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Showing posts with label josh bellic. Show all posts

Friday, January 5, 2024

Misadventures of Fetish Club Hoppin’ in SL- Lanai Jarrico

Ever hear of vore RP?  No? Me either up until recently after 18 years in SL.  Let me explain…. I went out for a night on the town with Josh, my top writer as my wingman. He told me I need some excitement in my SLife. I agree but daaaaamn. I’m down for being spanked and getting my hair pulled and all that kinky stuff but this little tiny lizard approached me in a club and asked if I ever did vore rp. I stood there perplexed and felt like a deer in headlights in the middle of the dancefloor and nearly stepped on the Geico lookin mascot.

[19:59] “Little Lizard”: Hey, do you rp vore? :)

[20:00] Lanai Jarrico: What is that?

[20:01] “Little Lizard”: Vore is a roleplay where you'd swallow a micro like me whole. There is no chewing/scat or anything of the sort. It can be sexual and can involve other fetishes such as sub/domme or feet. It's fun to try if you think you'd consider trying sometime?

[20:03] Lanai Jarrico: um never heard of it and not sure thats something id like to try. [20:03] “Little Lizard”: No worries, perhaps another time.

It sounds like a choking hazard. I doubt I’ll change my mind…

Josh AKA “Wingman”:  OMG.  The Boss is feeling “feisty”  I remember the last time this happened, she ended up being banned from THREE regions.  Now Lizard Boy has her thinking is it her MOUTH he wants access to. Can’t let that happen again! Why isn’t there a mongoose around to take care of this pest? I’ll just stick close and keep an eye on things.”

 I have to admit, I am rusty at my approach and how I react to being accosted by men… err lizards in clubs. In this case a booger sized lizard at my feet. With my wingman in tow, I felt safe enough to move along to average sized avatars and randomly approach  men and throw cheesy unsolicited lines at them to see what sticks. On top of that, I was sober…. So this went as well as one could expect from someone who hasn't been on the dating scene in a long time.

Josh: OK…this might not be so bad.  One or two quick dances, and then I will try and steer her back home where she can sleep it off. Not sure if she’ll go.  She has been raving all night about some “incredible edibles”  whatever THAT is.  Must be some new kind of candy.

I couldn't help myself when I spotted a handsome avie by the name of Dany pop lockin and droppin it on the dancefloor. I just had to IM him as I stood close to Josh for moral support and an easy escape plan.

It went a little something like this…lets just call him …Dany.

[20:27] Lanai Jarrico: Hey Dany, are you into sucking mayonnaise covered toes?

[20:28] Dany : haahahahaha don't know never tried that

[20:29] Lanai Jarrico: Bring tomatoes and a slice of cheese and we can make a cheap sandwich

[20:30] Dany: and who is bringing bread

[20:30] Lanai Jarrico: I said cheap lmao

OK it’s obvious, I don’t have any game and I can’t be taken seriously sober ... .Josh grabbed my hand and got me out of there before a food fetish fight broke out.

Next stop was DSC ake Dog Sex Club. I’m not sure why I even landed there but it happened. I mean… I am a pet lover like the next person but  this place was definitely not for me…. I was gone before anybody said a word.  I think you need a rabies shot to cross the yellow ban lines.

However, It did get a glimpse of what appeared to be a wolf standing upright in a speedo next to a scantily clad bunny rabbit. I didn’t stick around long enough to see what happens when a wolf meets a rabbit. Something tells me… it would have gotten really ugly and I would have been traumatized for the rest of my Slife.

Josh:  Yeah.  Thank goodness we didn’t stay long, and the SL Enquirer budget did not allow us to o cheap to spring for the 150L Group joining fee.  I guess she could have handled the Dalmations if push came to shove…..but it got really sketchy when I saw her being eyed by a couple of Clydsdales. Time to skedaddle,. That’s for sure!

Next stop The Cuckholding Wife…

Ahhhh yes! What strong minded woman wouldnt want to collar her man and make him watch as she did the nasty with a random dude and then make him clean up the mess. I had to break the ice…but just before I could muster up another embarrassing pick up line… I got an IM from  “Roam”. Here's how that went down.

