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Showing posts with label motorcycle club. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Many people believe an SL Motorcycle Club is of the 1% variety with wannabe tough guys (1% in rl means any member(s) who have a criminal record even if it is a misdemeanor). In SL, as in real life, there are Riding Clubs and MCs (Motorcycle Clubs) who enjoy cycle ride-outs (going together on long rides on more than 90 tracks that can go up to 4k m). More important, like a social club, members feel connected, run events and charities, host dance parties, celebrate life just like anyone else does in SL. Like any group in SL, there are good ones and there are bad (filled with drama) clubs.

Anyone wishing to understand and try an MC way of life has to do their due diligence and research, meet & greet, and get to know members before deciding if "ride outs" and "fellowship" mean what they hope it means. There are many clubs with retired RL bikers. However, there are many RL social riders who retired from business, universities, the military, and many other venerable professions who choose to connect with people who are like-minded. For example, an MC Mission: Ride outs Together; Motto: Respect, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fellowship, Freedom & Fun.

I would gather that since most sex clubs are full most of the time (and not by many MC members), everyone might want to step back and look a little deeper at what MC's actually represent (family, friends, connection, honesty, and a lot of fun).

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact Angelor Galanter or Karlee Heartsong.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Spotlight on Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls- Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.- SLE Reporting...


Motorcycle Clubs in the real world are usually organized by the riding type, style, brand of bike or events and have evolved since the early 1900s when it is said MCs first originated right after world war II with the New York Motorcycle Club, which merged with the Alpha MC of Brooklyn to become the federation of American Motorcyclists. Eventually, it grew into the American Motorcyclist Association. 

Today there are many motorcycle clubs around the world involved in charity rides and other activities for the greater good slowly shedding the stigma of criminal activities by the biker gangs considered “outlaws” of society.

In Second Life, you can be part of a Motorcycle club and virtually ride across scenic terrains with your group of friends and be involved in charity events and other fun and entertaining activities without spending a single lick of gas or running up miles on your hog or crotch rocket. 

The great thing about MCs in Second Life is the bond it creates between members from around the world, sharing a virtual highway.  The SL Enquirer caught up with Maverick’s MCs owner  Λ G (angelor.galanter) and his business partner  Karlee (karlee.heartsong) to learn more about this motorcycle club and what it stands for.

Interview with Λ G (angelor.galanter) and Karlee (karlee.heartsong) 

SLE: Before we get into Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls, we’d love to know where you are from and how you discovered Second Life?

Λ G: I am in California and have lived here for many years. I became the sole parent, both mother, and father, if you will, of my youngest daughter who was 6 at the time. I wanted a way for us to play together and learn together. So, supervised, I joined SL to let her play barbie on a safe sim.

Karlee:  I live in Colorado. My RL husband introduced me to SL about 10 years ago. I hated it but tried it again a few years later and I am still here.

SLE: AG that’s an awesome way to bond with your child and Karlee glad you gave SL another shot.  Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game to pass some time?

Λ G:  From day 1 I have acted and believed that SL is an extension and an enhancement of my real life (think video-conference with friends and loved ones!).

Karlee: I consider SL to be an extension of real-life as my feelings are involved here. I have found a great community, love to build, and even talk to many people I met here, outside of SL proper.

SLE: What inspired you to create  Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls? Can you tell our readers more about your MC motto and what you expect from members?

Λ G: Very simply we are an upscale hybrid MC within the mainstream of SL'ers who love SL and being part of a community for connection, adventure, and fun. We seek anyone who loves motorcycles, MC way of life, and brings skills, talents, and passion. 

Our Motto is Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.

We expect our members to be themselves, and share their journey in SL/life with us as we do with them.

Karlee: Angelor and I both have set this as our mission.

SLE: That is a great motto. Are you all invite-only or can anyone go to the MC events or is it exclusively for members only?

 Λ G: In general, our MC is open to the public, including events and concerts. Anyone can come and simply hang out if they enjoy the community Karlee and I (and many others) have created.

Karlee: I think other than those events specifically for patched members, anyone can join in. We love having people here and visiting with them.

SLE: That is great you are open to the public, please tell our readers more of the  types of events do you host?

Λ G: Our MC, which Karlee and I both envisioned together, and have hosted DJs and Live singers. We look forward to other events during rallies, bike build-offs, and, perhaps, even re-imagining products and services that are a benefit to the MC community as a whole.

