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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Xanadu Gallery of SL Erotic Photography- Opens January 4th!


Xanadu Gallery is open for preview by journalists, critics, and the general public. The official opening, with DJ Calli (Callipygian Christensen), is Thurs., Jan. 4, 2024, from 7:30-9:00 pm slt.


Xanadu's inaugural exhibition features images of desire, love, and lust ranging from seductive and suggestive to urgent and raunchy. Covering a multitude of erotic themes and scenarios, these images by 23 photographers stand out for aesthetic, narrative, sensual, and carnal qualities. Curator Kerry Streeter consulted with an informal committee from SL's sexual demimonde for insight into current trends before making a selection from thousands of images viewed on Flickr. 


The opening show includes photos by Anyka Aiséirí Bjornsdottir (camron.mcmahon), Blossom Blakewell, Callipygian Christensen, Chase Stone (thechasestone), Chris Lion (chrisl68), Dae Fangs (dae.hexem), Dr. Strangelove (sugarmanmortlock), Eve Nightfire (eve9d9), Laura Richards (laura.demonista), Leeza Ravenhurst, Leslʮ (leslyyyyy.lisa), Mέરίε ħλώκ βιηgγι (merie77), Paige Silvercloud, Peachy (peach.boucher), Poko (apokolipps), Kerry Streeter, Rachel Nutcracker Swallows (elenamicheals.core), Raven (ravenmatlock), Simone Landes (simonelanders), Stephanie Amare (stephanie.calavera), Titus Palmira, Yana Courley (layana0xanna), and Zeta Vandyke. Some artists are offering photos for sale; all proceeds go to them.


Future shows at Xanadu will explore the work of individual artists or feature special themes.


Kerry Streeter, curator of Xanadu Gallery, is a photographer who has been exhibiting RL photos for over 15 years, with shows at such well-known SL galleries as the Chelsea Hotel and Molly Bloom's, and at her own Second Looks Gallery, now closed to make way for Xanadu. 


Xanadu is a place for enjoying erotic pleasures as well as viewing them, with a full selection of singles and couples dances. Scattered through the gallery are pole dance stations, lap dance chairs, erotic furniture, and bdsm equipment. Inspired by the images, visitors may enjoy intimate liaisons with friends and strangers alike.


A famous American writer has lamented that erotic art is often "executed with that crude haste to see the finished product that marks the amateur. True pornography is given us by vastly patient professionals." You be the judge...



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