[20:51] Roam:  good evening

[20:52] Lanai Jarrico: Hello to you

[20:52] Roam: how are you doing?

[20:53] Lanai Jarrico: I'm great. How do you feel about rolling in canola oil and spam while pouring hot sauce all over me?

[20:53] Roam: here for a story or pleasure?

[20:53] Lanai Jarrico: both

Sighs… I don’t think fetish club hopping is my thing. I just don’t know how to act.

Josh AKA “Wingman”: Whew.  Finally dragged her out of there. Now she wants to go to a place called Maui

OK, One last hurrah before I commit myself to just being a reporter and trying to keep myself out of trouble….

Josh AKA “Wingman”:  Finally!  The LAST stop of the night. A place called Maui Swinger Resort.  Arghghghg.  She actually asked me if there were teeter totters and slides in addition to the “swings”? Geeeeze.  That woman is going to get in serious trouble out here…and not by any kindergarten cops on the playground.

I put my Novice tag on and stripped down to a Bikini. The music was good and I was workin the boardwalk dancefloor with my best hip hop dance moves. I was feeling good and trying to read the room. Not much was happening except for a bunch of avatars in IMz standing around, some getting it on on the scattered beach chairs and beds and others just chillin at the bar. It didn't take long before the IMz started rolling in. One was surprised that I was “still” a Novice looking as good as I did and he offered to “help me out”. Apparently you have to gain referrals by givin up the goods and demonstrating your emote skills to a Maui Swinger in order to move on up the slut chain.  I aint about that fuckery so I called it a night and took my sorry ass to bed.

Wingman Josh:  OK.  Finally got her settled down.  I am torn in my duties as Wingman.  Do I stay with her and give my intimidating stare at any jerk who tries to get close?  Or do I move away and watch her from a block away, scoping out any who approach her and doing a quick background investigation using the Linden Lab police records so I can toss any obvious bad actors?  Just as things are settling down, she tells me she just got a IM from some dude she used to date named “XXX” and he wants her to “come back to his skybox to see his etchings.  OMG!  ETCHINGS?  This guy sounds like a reject from the cast of Saturday Night Live. Crap…She’s going with him.  I guess I will have to wait and get a full debirie tomorrow. 

Last night got nowhere fast, the “candy” I had before my outing with Josh was wearing out and I found myself yawning uncontrollably while “XXX” whispered sweet nothings in my ear. Nothing happened… I promise. I basically wished him a good night and went home, laid in bed and added an entry to my diary.

Monday, January 30, 2023


In my travels about the SecondLife ® grid, I often get to be one of the first folks to see new builds or revivals of old builds.  I never cease to be amazed at the creativity and imagination of SL residents.  This week my travels took me to a beautiful Romance Sim, Anoron.  Owned and built by Elysa Swansong, she hired landscaper Ty Silvercloud to add the finishing touches and to help pull together the separate areas into a comprehensive Romance Build.  

Josh (Th0mas1 Bellic) JB:   So then...what is Anoron all about?

Elysa Swansong (ES):   Anoron is, first and foremost, a romantic park, where people can come and explore, dance, and cuddle. The overall scheme was to have lots of places to explore and roam, and then little areas to sit and cuddle or dance, and even in some places be intimate.

JB:   Tell me, please. What makes this sim different from the others that
are out there?

ES:    The first thing that comes to mind is our couples Intan. We have 168 dances in it, carefully sorted into tags for those that use the FerventMe! Hud. We may have more couples dances than anyone on the grid! Also, our Solo dances include belly dance, Latin dance, and hula dance. But aside from that, every park and romance sim out there is the vision of their creator, and Anoron is *my* vision, *my* way of giving back, or
*my* way of creating something for others to enjoy.

Ty Silvercloud (TS):  One of the most unusual things about Anoron is how well-visited it is. It's unusual for a roleplay sim to have this many visitors. And Elysa went above and beyond to create areas of interest with things to do

JB:   Could you share some of the interesting things that visitors and
guests can do at Anoron?

