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Saturday, May 2, 2020

ISME Gallery One" on Grand Canyon South, opening on the 9th of May at 2 pm SLT

Igor Ballyhoo is a RL photographer and artist, He is a long time resident and critically acclaimed artist in SL as well. Extending his creativity here, he has discovered ways to use tools that are not available in RL. He is an administrator and artist for Art Space at The University of San Antonio in Texas, and is well known in both RL and SL art communities. He has often been given whole sims to create stunningly amazing and fascinating works. Igor creates his art with passion, making each piece of art unique and unforgettable.

Without a personal preference when it comes to medium, he uses any and all available tools, whether its prim, sculpt, particle or anything in between, in his creative efforts. His most noteworthy works include: Metamorphosis, TUMOR, Axis Mundi, Kunst der Fuge, Cyber Shark, Forest of Scissors, and Snow Crash. Additionally, he had a build in SLB11 conveniently dubbed "Slave".

His extensive portfolio is often disturbing, scandalous, and intriguing but always interesting, and his art exhibitions have made him one of the most popular artists on the SL Grid.
He never ceases to amaze and stun and this is very evident at the latest exhibit of his work at "ISME Fine Arts Galleries, ISME Gallery One" on Grand Canyon South, opening on the 9th of May at 2 pm SLT. All are invited to this unique show of his works.


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