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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Next Chapter for Steele Live Music - Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) Reporting

I like to Sim-hop…a LOT. 

It is perhaps my favorite way to help follow the pulse of life on the Grid.  This past week I visited our old friend, Petra Steele, to see what this iconic Treasure of SecondLife was up to these days

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic)  (JB):  Greetings, Petra.  Thanks for agreeing to meet with me and share a few things you are doing for our SecondLife Community.  You have obviously been very busy since last we spoke.  So, tell me and our readers, what have you been up to lately?

Petra Steele (PS): To be honest, I am afraid I'm not certain of what my answer to that question is.  Or at least one that sounds good.  Seriously though, my time since I closed SLM AGAIN, I have mostly been working on the sim, nothing as major as Karabella, the builder I work with has done the lion's share of work on this sim and it's been minor adjustments.  I have gone to many different live music venues that I'd not been able to visit before and heard some artists who are also new to me. Have done more socializing than usual.  I even dated ( laughs).  

JB:  I understand you have totally revamped the way you format your programming.  Care to share with our readers what kind of changes you made?

PS:  I think I can make it work.  First off, there will be no more 26 hours of live music a week.  In the long run, that kind of schedule became taxing, on many levels, but, most importantly, it was taking a toll on my health.  The fact is, since closing, even since last we spoke, I have changed my mind about the format several times.  I have finished working on another venue on the sim.  It is called "The Cave" and is embedded in the sim's mountain.  While we have a whole complex cave system, with several chambers, the one I've turned into a venue is actually a replica of the rl temple in Fort Petra in Jordan – (the one shown in Raiders of the Last Ark).  It's, moody and atmospheric and perfect for solo concerts especially for blues and other genres that work well with more intimate venues.  I had hoped to feature 2-hour solo concerts but I am finding that only a few artists will agree to that length of time.  So the venue will feature those who can and are interested or do so routinely.  Those who have a penchant for dealing with other musicians.  My Steampunk Ballroom will feature multiple artists at a time and I'll produce those......frankly when I'm up to it. The Halloween event is a good example of the kind of event hosted in the ballroom, as was my last event only a month ago entitled "We Are Sick of Dark Times" Live music event and formal..

JB:  Is this yet another “Grand ReOpening?

PS:  Certainly not. I have already “reopened” more times than I care to count.  Haha. I like to say “We are not reopening.  Pretend we never left!”  

JB:  So, would you like to highlight the Solo Artists you will be hosting?

PS:  Many of the artists we've worked with since I owned the SL Playboy Mansion sim are still performing for us, Wolfie Moonshadow, Djembe Dragonfire, Agatha Nowles, John Rocky, Hogan Baily and Red Heaven, and more, as well as, new artist such as Kendall Jigsaw.

JB:  So then, Petra.  Specifically, what is different about this time from previous club operations?

PS:  Well, for one thing, I’m doing this all myself this time.  I really have no full-time staff.  I hire hosts and I contract with builders when I need them, but much of the design and building I did myself.  That definitely has its advantages and drawbacks.

JB:  Oh?  Do tell?

PS:  The primary advantage of being on my own is I can do and redo without having to explain my actions to others.  I can rely on myself to be reliable.  If I’m tired or ill, I can stop and not explain or have to discuss too much of my private life with anyone else.

 JB:  I guess I can see your point there.  But isn’t it a pain to have to do everything yourself?

PS: Yes, there are definite drawbacks.  I'll name a few.  I work all the time with little left to socialize as I am also here less.  I have multitasked my whole working / professional/parenting life but after a while that becomes mechanical, draining, and boring Also working alone on a sim all the time is kind of lonely and I find myself being more replenished by engaging with my rl..

JB:  So, tell me Petra? Do you have an event coming up?  Your Halloween Ball?  What can guests expect there?

PS: I'm, really excited about it.  We will be making a music video with the participation of all our guests.  There may be a special surprise in there but you won't hear what it is from me.  You’ll just have to come and see..  Following the making of the video, we will have two hours of a serious Rock dual with John Rocky (formerly Erik Kottzen) and Kendall Jigsaw.  Those guys are Titans of Rock and it's sure to be an exciting show.

JB:  So, what happened to your other venues, like the Comedy Club?

PS:  That;’ the downside of doing this alone.  I still have them...and will use them again when I rebuild. But this time I’m opening and running for a while, one venue at a time.

JB:  And by doing this on your own, it means all the funding challenges are yours to bear as well?

PS: Yep.  But you get what you pay for. And I get…ME.  LoL   My club…Just as I want it to be.  But I do want to mention the builder who did much of this with me:  Karabella.Velliz

JB:   Tell me about “The Petra Difference”

PS:  I think I bring something different to the table in the live music scene.  my sims have an elegance about them, intentionally so.  My tastes are refined and I am very detail-oriented which is a plus when your goal is to create realistic environments.  I'm also pretty good at crafting lineups that audiences enjoy but that the artists also feel comfortable and stimulated by.  The lineup is key.  I'm not saying that my sim is best or most attractive or even original.  There are some amazing places people have built and run here so let's just say I like to keep up with the high standards set before me, with just a smidge of Petra.  I guess you could say I’m doing it MY WAY!.

JB:  (Hears Old “Blue Eyes” busting out in song…)

Tell me more about the “Petra Difference”?

PS:  (Smiling)  I don't care to appeal to every taste.  I want people to come because they like my clubs and the atmosphere I can create in a venue.  My sets are almost never empty.  And if you hire the best talent, they won't be.  I'm a bit of a Queen Bee and make no apologies for it.

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers, Petra?

PS:  Only to let people know that right now the entire sim has been redone to create a Halloween town.  I love it! Bella did an incredible job.  It is truly spooky and dark and there's a lot there to entertain and stimulate the imagination.

JB:   So, there you have it folks, direct from Petra herself.  But don’t just read about it.  Come experience it for yourself, firsthand.  Grab a Limo and, as they say on The Price is Right….Come On Down!

Be there!  Aloha!


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