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Showing posts with label The Basilica. Show all posts

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Basilica : Wait what? I can win 10 000 lindens for taking an picture??!


Well. A terrifically creative, emotive, and aesthetically pleasing picture to be fair. But yes, The Basilica nightclub presents a photo competition in which the winner wins an amazing 10 000 lindens first prize. There are many smaller prizes up for grabs too, from limited edition to The Basilica halter tops and t-shirts to access to the club’s exclusive VIP balcony boxes.

To win, participants need to teleport to the club, take a photo in or around the building and submit it to The Basilica Flickr group with a title that contains the words ‘@ The Basilica’. The photos will be judged on aesthetic appeal - shape form, light, contrast, and composition; creativity - how is the building or its surrounds incorporated in the picture; emotive content - how the pic make one feel and how well it represents The Basilica brand. When asked to describe the essence of the club’s brand, co-owner, Trynn Mildor says that it lives at the intersection of the following words: awe-inspiring, sexy, dynamic, cutting-edge, creative, unusual, gritty, hard-core, and innovative. “The Basilica is the house of music, the music we will focus on live along the axes of these words. We choose DJs that move people, emotionally and physically, that are cutting-edge innovators in their genres, that imbue their songs with sexy, that push the limits, that inspire awe just as the venue does! DJs who dare, and definitely aren’t business as usual.” She stresses the importance of the picture representing the brand well as it will be central to the club’s marketing efforts over the three months following the competition’s runtime. Contestants, therefore, need to note that the winning entry may well be featured on marketing material, as well as on the club’s other platforms including Discord and Facebook. "We are looking for something unusual that makes one feel something ... that moves you the way amazing music does, " concludes, Emily Silkstone, the other half of the owner duo. The competition ends on 9 March 2023 @10am SLT and the winners will be announced on 11 March 2023 - the day of the epic opening.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: God is a DJ – and playing at The Basilica


The central dome flashes pink than green, and the stately Corinthian columns are awash with pulsing light. Pink. Green. Pink. Green. Here we live life between 120 and 150 beats per minute. The marble floor reflects the sea of writhing sweaty bodies, while the high clerestory windows instil a sense of reverence in its grandeur. This is The Basilica, a club in SL like no other. The Basilica is a club that focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) but loves all forms of music. “Music is the human condition in stereo,” says co-owner, Trynn Mildor, “it reflects the best of what we are, and often the darkest too”. DJ and talent scout for the club, DJ Kryx, puts it a little less subtly: “Music is like being f%^*ed in the earhole, even when it’s bad it’s good”. At this club, music is treated with almost religious fervour and ranges from the snarling sounds of synthpop to the melodic mix of liquid drum and bass. With music at its heart, The Basilica sets the scene for many different interactions. Apart from the lively dance floor in the nave, the outer aisles offer space for socialising. Here the IMs are as hot and as throbbing as the sexiness on the dancefloor. “Music is a universal language, it’s the perfect backdrop for new friendships, saucy hookups and perhaps even love, “says Emily Silkstone the other half of the owner duo. Situated high in the decorative apses of the lovely building, high above the pulsing crowd, are balcony boxes that are for rent for private parties. Each box seats eight people and has furniture with delightful animations. It is a different vantage point, offering a more designated space without being taken out of the sturm and drang that is the club. “We chose this setting, and the name because music and togetherness have the power to feed the soul, to heal, to restore,” says Trynn of the venue and the name of the club. In fact, researchers have found there is an inextricable link between music and religion as music is one of the most common triggers of religious experience. “Like faith, or religion, music is a transcending experience – it taps into a metaphysical state of being, it lights up centres of the brain that we do not access easily with our conscious minds. So, we believe it to be quite apt.” The club will host its epic opening on 11 March 2023, join the group to stay up to date with the latest news. Leading up to the epic opening of The Basilica, the club is launching a Flickr competition in which a whopping 10 000 lindens are up for grabs. Participants are invited to photograph themselves anywhere at the venue and post their pictures to The Basilica’s Flickr page. Only one post per person is allowed. The winner’s picture will be displayed at the epic opening, and officially announced.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Basilica@ Shamus bay has tons to offer!


