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Monday, February 22, 2021



Join us for music, fashion, and dance at Latin Quarter SL.

LQ SL was developed to pay homage to the original Latin Quarter in NYC.LQ  NYC wasn't just a Latin club. It offered a variety of music which brought the NYC vibe to nightclub life.

Blueyes Bonetto and RαιɳMαƙҽɾ Cσɾƚҽʂ, the owners of LQ grew up in NYC, where they were exposed to a broad spectrum of music. Both, being of Latino descent,  grew up with some of the pinnacle musicians that influenced both Latin and American music. This inspired them to create LQ SL. They knew each other in RL for many years and wanted to create a place that would bring their roots into SL. With the image of the original LQ in mind, they hope to build not just a club, but a community to bring people together. It's a place to enjoy the music of all musical genres.  Recently, they expanded by opening LQ by the beach, a venue where you can come and enjoy a romantic evening with someone or a place to get away from the high energy of the main club.

Latin Quarter SL is the ONLY dual-venue club in SL with two live DJs playing simultaneously in 2 different sides of the club.  "We see patrons as people and not traffic!" We try to engage and interact with everyone who comes to the club individually. Even if its a simple IM saying hello or sparking a 30 min conversation getting to know them and their experience. We try to make it personal because our goal is to create this community where we can enjoy a thriving atmosphere with good music and people.

LQ SL owners described their desire to work with LUXE Paris Fashion and One On One because the club scene at times really is a untold fashion show. People usually wear their best outfits for a night out... representing latest trends. Having the ability to expose that trend in a club, shows the hard work of the Fashion industry as they create. Lets not forget the devotion and professionalism of the models either. They're just as important in inspiring club patrons to an experience they never had before.

LUXE Paris & ONE On ONE Agency are launching their Fashion & Music World Tour TUESDAY NIGHT, February 23th,  at 7 PM SLT at the LATIN QUARTER! At the heart of this super nightclub, the top models of ONE On ONE agency will rock the dance floor with a fashion mini-show in harmony with DJs REX and CRMARIEL! Starring: LUXE Paris creations as well as the magnificent hair of L'ÊTRE DOUX! Experience an evening of music and dance!


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