors will provide entertainment throughout the art show:  Wolfie Starfire, SaraMarie Philly, Aislen Sings, Melenda Baptiste, Samm Quendra, Holly Giles, Savannah Rain, Mavenn, and Maximillion Kleene. Whymsee and Seanchai Library will also have special events at the art show.
About Kultivate Magazine:
Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life. The goal of Kultivate Magazine is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. Kultivate Magazine consists of the magazine, The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery of Black & White Imagery,  The Kultivate Loft Gallery, The Kultivate Signature Gallery, The Kultivate AIR Gallery & The Kultivate Select Gallery. Kultivate Magazine is proud to be the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team for The American Diabetes Association

Saturday, March 14, 2020

A SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE: Unusual Oracle at Curei's Floating Gallery


The creative, nonprofit "Curei's Floating Gallery" keeps coming up with the most unusual things.  It has brought you everything from a photojournalist's panoramas by Curei, and a trip to a little island in the river Seine in Paris, to real world gallery prints from virtual reality by Tal.  And it has also become a place known for it's three music streams and amazing interactives.
Now, there is the most unusual Oracle since Delphi.  The wisdom it imparts is so vast that you can access the offerings for more than an hour and you will not experience any repeats.  It is the wisdom of the ages made personal, and that's what makes it truly special.  You get the sense that it was created for you, personally.  Guess what,.... that's exactly what was done.
The words brought up are shared with all those nearby, which makes it a natural for an educational discussion group that uses the Oracle as a very unique tool for personal discovery.  Such activities are encouraged, for learning and growing are what it's all about.
This one-of-a-kind Oracle was the creation of a very special team comprised of Tal, who researched and created the massive database, Fran, who programmed it into the operating system of the Oracle, and Curei, who originated the idea and formed the outer appearance of the creation.  All three find it to be something that truly has become more than the sum total of its parts.
All of this is open to the public and additionally, special group tours of this new creation, and of all the unusual things to be found here, are available upon request.  Send your email request to:
And remember, everyone will always be welcome at any time at "Curei's Floating Gallery."

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interview with SL Photographer Dixmix Souce -Seersha Heart Reporting...

Becoming a resident of Second Life in November of 2006, Dixmix Souce has been active in the SL photography scene for almost ten years.  In 2012, he was one of the artists who provided tours for the Virtual Ability Tour group and in that same year was part of GIFT [GA International Fine Arts Tour].  This year he has curated Escape In Landscapes in July and has recently opened Dixmix Gallery.  Dixmix Gallery is a new venue for 2D and 3D artists in world.

 Let’s get personal with Dixmix.

Saoirse Heart:  Welcome Dixmix and thank you so much for talking to me today.  I thought I would start off with a basic curiosity question, tell me how you got into Second Life.

Dixmix:  When I rezzed I thought SL was a chat room.  It took me one week to jump over the wall around the house where I was!  Then I met someone who taught me the basics of Second Life.  It did not take me long to discover the camera and take my first pictures.  My first house was a NY loft and of course it was also my first gallery.  I got into the photography scene and got brand new friends.  Some of those friends are still here and have not disappeared.  Others sadly died or maybe they just TP to heaven.

Saoirse Heart:  You have collaborated a lot with well resident Megan Prumier.  She built the new gallery.  She is the creator of the darkly enjoyable builds Crimarizon and Deadpool.  How did you meet her?

Dixmix:  It was in September 2011 at the Blacksilk academy, she went there with a mutual friend for some kind of fun or maybe just to see my exhibition.  Later Megan asked me if I would like to be the curator of the gallery she was building in a strange jungle sim called Crimarizon.  I accepted the job even though I already own my gallery.  Within a few months she had rebuilt it wonderfully.  Since then we have done a lot together and have a strong friendship. We both are Capricorn maybe it helps us to understand each other.

Saoirse Heart:  Let me ask you about something another artist said to me.  He said that "chicks dig artists'.  Do you find that to be a true statement?

