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Friday, July 3, 2020

TATHASTH: a Monologue Works by Neil - Opening - Friday July 3rd 12:30 pm SLT

“Tathasth” is a Hindi word which speaks of standing back and calmly observing everything with love and detachment

Follow young Indian artist, Neil, on a journey through visionary works from his living imagination.
They depict the realities of the mind as it mixes the outside world with deepest inner perceptions.
Travel through dreams of light and color, past horrific imaginations, to visions of hope and new life.


1.   Disco lights - Acrylic on paper
2.   Fading Away - Acrylic on paper
3.   Social Distancing - Acrylic on paper
4.   Mood 1 - Acrylic on canvas
5.   Mood 2 - Acrylic on canvas
6.   Mood 3 - Acrylic on canvas
7.   Mood 4 - Acrylic on canvas
8.   Ink pot - Watercolor & Ink on paper
9.   Metamorphoses - Watercolor & Ink on paper
10. Insecta - Watercolor & Ink on paper
11. Drago - Watercolor & Ink on paper
12. Half Dream 1 - Oil on canvas
13. Half Dream 2 - Oil on canvas
14. Half Dream 3 - Oil on canvas
15. Blue Line Metro - Watercolor on paper
16. Colors of happiness - Collage
17. Mr Lonely - Acrylic on paper
18. Crossroads - Acrylic on paper
19. Mud Skull - Acrylic on paper
20. Blue Delta - Acrylic on paper
21. Yellow Delta - Acrylic on paper
22. Blue Ridge - Acrylic on paper
23. Diffused Yellow - Watercolor on paper
24. Splatter 5 - Acrylic on paper
25. Splatter 4 - Acrylic on paper
26. Splatter 3 - Acrylic on paper
27. Splatter 2 - Acrylic on paper
28. Splatter 1 - Acrylic on paper

Neel was born in the Himalayan foothills of India but now lives in the vast city of Mumbai. He is a passionate animal lover and cares greatly for the earth and all its creatures. A university graduate trained in business, Neel is also a student of poetry, art and literature in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. But he is especially interested in science. He combines abstract painting with imaginative birds, insects, and fish. Thus Neel explores the inner world of emotions and feelings, and how they connect to the natural world around us. His work draws on observation of the fine detail of the natural world together with an inner vision, which he paints as he sees with the eye of the spirit.