SLE: How can visitors interested in becoming a patched member of Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls join the MC and be part of your community?

Λ G: My first suggestion for anyone is to come to meet us, ride our tracks, and get a feel for who, what, why, and how we operate. We, essentially, have no restrictions as to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental conditions, religious/political affiliations, or citizenship. If members can't ride directly, they can either ride as a passenger for our ride-outs or be a non-riding but equally essential contributing patched member.

 Karlee: The way I see it, people should attempt to get to know the current members of Mavericks MC by joining our support group, attending our events, hanging out with us, and deciding if what we offer would be what they would want in their lives. After that, fill out an application to join and go from there.

SLE:  There are multiple Motorcycle clubs in Second Life. What separates Maverick’s MC from the rest?

Λ G:  I think a more important part is how we "fit" the fabric of all the MCs. MCs are all different but work together for the community as a whole. Every MC is a unique part of the larger community on a spectrum of all possible human potentials. Basically, we can't separate ourselves from other MCs anymore than people can separate themselves from humanity.

Karlee: In addition to that, Mavericks are different in that we are not fighting or griefing MC. We are here to enjoy our lives, have a great time with a community that all of us have built together.

SLE:  Many MCs do a lot for the community. Orion is a rider and has done many Toys for Tots and Poker Runs and many other charity rides. What kind of charities are you involved in or special events within Second Life?

Λ G:  As a vet myself, as well as Karlee, I am going to defer to her answer on that, she summarizes it so well. I will add that we assist other MCs with creating and building their sims, tracks, or any other projects they ask us to help with. We've shared the essence of our bylaws with others, as well. In addition, Karlee and I are working on tech products that will be useful not only in MCs but SL in general that will be free to all who wish to use them.

Karlee: We had a Wounded Warrior Project event on Memorial Day and we are currently planning where we go from there. Basically, as veterans, we not only hold events but help out other MCs with their events whenever possible.

SLE: Are you looking for more patched members or people for support? Can you tell us if you are currently recruiting or hiring for any positions within the motorcycle club?

Λ G:  We just started our recruitment drive about two weeks ago. This drive includes classified ads, notifications, posters, and more. Realistically, it's about us as an MC getting out there meeting/greeting people and making alliances primarily outside of MC's. There are many SL'ers who don't even know that up to 200 full track sims exist for their enjoyment. We can't and do not accept other current MC members or those who recently left an MC. (See our Recruitment Poster)

SLE: You have a Dedicated Highway here on the sim, can you tell our readers more about that?

Λ G: Yes, well, if you have anything you'd like to dedicate a track to you can. Passed or living. rip or birthday, especially vets, disabled, retired, and more.  it puts heart in what we do. We also have a Wounded Warrior Sign up and HFOT kiosk to donate for homes for our troops

Karlee: I did one level for a real-life navy friend of mine who passed away recently. The honorarium stays up for one month.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Karlee: We welcome everyone to come to visit Mavericks MC @ Ruffneck Falls to enjoy the natural and beautiful tracks that we have here. We have 15 total tracks. 13 of these are nice wide tracks with beautiful surrounds, a speed track to test your skills on, and our newest track, Blade Runner.

 Λ G:  I will add our primary mission: Mavericks MC's mission is to create, join, and participate in SL events, including ride-outs and/with other MCs, public, and related activities. Ride Outs typically highlight our connections with each other in a fun and unique way (usually in-voice).

Mavericks MC, Angelor Galanter, is one of many MC Estate owners and SL Estate owners spearheading a movement to eradicate griefing as a tool to strike fear in Owners of sims and businesses, and causing a huge loss in traffic and revenue. If you are an Estate owner and wish to join get an invite 


 here is the link: 



MC Command and Sim Owners Alliance. It is really up to all Estate Owners to insist griefing remain inside of RP sims.

Maverick’s MC

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Opening of Wild Nomads MC riding sim on 24th July 2021

 Grand Opening for Wild Nomads MC! Enter our Raffle for a chance to win a Motorcycle from California Choppers, courtesy of Trace Summer, owner. Bo W. Shim and the Country Bandits will be entertaining at 3:pm. After the show come ride our new track if you wish, bikes will be supplied if you don't have one.