Dixmix:  To be an sl artist, and it’s the same in rl too, you need to be alone. In my solitude is where I find my inspiration and my time to shoot.  Yes you can be surrounded by some cute AVI, who is smart and funny but when you’re starting a photo session you don’t have much time to talk.  You have to set the light, select the poses, have a look on every detail of the outfit.  Usually I tell them, sort your messy inventory or get ready for the next outfit.  Otherwise I have close friends, close enough to know the name of our children, talk about life, bitching about the weather, like many others I believe have in world.

Saoirse Heart:  On Saveme Oh’s blog she posted dialog from the one of your gallery openings in September 2016.  You were gracious and polite, yet her behavior earned her an ejection.  What is the most outrageous thing someone has done for your attention?

Dixmix:  I will not talk about about Saveme oh.  For me nothing is outrageous, I respect every kind of second life choices; you can be human, elf, hobbit, monkey, wear strange clothes or even a fashion addict. We are all pixel, but if you talk to me for 10 minutes, you will understand I'm real I'm not role playing as an artist or as a curator. I'm always talking to the person in front the screen.  I save my RP for some places where I always keep my clothes on.

Saoirse Heart:  Many artists and builders use ALTs as part of their creative process.  Do you use an ALT for creating or other purposes?

Dixmix;  Not really.  I’ve an Alt but he’s my banker.  Some years ago, someone stole my money by a script when I didn’t have much L$.  So I have him saving my money, no friend no group no sl just an account. But I know some have for different reasons, last week I spoke with someone who said ‘I’m the alt of my alt’.  I don’t really need to hide myself under another AVI.  I like the light and the darkness I can mix both in one SL.

Saoirse Heart:  Brings me to my next question, what do you do in second life besides your art?

Dixmix:  I wander a lot, shops, galleries, nice sims, thematic lands.  I chat with friends online and discovering new people.  My friends are not only photographers. Some are builders, sculptors, designers, DJs, dancers, Bloggers, famous models even some weak submissives owned by some kind of pixels master.  It’s a network but I’m very busy with photography and curating the gallery. 

Saoirse Heart:  It has been said that 'everyone is an artist in second life' do you believe this to be a true statement?  What do you think of this statement?

Dixmix:  Everything in SL has been created by someone.  Yes everyone is an artist there some are amazing and while some suck.

Saoirse Heart:  Some artists and builders work on multiple platforms.  Have you ventured onto other grids/platforms to create such as the O/S grid or High Fidelity?

Dixmix:  Not yet, I’ve enough with SL.  You know maybe one day SL will be out of date or will get stronger after the next metaverse revolution. 
The Dixmix gallery is a realistic gallery now playing host to SL’s Art, Photography, Sculpture and Music.  Built by Megan Prumier, it celebrates five years of collaboration between she and Dixmix.  Artists now on display are Ariel Brearly [entrance], Grazia Horwitz [first SL exhibition, black and white in Black Gallery], Ziki Quest [Grey Gallery], Megan Premier [pink images behind the Atom] and Dixmix photography [3 shades of monochrome, a selection of B&W].  A great place to hang around and see works from talented artists.


Friday, September 30, 2016

A Review of Nabrej Aabye's latest exhibition "Itineraries" - Triuzla reporting.

 Sometimes while wandering through virtual art galleries it can bring about unexpected and priceless experiences. A visit to Crossroads Gallery can be one of such bargains for travelers seeking new discoveries in SL.
The paintings presented at the “Itineraries” exhibition at Crossroads Gallery are intriguing and thought provoking. Don’t resist the temptation to explore the whole building.

Nabrej AAbye is a mysterious creator living in Tunisia. Since 2007, he as been involved with art and builder in Second Life. You can visit his art studio where you can buy even more beautiful pieces of art, which are not included in the current exhibit. The artist shares his inspiration by incorporating real life scenes as subjects in transition to second life in its diverse form. Truly, the blend of two realities causes controversial and disturbing feelings of dynamic and emotions, hidden deep in ones’ sub consciousness.

