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Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Secret Escort that goes above and beyond for her Clients- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

As you all know, Second life is like a never ending Spring Break for many who like to let their hair down and get a little wild and crazy all from the comfort of their favorite gaming chair or worn out couch.  The best part is you get to be a real freak and no one in your real life has to know!

I met up with “Jaylan” who would like to remain anonymous due to her high end escorting career in Second life. She has graced the grid for many years mastering her craft and leaving clients stunned and coming back for more. I was intrigued by her service menu and at first thought it was a joke but turns out she is the real deal that carries herself with grace and absolutely no shame.

Lanai: Hi Jaylan, thank you for meeting with me. I know you have a very tight schedule!

Jaylan:  Hi Lanai, it has been a long time since I’ve seen you. I remember taking a pole dancing lesson with you in my newbie days. Weren’t you the one who got her strappy sandals caught on the pole and it took 4 bouncers to unravel you? You took a hard fall that day, I’m surprised you can even speak or walk.  I always wondered what happened to you.   I’m glad to see all your hard work paid off and you are a reporter now.

Lanai: *blinks*  Remind me to omit the bit about the failed pole dancing endeavor… Don’t judge me! Anyway back to you and your successful career!

Jaylan:  OK, lol. So what would you like to know? I’ll share some valuable secrets but not all!

Lanai: Well, let's begin with how you got started. Maybe it will inspire other struggling escorts in Second life?

Jaylan:  It all began right after taking a pole dancing job at a shabby little hole in the wall which I refuse to name drop for street cred. The owner ended up robbing me for all of my tips by secretly adding an alpha layer over my tip jar. When I confronted him, he canned me and I was struggling to pay my tier. I bumped into an old flame who reminded me just how awesome I was at edging and this certain thing I do that he was unable to find in other girls he dated.  He became my practice partner until his nagging RL wife caught him rubbing one out in the basement and I never saw him again… the rest is history!

Lanai: Well damn, I’m sure that happens a lot. People need to learn how to lock a door and have a knock policy.  So he was your pimp? It's OK, it's totally legal in Second life.

Jaylan:  I guess you can call him that…But just like the culture in SL, we move on fast. Kinda like speed dating on steroids.

Lanai: I agree. So, tell me a little bit about the services you offer. I’m looking at this notecard and it sounds like a joke. Is there really such a thing called the.. *looks closely at the notecard* a… Backwards camel hopscotch, which you charge a whopping 5000L for?

Jaylan:  OMG, that is the best seller right there!  First you have to be very flexible. Not everyone is cut out for it but those that can handle it limp away with a huge smile. I don’t want to describe it because I’m currently working on a patent but, make sure you got lots of lube and a quarter…

Lanai: Yikes, sounds sorta like one of those cheap rides at the county fair…

Jaylan:  I don’t know what kind of fairs you go to but this service definitely gives you your Lindens worth!

Lanai: Ok moving on to The Boogie Man in spandex for 3652L. What can you tell me about that?

Jaylan: Well that one is more of a roleplay/ foreplay service. I personally don’t care for the spandex but you would be amazed how many couples come to me to assist them with it.  It only works with the lights out so a majority of the time, I see nothing, I can just tell they are getting what they paid for by the sounds produced by both parties. 

Lanai: Interesting. It definitely sounds like you're making a killing with these special services! Ok, next on your service menu is Jump slap bootie clap wham bam thank you ma'am for 500L? What’s that about?

Jaylan: Sure am.  This service is exactly what it sounds like. Some people just love abuse. Can’t hate on that. Those requests are usually by men who get dumped and are looking for a quick fix rebound if you know what I mean. 

Lanai: I’m not exactly sure I do but Ok. Next up, Flip flop patty wack give me the bone for a whopping 9005L! 

Jaylan:  OK this one is reserved for my elite clientele. The ones who are most successful in Second life and come from a variety of businesses, mainly sim owners and in the top 5 best brands on the Grid. I take special care to accommodate them during their rare free time. The last client that experienced “the bone” as I like to call it, was so pleased by it that they referred a couple of friends and now they request it regularly! 