Come party with us!

Langholm (146,158,3706)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Cobras are looking for a Few good Bikers

Cobras MC is looking for mature minded people that love to make friends, enjoy events, explore the grid, go motorcycle riding and become part of a great family. No hotheads or drama Queens/Kings need apply.

To visit the Cobras you must have payment on file and use voice. After all, a bunch of bikers just do not like to type.

The Cobra MC World does not role-play a Biker 1% Gang, they are a neutral riding club, out on the road with friends and family. We live on adult sims and have adult conversations. Our main sim does NOT allow child avatars. Child avatars are allowed on our sister sim with tracks, Heartfelt Ridge.

We would be happy to teach you the basics of riding a motorcycle in SL, if you do not already do so.

The Cobra MC World is located on 4 Private sims. Our main sim, The Pins contains our clubhouse, tracks, shops, and our rally areas. Heartfelt Ridge is a connected by Bridge sim that holds 17 tracks shops and breedables.  We also have 2 sims that are used for private residences.

Many events and rides are held often. Watch the Pit event boards or add our support group for ride out and event information.
Tues ~ Friday we ride both at noon and at 6pm..  We also ride on Sat & Sun at noon.  Friday evening rides are Clothing Optional followed by a bon fire.  Sunday Noon rides are absolutely crazy. We have ridden balloons, cooties, hamster balls, demolition cars, ghosts, alligators and more! What a ride.
Tues evenings we follow our ride with a Party at our "PIT", our MC Clubhouse.  We also Party at the PIt on Thurs, and Friday mornings at 8 am slt. All pit parties have great DJs willing to find your special tunes for you.
Saturday Nights are special at 6PM slt there is a concert, themed event, or special event of some type, always something fun.

 Come by and see what the Cobras are like. Enjoy our events and ride with us. Maybe we will blend well, maybe not. Hope to see you there.

For more information, a tour, or to join our support group for events and rides, contact: Mightbe Shelter, saralecia, sativastaryk or stormrunner1 in world.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cobra World : An Invitation to A Motorcycle Club - Seersha Heart

Cobra World is a premier motorcycle club in world.  I had the opportunity to speak to one of their Road Captains, Zach, about what a club is like and what makes Cobra World so special.  For anyone who rides a motorcycle in world and for those who want to ride a motorcycle in world, Cobra’s is the place to start your quest.  One of the wonderful things offered by Cobra is a beginner’s bike for only 1L and lessons on how to ride.  Although they sponsor special days for interested prospective members, if you want to be part of Cobra show up at their SIM any time and speak to whomever is on the SIM [link at end of article].  Cobra World is a very welcoming place to all.

            I have zero experience in motorcycling in world, no that isn’t exactly true.  I have ridden a motorcycle into the water and given up.  Yesterday I found a renewed interest in riding after I tried a little with Road Captain Zach.  First I had to learn a few new vocabulary words to understand what he was speaking to me about.  When you are taking your first look at their motorcycle club [mc] and are just hanging around the SIM, not attending any rides or any events, you are called a “hang around”.  When you decide you are interested in being a prospective member you become a “prospect”.   Prospects join in the rides and in all events if you are online at the time.  Prospects also go to church.  Another new term, “church” is a meeting.  So a prospect does all the things they would be doing as a member for a while.  The goal is to get to know the members of Cobra while they get to know you at the same time.
Membership to Cobra comes when the members vote you in and you become a patched member.   

As a Road Captain, part of what Zach does is books their rides and runs certain events.  One of those events is the ‘Learn to Ride Event’ I mentioned earlier where they promote helping people learn how to ride and to handle a motorcycle and give them a view of this awesome mc.  Their rides take them on the roads of SL as well as to other SIMs where there are tracks.  At their SIM they have three tracks that wind around the SIM gradually going into the sky.  I had the opportunity to ride on the back of Zach’s bike up all three tracks.  There is a place to stop mid-way along where there are shops and areas for kicking back.  I figure this is where the experienced bikers wait for we beginners to catch up.
The mc has relationships with other mcs in world.  The various mcs will allow another mc to ride on their SIM.  This happens fairly frequently providing quite a diversity of tracks to explore.I learned another important fact about the club, if someone rides along behind you they do not have to be a club member. 
This lead me to an interesting dialog with Zach as I thought well….

