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Sunday, April 4, 2021


Everyone has been in a situation that has caused embarrassment and shame. In Second Life, even avatars can go through moments they wished never happened. There are three ways things can go after the incident. Either the embarrassed party avoids their peers, creates an ALT to start a new SLife or they face the shame, address it, laugh about it and move on. Some of the stories avatars shared are cringeworthy while others are pretty funny. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the embarrassed avie.

Vinny: “I don’t know if I should be sharing this story because it was so embarrassing but it was planned out so good I have to share it. Back in the day around 2008-2009 I used to be part of a roleplay mafia family. We spent our time hanging out with other families and sometimes wars between families started.  While warring,  I got an IM from a girl from the rival family. I was suspicious at first but was surprised that she was flirting with me. I thought she was being sincere so I flirted back. We talked and made jokes for an hour or so and then she invited me over to her place. When I showed up we were immediately in her bedroom and she started to emote undressing so I began doing the same. Right when we were both naked and about to have sex the wall dropped down and suddenly there was an audience of mafia family members sitting as if in a movie theater watching us on a stage. Everyone was laughing and I quickly realized the joke was on me. I was so embarrassed that I teleported out of there so fast. I ended up creating an Alt and never showed my face around mafia families again!”

Ryan: "Most embarrassing story. Ok well, I have one that a lot have seen but I rarely told anyone about. I was attending a business function for a company that I work for. Now, this function had a lot of other business people that owned Modeling agencies, fashion creators, builders alike. There was a raffle at the beginning event and everyone entered it. During the rest of the event with drinks and dancing, most of us forgot about the raffle. They broke for announcements and called my name as the winner. They asked me to come up on stage in front of everyone and accept my prize. It was a gold and diamond watch. They asked me to put it on so all can see. Well little did I know putting it on was a joke and I was automatically violated by an oversized Pokémon in my no-no place. The shock and laughter it had caused me to keep it on a bit longer than a normal person should. Once I composed myself I removed it but the whole party had a good laugh. Some of them to this day call me Pokey, yeah not so funny if you ask me."

Colleen: “OMG LMAO! Once I was sitting at the beach with a group of friends just chatting. I needed to go afk for a couple of  minutes and accidentally left my microphone on.  My rl boyfriend  decided he wanted some quick sex. Instead of logging off we ended up doing it right there in my room. I’m pretty vocal and I’m not ashamed of that but when it was all said and done, I realized the mic was on the whole time!!!  After washing up, I came back and my friends were still all sitting around. When I got back on mic, they all started laughing and I had several IMz trying to warn me but it was too late. That was so embarrassing.”

Karen: “I once joined a contest for best lingerie and I know I looked good. To my surprise but I didn’t win. Can you believe that? I think the contest board was rigged, I felt so embarrassed I called the cops!”

Stacey: “The most embarrassed thing in SL is the multiple relationships with multiple accounts...We are feeling insecure who is behind the avatar when we met someone 1st time until we verified and know better the person...happened to me to meet someone who liked me so much and me the same, but was an alter avatar and of course he was parteneriat with someone in his main account. I refused to be 2nd person in his life because i thought I deserve more than to be a umbrella of bad weather...another embarrassed thing is too many men want multiamorouse relationship they have many women around and call themselves Dominants but in fact are so pathetic weak persons who want only multisome sex.”