ES:    Dance! There are places for couples dancing all over the sim and in the
sky destinations. For the fantasy inclined, we have Stonehenge, 2 hobbit homes, a fairy cottage, and a pixie crossing. We have rezzable Water Horses for horseback riding, and a sim-sized Riding Trails sky platform created specifically for riding. You can have your future read at the tarot table in the gypsy camp or the Mystic Parlor (above the Black
Flagon Tavern). There’s a mermaid lagoon and grotto, 2 palaces to explore, Catacombs , and a vampire mansion.

TS:   Definitely! The Balloon ride for one. I love a good balloon ride. The club, the cuddle spots, the mermaid water world, the catacombs, and the different areas where people can meet up and do their role play. 

JB:   As a matter of fact, I took a lovely guided area tour balloon ride when I first came to visit the other day.  Would you recommend that to all visitors?

ES:    Absolutely! Newcomers should definitely take the narrated tour. There are lots of different areas in the park, and it will give them a great overview. And the silent tour is perfect for any couple who wants to leave the world behind and float above the park together for as long as they like.

JB:   Tell us about some of the areas we saw from the Balloon.

ES:    There’s a lovely little gazebo over the water, not far from the balloon landing, for couples to dance. There’s a campfire and beach furniture by the tall waterfalls. There’s a lovely lake with an island in the center, reachable by two bridges. The bridges  themselves are animated and you can sit and relax, read, or cuddle. Tucked away to one side of the park is the Enchanted Valley with hobbit homes. There’s a Temple on the hill with cushions for meditation, and of course, couples dancing. The Amethyst Gazebo is above the mermaid lagoon.

TS:  I think the balloon ride gives you a great view of the multitude of activities you can find on the ground. There are so many and after the ride, I'd recommend going on a horseback ride trip around the sim to get a closer look. Especially the cuddle spots

JB:   I see Bulls n Babes Black Gentlemen’s Club.  What do they do there?
What makes them unique on a grid full of clubs?

ES:    Bulls ‘n Babes is a sex and social club in a skybox in the SW corner of the sim. The club is for those with a preference for the BBC (big black c*ck) lifestyle... black men and the women who love them. They have events in the Tiki Lounge sometimes, as it’s on the parcel created for the club, but the Tiki Lounge and Lagoon are in fact part of the park.

JB:   Tell me about the Catacombs.  What can we find there?

ES:    The Catacombs start at the Cthulhu entrance, and a tunnel system takes you to various caverns. There’s the Petra Chamber with its Grim Watchers, a kind of creepy cemetery, a dungeon, and a Ritual Turning Chamber. There is also a secret passageway that leads from the Catacombs up to the Lost Souls Manor, a vampire mansion.

JB:   Was that a gypsy wagon I saw from the air?

ES:    It was! There’s a small gypsy camp tucked away in the trees. There’s a tarot table, a dance area, and some seating inside the wagons.

JB:   And what is Stonehenge all about?

TS:  Well Stonehenge, and in particular this version of it which is a terrific build from Two Moon Gardens, is a mythical place. I think anyone who's visited the place in real life will agree that it has an air of mysticism to it... ancient beliefs, sorcery, druid magic even. And on the Anoron sim and in that particular area that atmosphere has been replicated very well in my opinion. A place for reflection and a place to connect with the echoes of ancient voices.  

ES:    Stonehenge is, of course, a mockup of the real Stonehenge, with the difference that a) it’s virtual, and b) you can actually get close enough to touch it, and sit on the lintels! There’s a campfire, and the small revolving statues are for group dancing. There are also some meditation sites in some of the lintels.

JB:   Do you have plans for future development here?  Anything you will
be adding in the weeks and months ahead?