Seersha Heart:  do you ever use your bike to flirt with women?
ZACH:             well maybe a few times lol
Seersha Heart:  bet it is a chick magnet *laughs*
ZACH:             yes chicks love bikes, most of the time I get along without having to bring the bike out

            Zach invited me to the Cobra World SIM to take a look around.  I landed near their community board near a well-marked Rez Zone.  Off to one side was the $1L bike for beginners and those who didn’t have a motorcycle to ride.  Some of the Cobra members are builders and build bikes.  Zach is learning to build bikes and sounds quite excited about it.  It was time to see Zach’s favorite bike a White Stallion by Silvercloud bikes complete with painted white stallion on the gas tank.  When he told me he was going to “whip it out” I became cautious as in world that could mean a lot of different things.  However, he produced his bike and was demonstrating the animations that came along with it.  His bike can take a rider so the animations worked for a two animation as well as a single animation.  He told me it is no harder to drive with two than it is with a single rider.  I did manage to make him laugh with this question…

Seersha Heart:  does size matter in a bike’s performance?
Zach:               no with bikes no
Seersha Heart:  *laughs* good to know

            I spoke to Zach about their mc on a wide range of questions.  I learned that the demographic of the club is about even men to women.  To become a Road Captain, he had to finish a lot of rides and express interest in the position.  I asked him what advantages someone would have to being a member of Cobra World instead of riding alone.  He said that at Cobra they are all family.  He also emphasized that when they ride together it’s like you are riding with your family and you have a great feeling of pride.

After seeing the clubhouse and the SIM up close as well as having such a knowledgeable guide, I decided to give driving a try.  I must say Zach has enormous patience.  He offered his own bike for me to try driving.  It wasn’t until I was actually driving that I thought I should have told him I didn’t know there were gears to shift.  He may have suspected my lack of experience when I asked him “how did I get into reverse”.  Well, irl the bike would have suffered, in world I was actually able to drive a motorcycle better than I ever had before.  I did not run into the water, and I listened to Zach’s advice.

            If you are thinking of trying to ride a motorcycle or a seasoned rider, Cobra World is definitely a place to visit.  The SIM is well lain out, they have a clubhouse and a close relationship with members.  Stop in and give it a try, you won’t regret dropping in on them.  They are super friendly and always open for new people to come along and join up.  This writer is not giving up on riding yet, I plan to be a “hang around” for a while and see what happens.


Friday, October 30, 2015



GAS0LINE ALLEY is a full biker SIM with 750+ feet of road track fused with nature. While it's home of the Junk Yard Dogs (MC) it's a neutral zone and all MC's are welcome.
Hotwired Entertainment: Rob Zombie Concert( LIVE)
Hotwired Entertainment: Evancesence Concert (LIVE)
Wire Frost  [ THE ORIGINAL ZOMBIE Concert ] (LIVE)
Gas Alley is presently adding 300ft of track and a hunting area making it the longest track in SL. While many have complained that the track lacks directional signs, the Gas Alley Hobo that lives on the SIM steals them and hocks them for hooch. We'll be putting up directions again - We'll get it right. 
NOW HIRING DJ's & HOSTS! Contact Louise Goldblatt

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Go For a Ride on Hellz Highway

Hellz Highway is a beautiful countryside full sim track. As your your enjoy your ride on a smooth timed track with regular restarts. Take in the beautiful scenery as you ride  there are numerous spots to stop and cuddle, have a picnic, take a pic, or just swing into the waffle house for a hot cup of coffee. Great motorcycle vendors to try out out a bike right on the track and purchase there products right there. There is the Sh*t Hole to shake what momma give ya while Dj's play your favorite tunes,or a place to sweep that special someone in your life off their feet and dance in the clouds. Photography studio and professional photographer on site with great prices and instant pics.Everyone's welcome and MC friendly, a neutral zone. It's just like being home, we'll leave the light on for ya!

 Big surprises to announced in the future.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sons Of Evil - Biker MC is Recruiting Now

SONS OF EVIL MC. is a motorcycle club and a non-profit organization for bikers,  enthusiasts and their friends.  Our motto is "If we die before we wake, we pray to the lord and accept our fate. "  We stand for truth, honesty, and dedication. 