The use of bright colors influences the whole specter of thoughts and provokes tough inner response. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that the pictures can be stared for a long time, delving into the virtual dialog with the creator.

What did he mean by adding this or that layer? Did he wish us to meditate on his artworks or take immediate action? Questions emerge all the time.        

I can’t say that the theme of revolutionary changes is the guiding idea of  Nabrej’s works. In his native country he has experienced these dramatic events, turbulence and rigorous vibes which can be perceived through the contemplation on his works.
 True features of talent is his ability to transform hard experiences into optimistic, mature sated works, setting peace and wisdom in the viewer’s soul.

“La Marche” can make one stand motionless. The artwork contains numerous female dark silhouettes, hurrying on somewhere (on execution, as artist explained in a private talk). However there’s one bright white young representative of this mass, which totally differs and can become the agent of changes.
It is perceived as a bright hope depicted in a playful form. The pureness and open-warmheartedness permeates the air around all pieces of Nabrej’s art.
For example, “Avatars” is a piece that stimulates imagination with its intriguing layering effect. Watching this picture for a long time you can imagine an abstract idea.
Despite this fact one can feel a strong connection with their own adventures in SL.  
On the one hand, art should actually cause such an effect. On the other hand, Kerouak’s quote on the floor sets the whole mood of the perception and makes it clear what the creator was trying to tell us.    


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Windlight Magazine Announces Name Change to Kultivate

 JULY 31, 2016

Windlight Magazine announces its name change to Kultivate Magazine. The name change is part of the rebranding of Windlight to reflect its expansion into other art forms, including music, fashion, and literature.

Kultivate Magazine will continue being a provider and supporter of the arts in Second Life and will continue providing these services to the many artists and creators in Second Life. The brand will also continue providing services to it’s real life virtual patrons in the form of tutorials and classes.

The name Kultivate was chosen for a variety of reasons. Brand founder and publisher, John, explained his reasoning for the choice of name: “When I created Windlight last year, I wanted to assist artists and to provide resources for the art world to anyone who wanted them. I also started Windlight in memory of a much beloved younger sister, who tragically passed away two years ago…….Kandis, my sister, experienced growth in more ways than one in Paris and took her photography to new heights and levels as she perfected her craft. This growth is what has lead me to rebrand Windlight into it’s new name: Kultivate.” The choice to spell cultivate with a K was in honor of John’s sister Kandis.

Kultivate will encompass Kultivate Magazine, The Edge and The Edge Gallery, Windlight Art Gallery, Windlight Bailywick Gallery, The Riff, and the upcoming Team Diabetes of Second Life Art Gallery.

“Cultivation is the art and science of growing things. We hope that you will continue to grow with us and Kultivate our love of all things artistic. Please note that our strong commitment to the arts will never change. We will continue to have our art shows, our galleries, and our many artistic events to bring you the resources you have grown to love and utilize. If anything we will simply expand and bring you additional resources to help you to cultivate your craft, “ continued John.

For More Information
For more information on the brand’s name change, please visit the following link:

About Kultivate
Kultivate’s goal is to support and further the arts in Second Life. The main art forms that the brand supports are 2D and 3D art, literature, music, fashion, and lifestyle elements. For more information please visit:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Angelwood Bay Arts Center Opens 3 New Galleries


In the beginning of this year, right before the gallery's 1 year anniversary, Angelwood Bay sim moved next to Godelin, Paradise Island, the beautiful park sim managed by Elin Egoyan, builder of our majestic gallery. 

The passage way leading in and out is still being created but Elin has created another fine example of her work as the gateway between the two. A lovely traditional English garden now has it's bridge into Godelin. This garden will soon be presenting charity art auctions that will run on a constant basis. Another new addition is our charming wine garden, with coastal views and magical moonlight. Situated across the bridge from the gallery and adjacent to my personal collection building, it's a sublime place to relax with a glass of wine and dance with friends.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Prometheus' Fire Presents Five New Pieces of Art at the Gallery’s Grand Opening Saturday February 1, 2014 at 6pm SLT.

