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Showing posts with label Angelina Lerintzo. Show all posts

Friday, October 12, 2012

Levity Magazine Celebrates its 1st Anniversary : October 2012 Volume 12

This issue features a horoscopes spread for October, including some fashion favorites, articles and entertainment ads. You will also find a note from the the publisher and Editor in Chief.  

Congrats on your milesstone Levity!

Check out the latest issue here:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

LEVITY Magazine publishes its June 2012 issue!

Check out the fantastic June issue of LEVITY Magazine!
Featuring cover story "Beautiful Deluxe" Make ups for avatars
The Nobrix b-day party
Club Equilibrium
Gray Halostar's erotic series
and The My World Domination contest where you can win 2,000L by participating (page 72)

For more infos, contact LEVITY publisher Angelina Lerintzo or her editor in chief Cali Karsin!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Levity Magazine May 2012 issue is out!

Besides the great cover story of Flying Tigers and much more,also find our SL Enquirer ad in Levity Magazine this month!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Levity Magazine cross promotes with The SLenquirer!

Over the weekend, Angelina Lerintzo , founder of Levity came to an agreement with The SLenquirer to cross promote! Look for our ad of the SLenquirer in future issues of Levity.
Levity Magazine debuted September of last year and has been releasing their monthly issue since then.
Their Levity Magazine Volume 7 March 2012 features the cover story top ten bloggers of SL telling their stories:

Frolic Mills
Crap Mariner
Bryn Oh
Nalates Urriah
Jessica Lyon
JayJay Zifanwe
Chestnut Rau
Hamlet Au
myvegancookbook Bollisima
Lowell Cremorne

And Nobrix city article (also a SLenquirer client) and Future City article,plus much much more!
See the magazine below, happy reading!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Levity publishes their December/Xmas issue!

Hello SLE readers, Carmichael Caudron here, I am a press member for both SLE and Press Pass. Wanted to make my first news here about Levity Magazine, an upcoming brand and post their 4th issue,the Christmas/December release they published a week ago.
Read about fashion,relationship advice,another chapter of Gray Halostar's erotic novel series exclusively for Levity Magazine, your Zodiac and so much more such as the cool cover story of Chalice Piers, owner and designer of fashion store GraffittiWear! Check it out!