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Monday, April 19, 2021

Seth Regan Does It Again with Live Streamed RL Video in SL!


Veteran SL rocker Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan in real life) is known for his pioneering efforts in live music since his start in SL in 2006. Sunday night promised another amazing success for us all! If you missed it, Seth introduced his new live streaming platform into SL under the banner of his recently introduced X-Stream™ (cross-stream) brand. Seth performed live on video in real life and managed to provide the live video stream to fans inside Second Life. There was definitely no shortage of attendees at his awesome premiere event!

Back in 2009 Seth first introduced SL to live video, utilizing what was then a very clumsy way around the limitations of SL’s back end. With this new X-Stream™ version, the video was very smooth, and the audio that the stream carried was just as clean. Many people flocked to this first-of-its-kind event at Seth’s new venue, The Sweet Sp*t. The video stream was also shown to Seth’s real-life fans and was carried by nearly 100 Facebook groups and pages, SL and non SL related

Seth plans on continuing to provide audiences with these new “Live Video in SL” shows. He will be offering these shows to select venues as well as more well-known SL brands as a means of furthering their marketing strategies, and of course because they’re very fun! Seth is himself a successful business owner in design and marketing with many high-profile global brands as clients. He has used his real-life skills to propel and keep him at the top of the live music game in SL for nearly 15 years.

Advertisers will also be able to take advantage of these X-Stream™ shows by having their logos on the actual video screens, which will also be shown to RL fans, many SL-related Facebook groups, and of course the many real-life groups and pages that carry Seth’s regular live video shows. 

Venues and businesses interested in advertising on this new platform or booking a live show are encouraged to email [ info at seth regan dot com ] with your serious inquiries.

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