Mel : “12 Years ago seems so very long ago in Second Life yet the time has flown by quickly and the changes I have come across has helped me grow daily, with new experiences and adventures along the way. However none of the moments I have experienced can far succeed the embarrassing moment I experienced on my first day of Second Life. As many who have been here for years  may remember, coming into the welcome area, The grand news Island, standing there wondering, "What in the heck do I do next"? Finding my way around a bit and asking some questions after 30 minutes of trying to figure out where the chat section was and Yay I was on my merry way. General chat was my best friend for the first several hours. I had met great people and very helpful to say the least. Along the way of exploring this pixel body that once upon a time was the most exciting body to me, I met a gal  who had "well lets just say a very great sized chest" and of course I thought now that's an upgrade to this poor looking pixel I am walking around in. So I asked, where I could buy something like those? She gave a location and then said, however did you know you can have fun in here?   Of course a bit naive to what she truly meant I said of course, and that's what I am looking for is fun. She giggled in the chat box and said well then you will be needing some privates too. Privates? I thought to myself why would I need some privates and what is she getting at? She slipped me a LandMark and said click that. I got to this store and wow, "primed boobs and vaginas", I laughed but then felt like well maybe that's just something I should have, maybe my body doesn't have a vagina. Suddenly it occurred to me I had no clue what was needed to buy things and so back to general chat I found myself questioning and learning about Lindens and how to get them. Those boobs were a must. I got my Lindens and yay I had a box with boobs and a box with a vagina in it. Back to chat asking the same poor girl in my private box  how to unpack and get them on. After about 30 minutes of feeling gullible and standing in a sandbox I was giddy with boobs and a vagina. I found myself wandering around new places, flaunting what I had purchased above. I met a guy and we started chatting. He had been on SecondLife for a year, he said. I thought wow this is my lucky day, someone who knows what to do in here. My time was running short though as I had to leave for work soon and I asked him how we could speak later, he added me. I stayed for another ten minutes and was telling this man all about my new boobs, like he was really fascinated about hearing it just as much as I was to tell it. I also thought to myself how much I liked this guy and how he spoke, that was until he said, " perhaps you should consider  looking down for a moment" With no understanding how to use my camera, he did a quick teach, and by the time it zoomed downward I realized I had been peeing myself with my new Vagina and for God knows how long while there with him. I did my best to find that hud and when I did find it I hit the wrong button and before I knew it I had white droplets going down my leg too. All I could do in this moment with my poor embarrassed pixel was sit back in my chair and say I am so sorry. I left SecondLife for 6 months after that. 

Upon returning, he messaged me. His first question was, Did it take that long to fix your Vagina?  All I could do was laugh.”

Steve: “The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was when I first started playing SL I picked up on emoting from the very beginning. I started working at ladies only clubs as a stripper. Now working in a venue like this afforded me nicer things without spending real wife money. Now after working in this kind of environment for a few years you not only develop your own clientele base but you are so developed a report with some of the people who come to watch you.

I had been working at a particular club for several months and this one Avi we will call sue came in as she normally does. She had a habit of not speaking but some people in SL do not voice so it's no big deal. Well after spending about 10K she messages me about a private dance. i have no problems so i take her into the VIP lounge and proceed to give her a show. She tipped me 5k then asked if i would be interested in escorting for 50k. Now i have never done that before and the amount was too good to pass up i did however ask if she was a male in rl and she said no so i agreed. well we went to my place and we proceeded to get busy. when we were done i heard this big burly voice say thank you then she poofed, I haven't stripped since.”

Katrina: “The most recent embarrassing moment in Second Life happened while researching for my first article for the SL Enquirer.  I was clicking on beards to find out who the designers are that most guys are wearing and not paying any attention with the general chat room lol!  One particular designer was coming up all the time, then I get an IM from a friend, then a few minutes later another and then another.  So finally, I stopped working on the article and started reading these IM’s to find out I was actually tugging away on friends' beards like crazy in a club with a few of their partners getting a little upset with me!  OMG so I explained what I was actually doing in regular chat for all to read, then the room exploded in laughter, was I ever red in the face!”

Embarrassing moments happen to the best of us. How you handle the situations will determine your Second Life experience. If you experienced an embarrassing moment in SL, share your store in the comment box below.


  1. Second Life has been a treasure trove of embarrassing moments for me. The one that still haunts me today is
    when I first began hosting for a club, I was with a DJ that was new to me. I had planned ahead on how to introduce my DJ and entertain the patrons. Well the first thing I typed in Local was "Hey everyone my name is Lay"(as in Layla)"I will be your hostess tonight and please welcome our fantastic DJ BIG DONG (as in Big Dog). Needless to say, the room erupted with laughter, however the best part was when the DJ said "Why thank you Lay, Didn't think you noticed!" I had reached my goal, everyone was entertained, not quite in the way I had planned.


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