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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: God is a DJ – and playing at The Basilica


The central dome flashes pink than green, and the stately Corinthian columns are awash with pulsing light. Pink. Green. Pink. Green. Here we live life between 120 and 150 beats per minute. The marble floor reflects the sea of writhing sweaty bodies, while the high clerestory windows instil a sense of reverence in its grandeur. This is The Basilica, a club in SL like no other. The Basilica is a club that focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) but loves all forms of music. “Music is the human condition in stereo,” says co-owner, Trynn Mildor, “it reflects the best of what we are, and often the darkest too”. DJ and talent scout for the club, DJ Kryx, puts it a little less subtly: “Music is like being f%^*ed in the earhole, even when it’s bad it’s good”. At this club, music is treated with almost religious fervour and ranges from the snarling sounds of synthpop to the melodic mix of liquid drum and bass. With music at its heart, The Basilica sets the scene for many different interactions. Apart from the lively dance floor in the nave, the outer aisles offer space for socialising. Here the IMs are as hot and as throbbing as the sexiness on the dancefloor. “Music is a universal language, it’s the perfect backdrop for new friendships, saucy hookups and perhaps even love, “says Emily Silkstone the other half of the owner duo. Situated high in the decorative apses of the lovely building, high above the pulsing crowd, are balcony boxes that are for rent for private parties. Each box seats eight people and has furniture with delightful animations. It is a different vantage point, offering a more designated space without being taken out of the sturm and drang that is the club. “We chose this setting, and the name because music and togetherness have the power to feed the soul, to heal, to restore,” says Trynn of the venue and the name of the club. In fact, researchers have found there is an inextricable link between music and religion as music is one of the most common triggers of religious experience. “Like faith, or religion, music is a transcending experience – it taps into a metaphysical state of being, it lights up centres of the brain that we do not access easily with our conscious minds. So, we believe it to be quite apt.” The club will host its epic opening on 11 March 2023, join the group to stay up to date with the latest news. Leading up to the epic opening of The Basilica, the club is launching a Flickr competition in which a whopping 10 000 lindens are up for grabs. Participants are invited to photograph themselves anywhere at the venue and post their pictures to The Basilica’s Flickr page. Only one post per person is allowed. The winner’s picture will be displayed at the epic opening, and officially announced.



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