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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Many people believe an SL Motorcycle Club is of the 1% variety with wannabe tough guys (1% in rl means any member(s) who have a criminal record even if it is a misdemeanor). In SL, as in real life, there are Riding Clubs and MCs (Motorcycle Clubs) who enjoy cycle ride-outs (going together on long rides on more than 90 tracks that can go up to 4k m). More important, like a social club, members feel connected, run events and charities, host dance parties, celebrate life just like anyone else does in SL. Like any group in SL, there are good ones and there are bad (filled with drama) clubs.

Anyone wishing to understand and try an MC way of life has to do their due diligence and research, meet & greet, and get to know members before deciding if "ride outs" and "fellowship" mean what they hope it means. There are many clubs with retired RL bikers. However, there are many RL social riders who retired from business, universities, the military, and many other venerable professions who choose to connect with people who are like-minded. For example, an MC Mission: Ride outs Together; Motto: Respect, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fellowship, Freedom & Fun.

I would gather that since most sex clubs are full most of the time (and not by many MC members), everyone might want to step back and look a little deeper at what MC's actually represent (family, friends, connection, honesty, and a lot of fun).

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact Angelor Galanter or Karlee Heartsong.


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