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Showing posts with label One on One. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 25, 2021




Turn up the volume, add your best dance moves, and open your eyes wide! LUXE Paris, ONE On ONE Modeling Agency, and ZURI Jewelry present the third show of the FASHION & MUSIC WORLD TOUR at the super-club LATIN QUARTER Friday, MAY 28 at 7 PM SLT!

Live an extraordinary evening as the top models will shine with all their fire in the heart of the dance floor in harmony with the music of DJs Steve and Remi.

Keep dancing, let the music enchant you and fill your eyes with the beauty of LUXE Paris and Zuri creations! A rendez-vous for all your senses!

The Latin Quarter is the only dual-venue club in SL. On the World Tour night, you will have DJ Steve spinning some good rock a few steps away DJ Remi will quench your thirst for salsa.

Here is your limousine:

Thursday, March 18, 2021




Come experience an evening of music and dance out of the ordinary as LUXE Paris, ONE On ONE Agency, and ZURI Jewelry will make the second stop of their FASHION & MUSIC WORLD TOUR Friday, March 19 at 7 PM at LATIN QUARTER!

Like rockstars, the supermodels of ONE On ONE will make this night club vibrate as they walk through the heart of the dance floor in harmony with DJs REMI and STEVE! On the program: stylish fashion from LUXE Paris and magnificent jewelry from Zuri in an Urban Style concept! Don't stop dancing, just fill your eyes with beauty as the music thrills your soul! You don't want to miss this amazing fashion party!

Door prizes! Gift for all women!
Your limo:

LUXE Paris, ONE On ONE & ZURI Jewelry
Viernes 19 DE MARZO 7 PM

Ven a vivir una noche de música y baile fuera de lo común., ya que LUXE Paris, ONE On ONE Agency y ZURI Jewelry harán la segunda escala de su GIRA MUNDIAL DE MODA Y MÚSICA el viernes 19 de marzo a las 7 p.m. en LATIN QUARTER. 

Como estrellas de rock, las supermodelos de ONE On ONE harán vibrar esta discoteca mientras desfilan por el corazón de la pista de baile en armonía con los DJs REMI y STEVE. En el programa: moda elegante de LUXE Paris y magníficas joyas de Zuri en un concepto de estilo urbano. ¡No dejes de bailar, solo llena tus ojos de belleza mientras la música emociona tu alma! ¡No querrás perderte esta increíble fiesta de moda! ¡Premios del puerta! ¡Regalo para todas las mujeres!

Tu limusina:

Monday, February 22, 2021



Join us for music, fashion, and dance at Latin Quarter SL.

LQ SL was developed to pay homage to the original Latin Quarter in NYC.LQ  NYC wasn't just a Latin club. It offered a variety of music which brought the NYC vibe to nightclub life.

Blueyes Bonetto and RαιɳMαƙҽɾ Cσɾƚҽʂ, the owners of LQ grew up in NYC, where they were exposed to a broad spectrum of music. Both, being of Latino descent,  grew up with some of the pinnacle musicians that influenced both Latin and American music. This inspired them to create LQ SL. They knew each other in RL for many years and wanted to create a place that would bring their roots into SL. With the image of the original LQ in mind, they hope to build not just a club, but a community to bring people together. It's a place to enjoy the music of all musical genres.  Recently, they expanded by opening LQ by the beach, a venue where you can come and enjoy a romantic evening with someone or a place to get away from the high energy of the main club.

Latin Quarter SL is the ONLY dual-venue club in SL with two live DJs playing simultaneously in 2 different sides of the club.  "We see patrons as people and not traffic!" We try to engage and interact with everyone who comes to the club individually. Even if its a simple IM saying hello or sparking a 30 min conversation getting to know them and their experience. We try to make it personal because our goal is to create this community where we can enjoy a thriving atmosphere with good music and people.

LQ SL owners described their desire to work with LUXE Paris Fashion and One On One because the club scene at times really is a untold fashion show. People usually wear their best outfits for a night out... representing latest trends. Having the ability to expose that trend in a club, shows the hard work of the Fashion industry as they create. Lets not forget the devotion and professionalism of the models either. They're just as important in inspiring club patrons to an experience they never had before.

LUXE Paris & ONE On ONE Agency are launching their Fashion & Music World Tour TUESDAY NIGHT, February 23th,  at 7 PM SLT at the LATIN QUARTER! At the heart of this super nightclub, the top models of ONE On ONE agency will rock the dance floor with a fashion mini-show in harmony with DJs REX and CRMARIEL! Starring: LUXE Paris creations as well as the magnificent hair of L'ÊTRE DOUX! Experience an evening of music and dance!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

One on One Fashion and Music World Tour


Join us for music, fashion, and dance!

with DJ REX and DJ CRMARIEL Latin *House* Electro

Tuesday, February 23rd, 7 PM SLT at the LATIN Quarter



When fashion rocks the night

Like Justin Bieber, Shakira or Lady Gaga, LUXE Paris, and ONE On ONE Modeling Agency launches their WORLD TOUR, a tour in which the famous fashion the brand will transport its creations to the heart of nightlife, to the four corners of the grid!

From one nightclub to another, the top models of ONE On ONE agency will rock the dance floors with mini fashion shows in harmony with the greatest DJs!

The FIRST STOP of the tour will be TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23th, 7 PM SLT, at the LATIN QUARTER, a super club with two dance floors and two simultaneous DJs. On the program, latin music with DJ REX, and House music with DJ CRMARIEL, all enhanced with LUXE Paris amazing creations and L'ÊTRE DOUX magnificent hair!