Lanai: ahhh, that still doesn't explain anything but I’m sure it will pique some curiosities amongst our readers.

Jaylan: Well, if you refer a friend , just give them the discount code” Bone Lanai” and I will take good care of them. I’m sure you have friends in high places.

Lanai: Absolutely not! Can you give me a more discrete discount code.. Something like GetBoned or something. I don’t think I want my name associated with whatever eyes wide shut campaign you got going on.

Jaylan: lol Ok done. Just remind them to take some extra strength Ibuprofen a half an hour before their service.

Lanai: I don’t even know what to say to that but Ok. We are at the second to last service on this list. What can you tell me about  Bitch slap weasel squeal bareback moooo for 7000L

Jaylan: This service is a tricky one and  it requires 2-3 assistants for a group of 3 or more so the price can vary. I also included a bonus to anyone in the group that doesn’t pass out first within the first 3 minutes. Don’t worry I always have a paramedic on call for any of the services I provide and they sign an NDA.

Lanai: Oh well that sounds pretty ummm…. Safe I guess. Just out of curiosity have you ever been sued?

Jaylan: I can't speak on cases still pending , I’m sorry. But I will say this. Stretching and taking pain killers prior to services is highly recommended.

Lanai: Well at least you take some precautions…. Ok last service on your list… The forrest gump bump bump bam boom for 250L

Jaylan: It’s an additional add on to any of the services. I’m thinking about changing the name since nobody is into Forrest Gump anymore. I was thinking about renaming it the Shocka Deluxe if the name isn’t already patented.

Lanai: Is it fair to say it has something to do with hanging loose?

Jaylan: Exactly, but there is more to it then 2 fingers and a thumb…

Lanai: Well I have to say, this was a very… informative and interesting interview. Thank you for sharing your services and expertise in your unique craft. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers before we go our separate ways?

Jaylan: Actually I do while I have this very public platform. Whoever keeps sending me bags of D*cks, please stop. I have no control of spouses who use my services behind their significant others backs, nor am I responsible for oops pregnancies in group services and accidental fungal STD’s. That guy in New York has never used our services!

Lanai: OK Then…. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I hope you have a very prosperous year and we can meet up again for updates!

Jaylan: I look forward to it. Thank you Lanai!


Jaylan’s Full service Menu Notecard

Thank you for your interest in this ridiculously sexy body of mine and my services. You are correct, you will not find anything in Second Life that would blow your wig back like I do. You came to the right avie.

I've taken the liberty of providing you with the best rates in Second Life for the following:

 Backwards camel hopscotch.................5000L


 The Boogie Man in spandex.....................3652L


  Jump slap bootie clap wham bam thank you maam........500L


 Flip flop patty wack give me the bone............9005L

 Bitch slap weasel squeal bareback moooo..........7000L


 The forrest gump bump bump bam boom....250L


*Maximum Strength Ibuprofen is highly recommended before and after services.




Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tantra Show Club have finally opened!


Tantra Show Club is a LGBTQ friendly adult escort club. We want to create a immersive space where everyone are able to relax, to be sexy, to be naughty, to sip on the finest liquid creations on the grid. For businesses and performers, we provide a large number advertising place for you to rent within your budget.

Monday, June 13, 2022




For many who have experienced Second Life and explored the many sides of the grid, it is no surprise that the adult industry is still very much alive. Unlike the gritty poor taste sex clubs of the past things are evolving in Second Life and becoming more accepted in the mainstream virtual world community. Many of the residents who have experience in virtual adult play have become professional and know the ins and outs of what adventure seekers are really looking for. It’s not about cheap one-night stands anymore, it’s about exploring those fantasies and learning things about themselves that add to their personal happiness and may even enhance their real-world sex lives and relationships. There’s no room for shame when adults want to play and explore, as long as they aren't breaking laws or harming others in the process, so with that said, we would like to introduce you to Master Paimon and Darkhearts Strip & Escorts Club.

Interview with Master Paimon

SLE: Hi Master Paimon, it is a pleasure to meet you and learn more about you and what you do in Second Life.  Can you tell us a little about you, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Master Paimon: Hello! My name is Master Paimon, I am 37 IRL. I've been on Second Life only about a year after hearing about it for almost 10. A few friends had joined and had been encouraging me to as well. I finally broke down and joined, and now I'm hooked lol.