We are a band of brothers and sisters, riding in freedom and in respect. To wear our patch, it isn't just a logo or a design. It is a representation of who we are on the inside and a symbol of what we can become. We are a common creed that band together as family. It is an MC patch to wear with pride with an organizational structure that ensures equality.  

While we respect the land and the tracks we ride, we also respect other MC's across SL - they are our brothers and sisters too. Sons of Evil, isn't just another Motorcycle Club, but a dedicated group of bikers, and their friends, to ban together and live and ride in pride. All are welcome. 

For more information contact  OUTLAW (outlaw.dexter) in world or visit our SIM.

Monday, June 1, 2015

THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE AIR: Spotlight Feature on Distant Thunders Rock Club- Mackenzie Abbot Reporting

I have to admit, I had never heard of Distant Thunders before in all my 3 years on Second Life. 
I also have to admit I’m not a rock music kind of guy, but I put aside my preconceptions and headed over to gain an insight into what goes on over there.  I found a warm and friendly place where people actually speak to you when you enter for the first time.  I was made to feel welcome from the second I walked in, and that matters to someone who has been to places where you’re just another cash cow for the club.
So I was intrigued to get the assignment of writing the Spotlight feature for the SLE.  At the anointed time, I was whisked over to the board room and was greeted by a variety of people, including the owners, Joy and Kimmy Maldor.

Mackenzie Abbot: Why did you decide to set up Distant Thunders? Aren't there enough clubs in SL already?

Joy: I never had plans to open a club but I was trying to get a club to my sim when I heard they had changed the sim. And when I spoke to the owner of that club, the response was not very good, so I decided to open one of my own.

M: Was it difficult in the early days, setting up a club?

Joy: It’s easy to open a club, anybody can, but holding on to it is very difficult, 24/7 makes it worse, so yes having a club in SL is a very difficult indeed.

M: And how long have you been open?

J: 1 year

M: Is it disheartening during those quiet times, when a DJ and Host/ess are playing to an empty (or nearly empty) club?

J: We do sponsored events, sometimes just contests to attract VIP’s, but many times it’s what it is, next set improves.
K: We also have really good host/hostess that are good at drawing VIPs in when things become slow.
J: Yes I agree. 

M: So what is the unique selling point of Distant Thunders?

J: We value our VIP’s and give personal attention.  Good music, friendly place, fun hangout.
Fiona Whelan: I would also say the different options you have available to them
K: And a lot of other fun things to do while they're here
J: For example, the other attractions at the club include a bowling alley, white water rafting, jet ski-ing, hang gliding, fan boats, sail boarding, ATV riding, paintballing, biker ball, the DT Mansion, weekly sponsored events, firing range, balloon rides and sky diving.  There is something for everyone.

S: and our DJs don’t just play music, they interact and make the VIP’s part of the set.
K: It's about the experience they can have here. It’s a great place to hang out with friends.

M: And is that a bike track I saw out there?
J: This is a Rock and Ride club, so anybody who likes to ride, we have a great track for you to use.

(I laughed)
M: I took the Editor of the SL Enquirer out on my bike and nearly killed her.  I hope you have insurance

J: failure is the stepping stone of success; you will ride well next time :)

M: I appreciate the faith you have in me, but I fear it may be misplaced.  Anyway, if you had to sell Distant Thunders in 3 words, what would they be?

J: Rock Ride & Play

M: That's probably the best answer to that question I’ve ever seen.  Ok last question, what's next for Distant Thunders? Where do you see the club this time next year?

J: Well we have some new services in progress, including Distant Thunder Wedding Venue with end to end wedding service, Distant Thunder DJ/Host School, Distant Thunder Fashion Academy, Distant Thunder Studio and the Distant Thunder Monthly Magazine.
K: Still here, and more popular and better than ever!

M: As a fashion designer myself, I’m intrigued about the Fashion Academy.  What’s that?

J: Distant Thunder Fashion Academy is about helping creators in the fashion community showcase their products. We also have a school for training those who wish to learn the methods and tools it takes to excel in the modelling field. We host a fashion show at the end of every month on the Distant Thunder sim too.

At this point, I concluded the interview and was about to thank everyone for their time when Joy stopped me

J: I would like to take this opportunity, if I may, to thank the DT staff for their hard work every single day. I would also like to thank the management staff for their commitment and hard work, as well as all the people who stood by me for building Distant Thunder.