ES:    Not really, it’s pretty complete at this time. I may be tweaking a bit or adding furnishings here and there. We are, however, seeking DJs to come play at the park, and hope to have a nice lineup of entertainment. We’re also planning some themed events, such as an Alice in Wonderland dance, a vampire ball in the Lost Souls Manor ballroom, and so forth.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ES:    The music stream for the park is my own internet radio station, The Best of Lady Elysa. Besides in SL, it’s available on Tune-In and can even be played by Alexa.

I’m also a romance novelist in RL, with 10 books published so far, available as ebook, paperback, or hardcover on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an ebook on Apple, Kobo, and Google Play. Check them out at You can also see the book covers on the photo board in the park’s Welcome Center.

So, for the finest in Romance RP, or just for an entertaining date with that special someone…go check out Anoron at the SURL below.  Tell ‘em Josh sent ya!

Be there!  Aloha!!






Google Calender:

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


“Burning Man” is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. It is a week-long gathering of people who come together to create a temporary community based on the principles of self-expression, self-reliance, and community cooperation. The event features large-scale art installations, performances, and theme camps, and culminates with the burning of a large wooden effigy, from which the event takes its name.

Today Burning Man attracts 70,000 people a year who come and build an entire city around the Man-- for one week. 

You may have thought it could be fun to attend a Burning Man event.  Maybe it’s even on your “bucket list.”  Well…now, through the miracle of Second Life®, and with the support and encouragement of Linden Lab®, you can experience the fun, excitement and inspiration of a Burn, all from the comfort of your home computer.  Sure, it would be fun to be there in Real, but a Virtual Burning Man does not require you to purchase a ticket or pack and bring survival gear for a week in a harsh desert environment. 

One opportunity to experience the richness, creativity, and general sense of community of a Burn will be this coming weekend at Burn2: Winter Burn.  While wandering the grounds of Burn2’s virtual playa on Deep Hole, I came across iSkye Silvercloud, as she made some adjustments to one of the display areas.  She graciously agreed to talk to me about the upcoming event.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB): So, tell me, iSkye.  What is Burn anyway? Is it just to set fire to stuff, or is there more to it than that?

iSkye Silvercloud (iS):  Burn is about MUCH MORE than “setting fire to stuff”. Burn2 is a community of creatives who do and create things together. Winter Burn is one of four official regional events that we host in Second Life®.  We are the only official regional of Burning Man existing in the virtual space, and there are more than 100 regionals across the world. All of our activities are centered around the 10 Principles of Burning Man, which can be found here:

JB:    Can you share with us a bit of the history of Burn in SL?

iS:   Burning Man started in 1986 in San Francisco with some friends burning a stick man on Baker Beach; in 2003, the Lindens at the time received permission from Burning Man to replicate and virtually burn a Man in SL, and this became an annual tradition facilitated by the Lindens. In 2010, Burning Life became Burn2, a bona fide regional of Burning Man and since then, we've grown and evolved while still keeping the tradition of the annual burn of the Man. You can read the story at this link: 

JB:    How big is the staff that manages Burn2?  And how many exhibitors do you have?

iS:   We have a core team of department leads that manage the day-to-day operations of Burn2, with the support and guidance of a Regional Contact, 3Vilyn. There are currently 7 members of the team organizing the Winter Burn event with about a dozen department leads and co-leads providing support and structure for the event. All of us involved are volunteers.

JB:    Is Burn2 a subset of Burning Man, and what is the connection between the two? 

iS:   Burn2 is a virtual regional of Burning Man, much like a chapter of an organization. It is the only bona fide virtual regional of Burning Man and is among more than 100 regional worldwide connected by a regional network. There is a very close relationship between our regional and Burning Man, with the Regional Contact as the liaison.

JB: I love the Floating Islands displays. What an ingenious idea! Who thought of THAT?

iS:   The brilliant mind that came up with the floating islands is that of MirandaNomad, who is the Winter Burn Event Lead and also the Placement Lead. In fact, the theme for this year's Winter Burn event, "Winterburn Wonderland" was conceived by Miranda, so the floating islands, ice lake, and other features visitors will see on the virtual playa are part of her vision for the event.

