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Showing posts with label *UNITED* PRISSY PRICE. Show all posts

Friday, April 29, 2011



“UNITED” is underway with teams building war strategies and the theater seating getting fluffed.  This ground breaking fundraiser got a huge fashion industry nod when the real life in SL “ Fashion Research Institute in New York” founded by Shenlei Flasheart agreed to host the event on Sims that houses her Equestrian Community. Not only will this event have a prestigious location…where else could it be, but it will have some impressive surroundings with this flourishing community. Here is the background on the Locatin Host of “UNITED, The Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show and Competition for Relay for Life. And details about the amazing location for this event.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011




Well everyone the time has come to announce the teams that will bring you the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show and Competition. I’m already proud of every participant. Their willingness to give their time and creative ideas to a unified event is commendable. I am most proud of the efforts and recruiting my management team has done to help me put this amazing event in order. I give a personal “Thank You” to Starlett Nightfire. It has been thru her efforts that we have the Best of the Best models to be our Living Style Cards.  To everyone supporting us, WELL DONE!