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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spotlight on AMForte Clarity- The Ghost Explorer Reporting...


I Need Some Clarity!!!

Standing alone in the middle of a dance floor at Black Diamond, I had my eyes closed.  I could only feel the live energy around me while countless fans were dancing around me to the electrifying sound of AMForte Clarity.  I can't recall the date of the first AM concert that I attended since she has been in SL forever but I do remember that was the day I knew that I would forever be a fan.  It was lyrical magic.  She sang "Linger" by the Cranberries and the energy was otherworldly.  In the following years, I made it a point to take all my friends to at least one of her concerts.  If you think that it is all about the music at this point, you are sadly mistaken.  AM Forte has a way of connecting with her fans.  She is an accessible star with a voice that reaches deep into the heart of everyone she meets.  My answer to friends who are experiencing real life struggles when they share their issues with me in Second Life has always been "You need some Clarity".  If you are not yet aware, Clarity is AMforte's last name in Second Life.  We would go to an AM concert and then I would listen while my friends would speak their minds.  

Someone requested "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and AM beautifully obliged.  In the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by all those happy fans, I opened my eyes and looked around wondering how long have they been following her?  Do they feel the same connection that I do to her music?  Hard to tell at times but one thing is for sure:  They Love Her.  Last song and the concert is over.  She waived to her supporters and hopped off the stage.  I had no place in particular to go so I just stayed on the dance floor alone while everyone was disappearing one at a time.  Soon, I was alone in the place with AM standing in front of the stage.  That was the perfect opportunity to ask her a few questions so that I can share with you SL Enquirer readers.


Ghost Explorer - Hello AM!

AM - Hey Green!

Ghost Explorer - I hate to bother you but was wondering if you are able to answer a few questions for a newspaper article that I am writing.

AM - Sure :)

Ghost Explorer - Awesome! So we will start with how long have you been performing in SL?

AM - I have been performing in SL since 2008.

Ghost Explorer - That is a long time.  How would you describe your style?

AM - I don't have a particular style I stick with. I perform to many different styles with cover songs and even including my original music. 

Ghost Explorer - We know that you are hardworking, what drives or motivates you?

AM - What motivates me is my love for music and to reach people that need music.

Ghost Explorer - What usually goes through your mind when you are performing?

AM - I get lost in the music. I don't say much during my concerts anymore, but when I play the piano and sing, it takes me to another place. 

Ghost Explorer - We get lost in your music as well. In all the years that you have been here, have you ever thought about quitting SL? 

AM - I don't think I have ever thought about quitting SL. I like it here and meet a lot of wonderful people. 

Ghost Explorer - How has the pandemic affected what you do here?

AM - The pandemic has not affected me at all with my SL experience.

Ghost Explorer - Do you have any big projects coming up?

AM - I do! My second album will be out this summer and I will be working on a docu-series film project, called Ghost Slapped. You can read about it at

Ghost Explorer - Beside Second Life, where can your fans find your music to enjoy?

AM - They can visit my YouTube @

Ghost Explorer - Lastly, where do you see yourself a year from now?

AM - I'm not exactly sure, but I think that I will be filming and creating more music in the future

After thanking her for making the time to answer all my questions, AMforte Clarity vanished in the wind leaving a beautiful impression, just like the magical notes she sings.  

Once more, alone with my thought in the middle of the dance floor at the Black Diamond, I started thinking about the wonderful sides of Second Life.  I get to experience up close, real star power and speak to a performer, an artist, singer, songwriter and more importantly a friend for a few minutes between space and time.  As Annie Lennox once sang, Sweet Dreams are made of this.  

Thank you AMForte Clarity for making Second Life a better place.  We hope to enjoy your music always.

-The Ghost Explorer

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