JB:    Will there be shows, or raves, with special effects and laser lights? Or an actual Burn?  When and where is that? Is there a schedule of events?

iS:   There will be two stages at the event, where DJs and live performers will gift their talents and time to the community. There will be a virtual Burn of an effigy, preceded by a procession and fire dance performance by the Lamplighters and their Fire Dancers. The effigy will not be the Man, because that is reserved solely for the annual Octoburn event in autumn. You can find the event calendar on Burn2's website, here: to see when these things will happen - and plan to come and join us!

There are also about 32 installations built to the theme of Winterburn Wonderland, and the interpretations are wildly varied, much to the delight of event organizers. 

JB:    I saw a kind of “community bulletin board” with dozens of burning candles.  What kind of messages do people leave? 

iS:   That is actually part of an installation by Chi Ardani (Bethann Causten) with co-builders Temptation Ardani and GB (GeneralBusybody), titled "Fjord-light". Heartfelt messages can be left by visitors on candles in this solemn and beautiful space.

JB: I saw a place where you can actually BE a "Burning Man"? What a novel way to promote the event

iS:   Sabet Wanderer and EricMacron created this installation, entitled "I am Burning Man". Now, in the physical world, this would obviously not be something we would want people to do! But this is a virtual environment and the build is a wonderfully evocative interpretation of the communal experience of the Burn at Black Rock City where Burning Man's real-life event takes place. 

JB:    I saw an interesting train ride.  Would you recommend that to visitors?

iS:   The train ride is the creation of Huntress Catteneo, and it is a delightful way to tour the playa and explore the builds by the artists and builders participating in this event. Highly recommended!  

JB:    Is there anything else about Burn2 you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

iS:   Burn2's event, Winter Burn 2023: Winterburn Wonderland will open at 5:00 pm SLT on Friday, Jan 27, with a walk-on by the Lamplighters.  The walk-on will bring us to the Main Stage by a circuitous, relaxed route around the playa. Participants are enthusiastically invited to join in! DJs and live performers will bring music to the playa for all to enjoy. Greeters will be waiting at the entrance to say "Welcome Home!" when visitors arrive. But note: Once you enter through the gate, you will no longer be merely a bystander. You’ll become part of the spectacle - participate! 

Winterburn Wonderland will run from Friday evening 5pm SLT through Sunday night, January 27-29. You can see more information about the event here: 

Sooooo…There you have it, folks – the Hot Skinny in Burn2.   If you have never attended a Burn, you are NOT going to want to miss this chance.  If you HAVE attended a Burn, then you already know how much fun they can be – plan to come to this one!  For further information, check out the hot links below.  And be sure you don’t miss Burn2: Winter Burn.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!






SL Destination: 

Thursday, January 19, 2023


As I was perusing the Internet the other day, I came upon a description of a place called “Highland Retreat” The description read:

"Highland Retreat" is a small, idyllic Scottish island that invites you to relax. With picturesque landscapes, lush hills, and scenic bays, the island offers a peaceful environment to unwind and rejuvenate. The highlight of the island is the cozy cottage, which is perfectly integrated into the surroundings and gives the feeling of being in a different time. A perfect place for nature enthusiasts, those seeking tranquility, and keen photographers.

Well…it sounded pretty idyllic, but could it really live up to the hype?  Only one way to find out.   And I decided to go check it out for myself.  There I met Clifton Howlett and Coralile, the builders and owners of Highland Heights.  They were feverishly getting ready for their Grand Opening, scheduled for January 22, 2023.

During one of their infrequent breaks to stop and enjoy the serenity of their creation, I was fortunate enough to convince them to sit a spell and tell me about this dream-come-true sim.

Josh (Thonas1 Bellic) JB:    So tell me, guys. Where did you get the idea for Highland Retreat? Is there some history here?

Coralile (CL): Well, Clif had the initial idea.  I liked the idea, as I had visited RL Scotland three years ago and I fell in love with the place

Clifton Howlett (CH):   I was in a creative mood and wanted to create a new SIM and since I really like the landscapes in Scotland, I wanted to take some inspiration from that and design something calming, serene, and tranquil.  We both enjoy the creative side of SL, which is reflected in our photography, so it was important to us to build an environment that would inspire people and work as a great backdrop for photography enthusiasts. 

