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Monday, June 22, 2020


I recently attended the Grand Opening of the hottest, most creative, and arguably the absolute finest club to be found anywhere on the grid in the past 16 years! Furzona – Fractured.  The first impression you get when you land at the arrival area for Furzona 2020, is one of space.  The sightlines extend off into the distance.  As you look out over the expanse, your eyes are drawn to the DJ platform at the far end of the massive dance floor.  Almost three stories tall from floor to ceiling with balconies and comfortable lounge areas, interspersed with expansive gaming areas. This sim is the result of a true team effort, using a software development approach, with Game as the designer, and Aki Norin as the builder, bringing the dream to (second)Life.

And then there are the people.  The electronic energy of the room is magnified by the bodies of the dancers, Club staff, and other onlookers. While the bulk of the group is on the dance floor itself, others wander around the club grounds, exploring this monument to Imagination, descending the grand staircase, admiring the artwork, or exploring the many kiosks that line the entry area with items found nowhere else on the entire grid.

It was there, tucked away in the corner of the room, I found Game Wylder, one of the true Visionaries behind Furzona.  

JOSH BELLIC (JB): Hi there, Game.  What an amazing new place you have here.  In what ways is Furzona II different from its predecessor?  What makes this place truly unique among sims?

GAME WYLDER (GW): The difference between V1 (our anniversary build) and V2 (Fracture), is mostly our expansion. We wanted to expand the entire venue, expanding upon not only the physical form, but also the concept of the club. We wanted to re-incorporate EVERY aspect of the original build in the new one. We didn't just want to build it bigger, but Better. We wanted to take the six months of research and development into a massive overhaul of the entire experience.

JB:  Fracture is obviously much larger than the original Furzona. In fact, with few exceptions, it is probably larger than most every club out there today.  What is the capacity of Club Fracture?

GW:  Since we used to share the sim with other parcels, it used to be under 100 patrons, but now, we can go as high as 110. We've fit up to 90 people in the previous club, but it felt claustrophobic. Now, we can stuff 100 people in here with it still feeling spacious.

JB:  Are Mesh builds really that much better? What advantage does a “Full Mesh Build” have over a Prim- build?
GW:  Prims are good, but when making complex structures, Mesh is the way to go. We can make way more dynamic builds when we do it straight from Blender. The biggest advantage is the optimization when the club is empty, a moderate machine should be able to run up to 90 FPS. We wanted to make sure Furzona can run on almost any machine.

JB:  This is the first I have heard of Furzona II.  How long has Fracture been in development?

GW: It's been in development for about 2 months, we've kept it a very close secret between managers. We wanted to take our time on this project. The last build felt somewhat rushed, whereas this one feels extremely flushed out and optimized.

JB:  I see signs around the place that talk about “Red versus Blue”?  What is that concept as it applies to your club here?

GW: Furzona has always been a Red and Blue themed club. So, we like to play on the Red vs Blue theme, that is prevalent in most games like Halo.

JB:  You have an area on the upper level called the Wall of Gratitude.  What is that all about?

GW:  We recently started up a Patreon for any people who wish to support the club (  We had a lot of people approach us, and ask us how they could donate, so we decided to setup a way for them to do it proper. The Wall of Gratitude is a wall designed for those who support us at the $5 tier.

JB:  Tell us about some of the events you plan for Fracture?

GW:  We will continue to do our weekly events.  Our next event after Fracture is the GYC pride event on the 26th.  GYC is one of the Adult Furry Clubs on the Grid, it stands for Gay Yiff Club lol. It's the #1 Furry club in SL. So, we wanted to work with GYC to do a LGBTQ+ Pride event, and we're hosting that next week. Outside of that, we are planning seasonal events, like a summer event, some video game themed events, and community events!

JB:  Are you already thinking about your next grand Project?  And what might that be?

GW:  One step at a time, we wanted to put all our focus on Fracture before thinking about the next big thing. Rest assured, now that Fracture is open, we have begun planning for our next big thing.

JB:  Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Fracture? The floor is yours, Sir.

GW:  We wanted to thank all of our staff and patrons for supporting us through these past 6 months. We couldn't have made it without your support. Fracture is our gift to all of those who have supported us. We wanted to re-design the club to feel more like a home to all of you. So please, enjoy.

So, there you go, Folks.  If the clubs you are used to visiting have become kinda cold and stale, then you need to TP your pixeled buttocks on over to FURZONA FRACTURED for the HOTTEST tunes, the HOTTEST lightshows, and the HOTTEST  DJs on the grid!    See ya there!  Aloha!



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