M: I'm sure each and every single one of them appreciates that sentiment

K: We have the greatest staff you could ever find in Second Life.

Leaving the boardroom and crossing the dance floor, I get an overwhelming sense that Joy and Kimmy take an immense amount of pride in their business and staff.  Not once did the subject of making money come up.  In fact, they seem to be ploughing what money they do make, back into making the club bigger and a more fun place to be.  This reporter finds no fault with that.  Too many clubs in Second Life seem hell-bent on making as much money as they can at the expense of services or staff well being.  Maybe there’s something in that for all of us to consider.
 It is refreshing to see that Distant Thunder stands out and truly appreciates their staff and visitors as well as shows where their priorities are for making it a fun place to be.

Additional Information:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chapter 1: Let’s Ride with a Couple of Motorcycle Clubs of Second Life-Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is a fusion of cultures all sharing one grid. That is what makes this virtual world so unique. Within those cultures are subcultures which operate under the radar and avoid exposure from media. The SL Enquirer was recently approached by someone from within the (MC) motorcycle clubs who voiced an opinion about shedding some light on their culture. He asked to remain anonymous but was able to provide some very useful information as to where I can find the ones in charge of various chapters.
I know that there are some who avoid media like we are out to get them but I was able to cross those lines and find out more about what Motorcycle clubs do and what good they bring to the Second Life community.

If you are unfamiliar with Motorcycle clubs in Second Life, there are over 100 chapters making it one of the largest subculture in the virtual world.
For those that have heard of this subculture, there are some misconceptions I would like to clear up with anyone who thinks the MCs of Second Life are a bunch of violent and insensitive virtual criminals riding around the grid causing havoc. Those misconceptions are wrong. I’m not saying things don’t go down between rivals, but usually that is between them and kept out of the public eye.

 In fact they are just like a family and when issues arise, they get handled in their own way. They protect their own with honor and respect. The positives override the negatives and for the most part MCs are a group of like-minded individuals who spend time with each other,  get involved with charitable causes and invite non members to take part in their various activities and rides.

 I had the pleasure of meeting the presidents and vice president of  two MC chapters.  They were welcoming and polite. I enjoyed the time I spent with them. These MCs are a great group of people who share some things in common. Riding and contributing to the Second Life community.

Let’s meet a couple of them

Big Quil and Lanai 

Interview with Biq Quil, President of the Hells Angels Wales Chapter

Lanai: Who are the leaders of Hells Angels Wales Chapter?
Big Quil: I am the President of our organization and our vice president is a man named Austin WarDark (dajuggalo.azalee)

Lanai: When was your chapter founded and what is your creed that all members must abide by?

Big Quil: Our chapter was originally founded in Secondlife in 2009 under the chapter bottom rocker Berdoo, that was later changed in 2010 to HAMC Sin City Crew , some complicated Occurrences later then made us change our bottom rocker once more and that is where  we have stayed , HELLS ANGELS MC WALES SECONDLIFE CHAPTER. Our “Creed” Is the simplest of rules , Brotherhood “ I am my brothers keeper” be loyal and willing to do anything for the patch on your back or a brother wearing it. Honor & Respect

Lanai: I know honor and respect are two main components in the Motorcycle club of Second Life. What happens to members who break this creed?

Big Quil: You see alot of people will say that people get hacked and Greifed and sims get crashed , whoever tells you this is lying The HA Motorcycle Club in SL do not Take part in any Activities that Break The rules set Forth in the TOS. The member would be stripped of his patch and all affiliations to the Club would be cut, And he would never be able to be a member again.

Lanai: How many MC members do you currently have?
Big Quil: I Do not wish to disclose that information on my Chapter , but What i can say is we have multiple chapters consisting of members from all over the world , ranging from Scotland To Germany to The United States of America.

Lanai: No problem. I respect that. It sounds like you have a strong membership.
 Every MC has their own dress code, patches, Jackets and custom bikes. What is required in your organization?