SLE: Well it seems it took you a bit to “come to the dark side” but glad you did. Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game to explore your interests?

Master Paimon: It's funny, I love Second Life because it allows people the freedom to be their true selves without fear of judgments or drama. I've always lived my life that way, and im happy that the platform can give a taste of that to those who simply cannot because of RL work concerns, family issues, etc. For me, I live my life much as I do on SL (Minus some of the cool buildings of course).

I am polyamorous and goth in my real life, and I really don't care what anyone thinks about how I live my life. Its mine. It's short. Live the life you want to both on SL, and hopefully in real life as well.

SLE: Having the ability to be who you are without any judgment is always an alluring factor people have found in Second Life. So tell us, adult entertainment is big business in Second Life. It allows adults to explore their sexual interests in a safe and nonjudgemental way, what inspired you to create Darkhearts and what does your club offer SL residents?

Master Paimon: We came up with the name "Darkhearts" because we wanted it to be a place where people could explore their interests using the principle of S.S.C. (Safe, Sane & Consensual). Is it safe? Well, it's pixels on a screen and a roleplay, so no one gets hurt or emotionally damaged. Is it sane? Yes, it's pretty sane to have desires and to be able to act on them in a way that won't hurt anyone.

Is it consensual? The Darkhearts Dolls are able to consent to things they are willing to roleplay AND decline things that they don't want to. We also have some things our club does NOT allow, such as anything involving a minor even in roleplay. Minors CAN NOT consent, so that's right out. Our tag line is "Whatever your Darkhearts desire".

SLE: Well there are a lot of emotions that can happen and people need to remember that there is a real-life person behind the screen also. There are many adult clubs on the grid. What separates yours from the rest?

Master Paimon: I think our style is one thing. We're a little more like the Suicide Girls than Playboy here at Darkhearts. The other side of it is friendliness. We're not going to barrage you, we're not going to bite unless you ask us to, we're not going to judge you or ban you if you just want to come and party and listen to DJs we host nightly. We want it to be fun, friendly, and open to everyone.

SLE: It is very good to be open and accepting like that, a lot of places need to learn that and adopt that thought process. What type of events do you host and how often?

Master Paimon: We host TONS of parties, we have DJs nightly, and on certain days run DJs 24/7. We do fun costume parties, pool parties, and other fun stuff. We also love playing games in the club with everyone.

SLE: Music all day and night now that is a party we need to go to! Adult clubs can attract griefers, how do you ensure your escorts and strippers are not harassed? What precautions and rules do you have in place to avoid the drama?

Master Paimon: We understand griefers all too well, we all hate them. 24 hours a day there is always someone available that can remove them from the estate, which is different than just the club. Grief in our clubs, and you won't be able to come to any of my other clubs, our rentals, our bowling alley, and the arcade. Nothing. We also our ladies work together with our managers, and should a problem arise, they can help either diffuse the issue or outright ban them.

SLE: I like that all your employees are on the same page and help and assist each other if the need arises. So tell us, are you currently hiring? If so what positions are you offering and how can they apply? What qualifications must they have?

Master Paimon: We are hiring DJs, Hosts, and Escorts. DJs we always do a trial run with to see if they've got what we're looking for. Hosts same thing, we want to see that you are fun and engaging. Escorts, we are VERY selective about who we hire, but it's more personality. An Avi can be fixed, but it's the personality that cant. You've got to be fun and friendly, engaging, and have a sultry seductive side. That goes for voice, lovense, and text escorts.

SLE: Well hopefully you will see an influx after this gets published. When you arent at Darkheart, what other things are you involved in Second Life?

Master Paimon: I DJ at both of my clubs, I enjoy our bowling alley (were about to start a naked bowling league at Kinkiva, lol) I run my rental business. and I hang out in the dungeon with my submissives.

SLE: Naked bowling? Better watch where the bowling ball lands! What group can residents join to learn more about your club events?

