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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Icons of Fashion May 30th @ 9AM SLT.


Come see some of the Grid's most Iconic Designers, Models and Art Makers.
May 30th @ 9AM SLT.
Our show celebrates the people that created the fashion, the art, and models that display it... those amazing people who helped make SL the special place it is for all of us.
Currently walking in group:
Frolic Mills
Ponchituti Boucher
memole Giha
Red Jess
Jamee Thompson
Risa Bright
Bryn Oh
Chelsea Malibu
Thera Taurog (Lady Thera)
Elettra Gausman
HoneyBear (Honey Crisp)
Sally Yachvili
Laura18 Streeter
Lalisa 'Lisa' Manoban 리사 (Olyvia Zenovka)
Ona (Ona Waffle)
Lιαм Rєєѕ Ɲєтιzєη (Liam Netizen)
N I C H O (Nicholai Shepherd)
Salvo Waydelich

It's about the clothes not the clothes, the individuals themselves and the fashion they love. Each participant will showcase THEIR style, THEIR favorite outfits, the ones that say THEY are the Icon. Each will walk 3 times...a formal, a casual , and a Dealer's Choice look.

Our venue will reflect an elegant Asian style... calm, pleasing, and fit for and Icon.  It will not be a traditional down and back or crossover walk but a walk path through the Audience.  It will not be a difficult walk but an intimate one.  The venue covers 2 regions to allow everyone to come.

Come see the SL's most iconic men and women that have been involved and love the fashions that they either created or worn or showcased. Agency Creators, Miss and Mr. Virtual Worlds, Miss and Mr. SL and so many more of those that influenced fashion and art in Second Life will give you a glimpse into their inner self and what they are most proud of.

Join us for a celebration of Second Life's most Iconic Models, Entertainers, and Designers, celebrating their impact on Second Life through walking the Runway with their personal styles in Second Life's Fashion.  With Special Appearance by Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan), Lexx Runo and DJ Desteriac LXIX, for one of the Grid's most Iconic Events.

 May 30th @ 9AM SLT.


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