JB:       Just what is it that sets Highland Retreat apart from the many other Sims out there with a similar theme?

CH:  You are right, Josh.  There are many amazing locations across SL that have similar themes, but the uniqueness of each SIM comes from the individuals who create them.  Our vision was for something relaxing with wide views and little details for visitors to discover, and we have poured a lot of passion into creating this and hope visitors will appreciate our imagination.

CL:  I don’t think there is a sim with quite the same idea.  This is not a club.  It’s more a photogenic and relaxing sim where you can sit and enjoy the environment and the calm atmosphere of the place. To further the mood, we only play Scottish music here and it is just a really nice place to come and chill.

JB:      Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might Highland Retreat appeal to?

CH: We hope to see all kinds of visitors, from explorers to artists, to people who just want a soothing location to either be with current friends or to make new ones. All we ask if that all visitors are respectful of others.

JB:    Do you have any special events planned?

CL:  At present all we have scheduled is our Grand Opening this Sunday, January 17, 2023.  After we have had time to evaluate people’s reactions, then we may look at adding additional events.

CH:  True.  The purpose of the Grand Opening is to let the world of SecondLife know we are open and receiving visitors.  But generally, this place is designed to appeal to people who are interested in quiet contemplation, more than they are interested in blockbuster “events”, so to speak.  But we will see.

JB:    What are some of the areas that guests might enjoy during a visit to Highland Retreat?

CH:  Oh, this fully depends on the mood of the visitors. If they want a bit of alone time there are many small places to hide individually. But there are also places for people to meet and gather together to enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. 

CL:  We have built an interesting house on the property. I particularly like that the house is a mix of rustic and modern.  Beautifully decorated, this house is well worth the time for a visit. People will enjoy visiting and perhaps sitting and enjoying the environment.  We also have a lovely and rather rustic beach for guests to enjoy.     

JB:   And how about the future?  Do you have any changes or additions in mind?

CH:  The only thing constant in SecondLife – and Real Life for that matter – is change. There are always changes, everything evolves and I don’t want to keep things static for too long.  I like to create and as we say in German “Der Weg ist das Ziel”.  Or, “The journey is the destination!”

CL:  Well…we are only just starting out, so we really haven’t talked about changes yet.  Our focus has been on getting it ready as you see today. We will look at making changes after we first out how much appeal this kind of sim has with our visitors.

JB:    Is this space available for use by others?

CH:  All are welcome to use our Sim.   People are encouraged to invite their friends.  We have a “party area” for use by small gatherings, weddings, partnering, renewal of vows, or what have you. - All are welcome and can temporarily rezz things as needed  

JB:    There must have been several challenges in building a Sim of this nature. What has been your greatest challenge in building Highland Retreat?

CH:  It has been challenging to take the thoughts that served as our inspiration, and turn them into a realistic representation of that inspiration. It was difficult to pull solid visuals out of my fuzzy mind.

CL:  My greatest challenge has been due to our pursuit of excellence.  We want everything to be perfect.  I hope we achieved that goal, and the people will truly enjoy what we created.

JB:    I understand you are limited to 20 People.  What’s that all about?

CH:   It’s just a homestead so it’s limited by SL, but this works in our visitors' favor!  When you spend a long time staging the perfect photo, the positioning, lighting, etc,  the last thing people need is people getting in the way of the shot.  We are aiming to provide quality over quantity.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

CL:  I’m just happy to see you all. Be Happy, be nice and have fun! And we look forward to seeing many of you at our Grand Opening on the 22 of January.

So, there you have it.   Want to get away from the wild and frenetic pace of other places?  Places with big crowds – and even bigger lag?  Then come check out Highland Retreat…refreshment for the soul and allow you to express your “Inner Artist”.  Say high to Clif or Cora.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya...

Be there!  Aloha!


Additional Information



Grand Opening: