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Showing posts with label Antonio Galloway. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Antonio Galloway..A little bit of the Italian in SL -MarriellaAnna Resident Reporting...


When asked to think of something decidedly Italian, one might be tempted to answer ‘Pizza’ or pasta or even the Catholic Church.

 If asked to reel off the most Italian things ‘I’ can think of the first thing would be a plate of meatballs..the second would be Antonio Galloway,  perhaps because they are not entirely dissimilar  for they are both hearty,  heartwarming and throroughly satisfying  to the senses.  Antonio might be an American, but the heart of an Italian beats firmly in his breast. It is that dolce vita attitude, that love of life that comes through with each of his performances, the infectious laugh in the gaps between songs and the telling of a story from his childhood.,  you just KNOW he’s having a good time behind the mic. You just know that here is Pavarotti singing Show tunes.