Come experience an evening of music and dance out of the ordinary while the jet-set of virtual top models will parade in the heart of the action, marking the pace of this swaying gait which makes them so beautiful! Door prizes! Gift for all women! You don't want to miss this fashion party!

Your limo:

Friday, December 11, 2020


Every so often, in a place as wonderful as SecondLife, I come across something truly unique among all the wonderful things here.  This past week I wandered into Egypt, and I stumbled upon one of the most stunning examples of high fashion to be found anywhere on the grid.  The audience members were seated in little 2-person tents to protect them from the dessert;s blazing sun.  One on One Modeling Agency had partnered with Sonatta  Morales fashions extraordinaire, to create a must-see fashion show.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  What was your inspiration for One-on-One Modeling Agency?

Ponchituti Boucher (PB):  My inspiration to open One on One Modeling Agency came from the models themselves. I had heard complaints from many models about how they felt about the way some agencies were treating them and managing those agencies.  Whenever I commented to my Personal Vianaღ (curiosse) she always said the same: "Ponchi you should open your own agency.  But I wasn't sure if that was a good idea because I didn't want to deal with the drama, jealousy, envy and among other things, but then again I thought about the models.... they needed a safe space where they could explode their creativity, a place where they would feel admired and respected because of their talent, experience and trajectory a place where they will be treated as the Professional models they are. So, after a lot of thinking I talked to my dearest friend and business partner Diana Balhaus and Curiosse.  We made the decision and One on One Modeling Agency was born.

Diana Balhaus (DB):  We were looking to create a modeling agency in the fashion of the old days when models were trained to make every style a challenge, and designers were more than proud to give them their creation to walk in opulent runways, sort of continuing Frolic Mill's legacy or at least trying.

JB:  How many models are you working with?

PB: We are honored to have 40 fabulous models, since One on One is a by invitation-only agency. We feel deeply grateful they accepted our invitation. We have selected the best models of the grid, and we are scouting still. More invites will come.

DB:  One on One is a small agency, we don't cast models, they are carefully handpicked they are  Top Models of renowned reputation in SL modeling, they are all well trained professionals that "DELIVER THE GOODS" in every event we showcase.

JB:  How many shows will your models work in a year?

DB:  We only try to do ONE major show a month, it does take a lot of time to prepare.  The production is overseen by our wonderful team and the designer is brought in to approve every detail.  Our models work for other prestigious agencies and they are very, very busy.  Also we do charity shows so we maybe will be 12-15 shows in a year.

JB:  Speaking of your Designer, we are pleased to have Sonatta Morales joining us.  Tell us, Sonatta,   Where do you get your inspiration?

Sonatta Morales (SM):  Mostly from working, I sit down and start playing around with colours, patterns and ideas slowly start coming up, they take shape and guide me through the process, inspiration is practically an automatic work.

 JB:  Do you design these on your own, or is it a team effort?

SM:  I've always designed everything on my own, my cat helps me a bit though, it's good to have something cute snoozing on your desk,

 JB:  Do you fit the models individually with their ensembles?

SM:  No, I send them the outfits and they style the look themselves; I totally trust their taste.

 JB:  This review showcased Egypt.  Have you showcased designs from other parts of the world as well?

SM:  I sometimes work around a certain pattern or range of colors that evoke  a culture or a theme, this time the idea of Ancient Egypt came to me because of a perfume I got as a present and the whole collection came after that. I don't usually use countries as a theme, my idea of theme is quite free actually.


JB:  Do you build your own sets for your runway shows, or do you farm that out to others?

PB: Our stages are specially built for us based in the theme and objective of the show, the designers desire and personality and as a result of our long hours of brainstorming and of course to the amazing talent of our Runway creator and builder.

DB:  We have the amazing Frank Dexter.  He creates every single set depending on the theme of the collection. Every single set is custom made.

 JB:  Our readers can see the video of this most recent show. Are the still photos available as well?

DB:  Oh yes.  We have an in-house photographer who is simply amazing.  As a trained model herself, she knows exactly where to shoot and when.

PB: Every show has a corresponding set of photos, but we also, try to offer the largest media conversion to our clients and not just in the show itself but also the previews weeks when we do a big marketing campaign to make sure that as many people as possible will get advance notice of the upcoming show.

JP:  Are your fashions for sale?  If so, where can they be purchased?

SM:  Yes, my fashions are for sale, I have shops in different locations too.

JB:  How can readers learn about upcoming events for One-on-One Modeling Agency?

PB:  We are always working in our marketing plans and campaigns, but we are also working on the One on One Modeling Agency website, where we will have our calendar, news, coverage, Models profiles and much more.

 JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PB: One on One Modeling Agency was born to serve the fashion world. We hope we have created a safe, happy zone for designers and models but would love to be the way all residents of the grid would enjoy the glamour, beauty and Fabulous of fashion shows.  Once again thank you very much for giving me the great opportunity to be read by your amazing readers.

DB:  I thank all for the support we've had so far, I invite the readers come and experience one of our events, who knows maybe they will get the modeling bug, it is a lot of fun as well as beautiful.  I want to thank all the models in our agency, they are all my heroes, the staff whom without them it would never be possible, my cohost for always having my back, my sister Ponchi and Marty.

SM:  I would like to thank you all for being part of my journey in SL and for the ones who don't know me yet, feel free to visit my main store anytime. Have a great season!

So…there you have it folks. If you are in the market for cutting edge designs, check out Sonatta Morales’ creations. And for an awesome look at some of SLs most beautiful and talented ladies modeling these creations, check out the next show by the One on One Modeling Agency.

Be there.  Aloha!