Since Prometheus hasn't  had any takers on custom orders yet and the gallery is polished and ready to go, he got out his paint brushes and glass rods and made some new art for Second Life art collectors to put on their walls. 

Prometheus is also working hard on new 5 pieces that will only be available and  raffled off at the grand opening event.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are Invited to the Grand Opening of Prometheus’ Fire Specialty Neon Art and Signs/ Gallery- February 1, 2014 at 6pm SLT

 After completing his gallery that is due to open this Saturday, Feb 1st at 6pm,  Prometheus has found some time on his hands and is now open for some special projects and commission jobs! Though the art he sells is a VERY dramatic and risque neon style, he also does some professional logos and impressive portraits in both neon or  any other graphic style you want.

This logo was created for a local Pizza shop; Mystic Pizza. Be sure to check it out.

This neon impression portrait is of Lanai Jarrico

Prometheus is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done.

Need a logo created ? IM Prometheusunchained or visit Prometheus' Fire Specialty Neon Art and Signs/ Gallery and see his collection.

You are invited to Prometheus’ Fire Specialty Neon Art & Signs/ Gallery Grand Opening- February 1, 2014 at 6 pm SLT

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Center Ground Gallery Final Viewing of 2013 Art Exhibit From 1/1/14-3/3/14

For the Art Lovers in SL! Today through Friday, January 3, 2014, the work of Layachi Ihnen, Jeanvince Admiral, Miles Barbasz, Xirana Oximoxi, Ohsoleomio, Waltkeys Faith, and JudiLynn India will be on display.

Come enjoy the vibrancy of ideas and colors from these real world artists before the Center Ground Gallery closes for a new 2014 beginning! Of course, all pieces are for sale. 

The Gallery will close on January 5th for renovation - to reopen soon! Keep your eyes open for the announcement! 

Teleport Now

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wrapping up: Acid Lily Gallery August Round 2- August 30th

Aug 15 to Aug 30th
We're wrapping up the final days of August Round 2. Our designers have provided some beautiful creations this round, so check them out! Round 2 will be closing on Aug 30th, at 8:00 am SLT.

This round features:, O.M.E.N, even.flow, Adore&Abhor, [okkbye], MishMish, *Perception*, TENJIN, Kaithleen's, Reila Skins, Senzafine, Kaithleen's

Group Gift provided by: Kaithleen's
Each designer provides a new exclusive release along with special discounts, and one or more items marked down to L$ 70 or less.

A new collection takes place on the 2nd and 17th of every month, with Group Gifts offered by a new designer every round. The complete Shopping Guide is featured on the blog.

AcidLily Resident
83457point1 Resident

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spotlight on JudiLynn India; a Real World Painter, Owner and Curator at Center Ground Gallery of Arts in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Art is an expression of human creativity. All a person needs is skills and an imagination.  It is used for self expression, an escape from everyday stresses and even works as a form of therapy. Art comes in many different mediums from sculpting, drawing and painting to photography, graphic design and assemblage.

Style can be contemporary, abstract, modern, realistic or a combination of all.  With the rapid growth of technology, art can be taken to new levels and shared with people from all over the world. Second Life is the perfect platform for showcasing art and interacting with fans. Artists from any genre can create artwork, upload images into Second Life, put their work in a virtual gallery or participate in art shows across the grid. Artists can also sell their work to virtual world resident to hang on their walls in their virtual homes or offices or even in the real world with the use of websites and e-commerce.

Judi Lynn is known in Second Life as JudiLynn India. She is a real world painter from Philadelphia, currently living in Georgia that uses the virtual world to share her talent with others.  Her love of art goes as far back as she could remember. While other little girls played with their dolls, Judilynn found her muse at an easel.  Growing up, her education always included art. She was enrolled in Saturday classes and special projects through high school and into college where she studied Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University. Her mediums are traditional acrylic and digital Paintings as well as digital acrylics. Her use of vibrant colors and earth tones provide a balance of lively and warm ambiance with a calming effect. Combined with an intriguing array of forms and shapes, her pieces capture the imagination.

Meet JudiLynn India