Master Paimon: You can teleport to Darkhearts by going to Once there, be sure to join our group Darkhearts- Strip & Escort Club

SLE:  It was a pleasure meeting you. We wish you success with your new club. Is there anything else you would like to share about Darkheart Strip & Escort Club?

Master Paimon: Likewise! I'd just like to invite everyone to come to see for themselves. You don't have to buy a dance to come hang out, we enjoy the conversation, and love making new friends!


Additional Information:


Group: Darkhearts-Strip & Escort Club : secondlife:///app/group/232b3883-3292-f238-5f9d-cf83332bef5a/about

Preferred Contact:Master Paimon (vizierpaimon)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Avie Poll: Sex Sells Now Vs. Then- Becca Drascol Reporting…

As good as the time old adage?

They say sex sells. We use it in advertising, and it's in some form almost everywhere you go.  And in virtual worlds it's no different.  I'm out to explore Second Life and see if sex sells better today in 2015 or if people feel it sold better in SL's beginning days. Being co-owner of a sex/strip club, I know the business and have been a dancer for almost all five of my years in SL. That being said, my experience alone is only a small part of that which intrigues me about how well one of SL's biggest industries works. I'm interested in the differing views I may encounter, so journey with me.

I started out by asking my friend Shae, who is an eight year resident of SL.  With her experience as a dancer and escort in SL, I figured she would be a good person to get an opinion from.

Becca Drascol: Do you think sex sells better now in SL or earlier on?

Shae Bellambi: I think escorting was easier and a whole lot more money earlier.

That was a short and simple reply but an honest one. Next I asked a friend and coworker, Zepron his opinion. He also has experience working in adult clubs in SL.

Becca Drascol: Do you think sex sells better now in SL or earlier on?

Zepron Resident: Earlier on back in 08, 09.

Becca Drascol: Ok one other question; what do you think changed things on how sex sells now vs then?

Zepron Resident: SL was younger then there were more people just finding SL and seen that you could have sex.

I decided to ask Jenwen Walpole owner of Escort Oasis her opinion. Jen is a 7 year old av with a thriving business.

Becca Drascol: Do you think sex sells better now in SL or earlier on?

Jenwen Walpole: I don't think it sells better or worse.  That’s kind of like asking did sex sell better in the 60's or now. What has changed is the nature of what people are looking for. Same as real life I guess.

Last I asked a close friend of mine Brenna Dover her opinion.
Becca Drascol: Do you think sex sells better now in SL or earlier on?

Brenna Dover: Well honestly I think sex sold better earlier on than now because people were newer to SL and just here for one thing mostly... whereas now a lot of people are actually looking for real relationships and paying for sex isn’t all that needed.  I’ve never paid for it.
Point of view or Mindset?
Rather you view the question of how sex "sells" as the literal meaning of the exchange of money for some form of sexual service, or as a concept of media images or even a sexy avatar as something that draws us in; the answer I was seeking was simply people's idea on what sells and if sex sells better now or if it did in the past. Sex and being sexual is raw human nature and therefore it's this writer's opinion that sex does still sell.

When asked, "Do you think sex sells better now in SL or earlier on?" combining the idea of sex sells and second life, of course sent minds directly to the idea surrounding the literal meaning, an exchange of sex for money i.e. escorting or dancing. However, this too answers a bigger idea behind this article. Just combining the words sex and sells puts an image to mind that I refer to selling sex. But as noted above, sex selling can be in the smallest of terms.

 It can be an alluring avatar that draws your attention to stay at one venue or it could be hot pictures of art or otherwise that captivated you to stay put where you are and take the time to give traffic to a venue.  Therefore the old adage sex sells indeed sold you on giving your time to a venue, now didn't it? 

 The whole idea is one intriguing and as old as time. So yes, sex still sells perhaps, not as well as it once may have in Second Life or in other virtual worlds. What catches the eye keeps you intrigued or entertains to the point that you are at least sold on an idea; image or service is what makes sex continue to sell.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Make Money in Second Life(c) – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

Just like in real life – there is a mulititude of different  jobs available in SL.

 In this feature we take a close look at popular job positions, which are the best paying, including taking a look at some freebie options on how to raise funds.