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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Runaway Trolley hits the Lockhouse at Coeur de Bourgogne!

SLE Police Report: 12-22-2020

In the early hours of Dec 21st. It was reported by a stunned yet calmy poised Ayla Panacek-Guisse (ayla.guisse) of Coeur de Bourgogne , Second Life. Apparently two nincompoops were driving a trolley and lost control while attempting to swerve a drunken stumbling Santa on his way home from a Homeless shelter Christmas Party. St. Nick was narrowly missed as he dove into a pile of trash.  Witnesses on the scene were startled by the sight of a trolley barreling their way. One woman was injured  as she slipped on a patch of ice and broke a nail on her right hand. Another witness trying to help her up was covered by an avalanche of snow as the trolley hit a nearby snow mound before crashing into the lockhouse and bursting into flames. Another witness who did not want to be identified suspected  garish illuminations & icy roads may have played a part. Two suspects were identified as wearing elf costumes. One with a very distinctive unibrow. Before firefighters arrived one man was seen toasting marshmallows. 

 If you have any additional information about this accident, Please use the comment box below to report the suspects!


  1. I think it was Ninja and Piper from Terry's Place!

  2. Oh- the Gendarmerie will be all over it and investigate- their cells have been empty for a long time!

  3. I am not saying WHO did it, but there was some evidence of a lil Terry walking away from the wreckage. I again did not see him do it, but heard him laughing and saying something to the effect of "Yeah I took you off your rails beetchboy". Or something close that that, I might be paraphrasing.

  4. That totally had to be my Ex and his new #&$%@ girlfriend. She is the only one I know with a distinctive unibrow

  5. YEAH! It seems the trolley is a total loss!

  6. Thinking about it- I am not sure if Maryse would have an alibi......

    1. on her defense, I read she did receive some threatening scripts
      somethig about "if (isMaryseAround) { RunHerDown();..." >.>

  7. Those trolleys are dangerous on their own, they don't need a nincompoop at the wheel!


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