Big Quil: You are Required to hang around for a period of 4-5 days to get to know us at that point you will be given a Denim Vest with a flash bar saying hang around on the front, if we like you you will become a Prospect and be given a bottom rocker to put on the back of your Vest stating the area in which we reside “WALES” and a flash bar on the front stating your rank as a prospect, IF you eventually patch in, You will become a Fully Patched Hells Angels Member Which is when your prospect Flash bar will be replaced with a flash saying Hells angels , and you gain your top rocker and the Sacred Death Head Patch in the middle, at this point you can progress to an officer but bear the same rights as ANY fully patched member of the MC

Hells Angels Patch Collection

Lanai: Who is the creator of your apparel and bikes?
Big Quil: 187 Custom Motorcycles

Lanai: How often does your MC go on rides? What other types of activities do you offer your members?
Big Quil: We do a lot of activities in SL , and show up at a lot of charity Events to show our support for example , The Recent Toys For Tots Expo 2014 . We also ride on a regular basis. In fact, weekly.

Lanai: In Second Life, just as in the real world, problems and situations can erupt between MCs leading to violence. In SL, MC wars happen too. How does your organization handle these types of matters?
Big Quil: We Handle it with the utmost care and try to resolve the situation to not erupt into conflict as I stated before, a lot of people think that MC’s in SL Resort to violence, sim crashing , griefing , account hacking and so on, These are all common misconceptions The HELLS ANGELS MC In SL are a Motorcycle Club filled with MotorCycle Lovers and Fueled by their love of brotherhood and for motorcycles

Killbot, Lanai and Big Quil

Lanai: On a lighter note, which other MCs do you get along most with?

Lanai: Is your organization involved in charitable activities in Second Life? If so, which do you contribute to?
Big Quil: Toys for Tots without fail every single chapter of the club in SL are supporters of the charity and contribute every year .

Lanai: I find that to be very admirable of your MC.
To join your chapter, what type of credentials must one have?
Big Quil: You must be over the age of 18 , at least 1 Year old in SL and have no Previous Connections to any other Club other than The HELLS ANGELS MC

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about your MC organization?
Big Quil: MY Final Comment goes as follows, A lot of people have common misconceptions about us , we are not scary , and terrifying , we are genuine people that share the common ideals of Brotherhood and Honor, Respect and Loyalty On a higher Level , if you have any intrest in being part of that brotherhood , my advice is contact your Local Chapter of the HELLS ANGELS MC SECONDLIFE.

Lanai: Well said Big Quil. You are right many have misconceptions about MCs of Second Life. I appreciate that you have shed some light on your organization and the positive things it contributes to Second Life.

Nico Shillings and Della Anton

Interview with Neco Shillings Vice President of Seventh Legion

Lanai: Hi Nico, Who are the leaders of your Seventh Legion?
Neco: Grid Domination (Mother Chapter),  Della Anton (Keg Mixemup) – President and I am Vice President. In the USA Chapter Kessryll Stormcrow is President . DJDave Voom is Vice President.
When was your MC chapter founded and what is your creed that all members must abide by?
Neco: We were founded in August 2009.
The Legion's Creed
When my brother is down,
I will lift him up.
When my brother is lost,
I will hold the torch.
When my brother need to speak,
I will be the ear to hear him.
When my brother needs guidance,
I will be the voice to advise him.
When my brother is endanger,
I will be the shield to protect him.
When my brother attacks,
I will be the weapon at his side.

I am the keeper of my brother,
I am the steel of his armor and his sword,
I am the cornerstone of the house,
I am the thread of the patch,
I am Legion and,
We are many,
We are one.

Lanai: Thank you for sharing your creed. It is powerful.  I know honor and respect are two main components in the Motorcycle clubs of Second Life. What happens to members who break this creed?

Neco: It is investigated then, that member is brought before the membership, as with all club matters we act as one. They are given a chance to explain their actions. A vote is then taken and may range from a simple fine to removal from the MC. In extreme cases their name may be "chiseled off the wall" banished so to speak, and existence in the club removed.
Lanai:  That sounds like a fair trial. How many MC members do you currently have?
Neco: Sometimes these questions are best left unanswered. We do not discuss member details with outsiders, but we have more than enough.

Lanai: Fair enough. Every MC has a dress code,. What is required in your organization?
Neco: Vest and patches are earned and provided by the MC. As for dress code, human form is required, as well as being male.  We are an all male MC. Not to be disrespectful to females, but  we strive to be as close to RL Motorcycle Clubs and possible.

