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Monday, March 28, 2022



March 28, 2022- Many times the SL Enquirer gets approached by the most outrageous avies. Most of the time it is a simple “block and moves on” tactic but I figured I’d share a sample of the shenanigans…..You can’t make this sh*t up.

Have you ever been just minding your own business in Second Life and you receive a random message from someone you don't know and it starts like this and then they end up offended and insult you for your reaction? 

[15:35] Jay Longfall: Hello there! I'm looking for roleplay. Let's say we're at your house you just finished shrinking my body to the size of six inches tall I'm staring up at you nervously and curiously. My clothes are still full size laying around me on the floor in a pile. This means I'm currently naked, we just came back from the bar. Describe what I see you wearing as I look up at you curiously. I'll pay you 50k if you roleplay with me.

[15:38] Lanai Jarrico: you do realize you contacted The SL Enquirer right?. Did you want to promote your kink in the newspaper or does your kink include a reporter? In that cause I probably would roll up a newspaper and pummel you to a pulp thinking you were a fly in the office.

[15:39] Jay Longfall: hehe, describe what I see you wearing as I look up at you curiously I'll pay you 100k if you roleplay with me and you are detailed

[15:40] Lanai Jarrico: How about you pay me 50k now and 50k after I complete the roleplay?

[15:41] Jay Longfall: well,  what do I see you wearing as I look up at you lanai?

[15:41] Lanai Jarrico: the bottom of my husband's shoe

[15:42] Jay Longfall: ok you're dumb

[15:42] Jay Longfall: blocked. 

[15:42] Lanai Jarrico: thank you.

If you or someone you know is into random IM kink, please contact Jay Longfall and tell em’ Lanai sent you.


  1. There are groups for things like that. No need to go around accosting strangers. It's too bad Linden Lab doesn't set up the viewer so it will automatically block people who use certain words in local chat or IM. Of course, there would have to be an avatar whitelist for that. (waggles eyebrows)

  2. He gets rude as soon as he doesnt get his kink taken care of. Im an avid roleplayer and was curious about what its about and dove into that weird adventure, not expecting a single LD, as it was to good to be true.
    After a while tried to test him asking for a partial payment, what he didnt even refuse. He just ignored it and kept roleplaying, well tried to. As soon as he realized he wouldnt get any more lines out of me, he even promised 300K LD and also sent me a screenshot of his very well photoshopped LD balance, what translated to 500 million USD, yeah, USD not LD!
    Im clearly voting for him to getting on the throne of the Hall of Fame for the most delusional person around.
    I managed to starve him (as he was obviously quite attached to me, always asking me to keep it going) by demanding at least any kind of payment to make me keep roleplaying. We started at 1 LD for one line, then 2 LD for a line, then 4, then 8 LD... you get the idea. It was painful for him to fork out 64LD already, it was such a big deal, but he did, at least. Then the next hurdle being 128 LD caused him soo much trouble, that he just lost his temper, suddenly insulting me and complaining about the way i roleplay (despite having asked for more all the time)
    A very weird kink, fast popping fuses and broke like a homeless. What a way to live (second)life.

  3. If you get in contact with this jay guy, I advice you to become cautious of your surroundings and other persons you meet after him (his alts). Unfortunately, I'm starting to believe he is not completely harmless... I'm currently gathering evidence of whats going on with him with various different tactics, but its going to take a long time. I'm also not sure if I'm really allowed to publish my findings either. Best of luck if he decides to begin stalking on you too.


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