Brief History: (Opened Officially August 6th, 2022)

**More Exhaustive History: In the Golden age of Piracy, one Pirate stood out among the many. chased relentlessly by the Spanish and English navies, and even occasionally by the new American Colonial Navy, Being chased for weeks, Captain Shamus H. Wrigglesworth took refuge in a small uncharted bay. Scouring the island, all he and his crew found was an old monastery and mission. Neither were occupied so, as pirates will, they made it their own. Capt. Shamus shamelessly named the area Shamus Bay and conducted many years of raids and very “piratey” things from his bay. Always able to get away and hide, Capt. Shamus made quite a comfortable living. As will happen, the island grew in inhabitants and reluctantly grew and changed with the times. When Capt. Shamus died (or has he?), and his family and remaining crew buried all of the treasure he had accumulated somewhere on the island. Generations passed and one day when rummaging through the remains of the old Mission, a distant relative of Capt. Shamus H Wrigglesworth, his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandson, Shamus W. Wrigglesworth, discovered the entire fortune and treasure that had been carefully hidden so many years before. Being a partier and having no sense of how to save money, Shamus immediately commissioned builders to build the largest nightclub anyone has ever seen.

Dominating the landscape atop the highest point on the island, the Basilica Dance Club and Live Venue were born! It’s rumored that Shamus has hidden away the rest of the loot he found, but looking around the island, you can see his frivolous spending and it makes you wonder if he is rich or flat broke! Either way, Shamus Bay thrives on and The Basilica is the hottest nightclub destination around! Welcome to Shamus Bay **Shamus Bay Rental Info: There are several rentals available here in the Bay. The rental office (White building) is on the docks and has all of the current properties available. Feel free to contact Shamus Bay Staff if you have ANY questions about rentals. All Land Rentals are parceled out and provide for absolute privacy in chat, voice, or visuals. You can change the music stream via radio and if you ask really nice, Shamus may even change the parcel name for you. Sky-boxes do not have their own parcels nor can anything be done about the parcel names or streams, sorry. All Properties come with a security orb or you may use your own. **Shamus Bay Retail: Are you a creator or retailer? Well, do we have a deal for you! Contact Shamus Bay staff to get moved into your new retail location today...for free! You read that! **Shamus Bay “Things to do”: Volleyball (Yes you can play it) Jet Skis (drivable all around the whole sim) (Private) Quiet getaways for you to meditate or hang with your partner or friends. A Beach Shopping Dining A working Arcade A Pirate Ship!! The Basilica Night Club and Live Venue **The Basilica @ Shamus Bay One of the coolest Venues for a nightclub in all of second life. The Basilica offers live music, Singers, and DJs. Are you a DJ or Singer? Contact the staff at The Basilica and let’s get you on stage! The Basilica has an indoor and equally large, OUTDOOR, venue space. Inside the Basilica there are games and dancing or just a place to sit with your favorite person and enjoy their company. Make sure and check out the backyard with its awesome terrace restaurant and views! YES! YES! YES! we will host Weddings, Receptions, and Private Parties! Well, that’s pretty much all of it. We hope you’ll at least wander the grounds and enjoy all it has to offer. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll decide to move here and become a Shamus Bay Villager. As Capt. Shamus H Wigglesworth Used to say ““Let’s jump on board, and cut them to pieces.”. Wait, no, the wrong quote, I meant…Ah never mind, just have fun and enjoy your visit here, at Shamus Bay! SIM STAFF/MGMT: Shamus Wrigglesworth - Sim Owner / Custodian of The Basilica Rebel Rayn Storm (raynbrimstone) - Sim Administrator/General Manager and Co-Owner of "The Basilica" Wulf Fhang - Sim Administrator - Builder

Tuesday, August 2, 2022



Grand Opening of The Basilica @ Shamus Bay


9:30am SLT Savannah Dexter Live

10:30-12pm SLT Jokers Wild Tribute Band AC/DC

12-2pm SLT Shamus

2-4pm SLT DJ Rayn

4-6pm SLT DJ Birdie

6-8pm DJ Stone

8-10pm DJ Ban

10pm-12am DJ Thunder