 Lanai: That’s OK there is an all ladies MC in SL too. So, Who is the creator of your apparel and bikes?
Neco: Our patches, and vests are made in house. We are self sustained and do not rely on outside help. Most of our members build high quality bikes, such as One Way Custom Choppers, Venom Custom Choppers, SK CC, and CDC.

Lanai: How often does your MC go on rides?
Neco: We schedule rides  periodically depending on events that month (other club rides, events ect.) However members can be found riding daily.

In Second Life, just as in the real world, problems and situations can erupt between MCs leading to violence. How does your organization handle these types of matters?
Neco: Dominate clubs have a vested interest in ensuring undue attention is not focused upon the biker world and they do not have "restrictions" on waiting until after the felony has been committed by some group of bozos to take action. MC members whose world is the biker culture end up answering for the behavior of all these fly by the night MC's that are always popping up in SL and they seldom feel the need to advertise how "bad" they are ... just my observation that those who "think" they are "bad" eventually encounter someone with a bigger fist, bigger knife, or bigger gun. The typical second life citizen does not give a damn "who" causes these problems, it was simply bikers with a patch. It causes undue oversight and great damage for the MC's that have worked hard for many years to create a good name so this is our push for grid domination its not to pick on smaller innocent clubs.
We're not the type to advertise what we do, or can do. Suffice it to say if we were to rez all the vests we have taken over the years, we would run out of prims. Many of our members wear campaign patches on their vests, and no two vests are the same.

Lanai: Reputation is everything so creating a good name is important. Which other MCs do you get along most with?
Neco: Satan's Gold MC Redemption (our sister club, an all female MC) ,Cobra's MC, Centurions Worldwide MC, Banshee MC

Lanai: Is your organization involved in charitable activities in Second Life?
Neco: Relay For Live, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warrior Project (Closed in SL). Autism Awareness B.A.C.A.(Bikers against child abuse), and in the past have helped those close to us in need. In the past we had a member in financial need, in just over 20 minutes the club raised $300 USD. In another case a member suffering sudden financial hardship became homeless and was taken in by another member till he got back on his feet. In 2012 we were part of a team that raised just over L$500,000 for Queensland flood relief. There are other events in which the club was presented certificates that now hang in our Club Houses.
We had a Toys for Tots Poker Run Dec 13 at 3PM all were welcome to come ride.

Lanai: Wow that’s impressive. I think it is great that your organization gets involved with these well known charities.
To join your chapter, what type of credentials must one have?
Neco: Be in human form; be male (in real life and SL); a sense of humor; good team skills; willingness to learn and teach; a set of balls, not afraid to step outside of the box, and a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. We invite those we believe have potential.

Lanai: Being human seems to be a popular trait for membership qualifications lol. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about your MC organization?
Neco: A serious MC club commands respect for one reason. Those who are correctly informed recognize the deep level of personal commitment and self discipline that a man has to demonstrate and sustain in order to wear a patch. They realize that a club's "Colors" are closely guarded and the membership process is long and difficult. Other factors notwithstanding, they respect Patch holders for what they have accomplished by being able to earn and keep the patch they wear. This is respect born out of recognition of dedication and accomplishment. SLMC strives for respect for this reason. This is especially true as it pertains to those persons outside of the motorcycle community. This segment of society is by far the larger, and therefore represents a larger market for any fund raising activities that the group undertakes. It stands to reason that cultivating a relationship with these people is important, and to be perceived by them as "Biker Scum" would not be advantageous to the group. They will therefore conduct themselves as upstanding citizens in every way... "Good neighbors" so to speak. The goal is to be admired and respected by the general public of second life rather than feared. Seventh Legion Motorcycle Club, and all of its members and guests, will always conduct themselves publicly in a highly professional manner.

So pretty much give Respect get Respect.

Lanai: Neco, thank you for giving our readers an inside look at Seventh Legion.

Motorcycle Clubs of Second Life have hundreds of members, each of them contributing something to the SL community in their own way. I only interviewed 2 leaders which barely scratches the surface of just how many are involved across the grid. Both leaders shared some insight into what MCs are all about and I am thankful that they took the time to chat with me. I hope to interview more Motorcycle Clubs in the future.

Which Motorcycle Clubs would you like me to interview next? Leave a suggestion in the comment box below.