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Showing posts with label Benski Korhonen. Show all posts

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spotlight on Benski Korhonen, Producer of the Upcoming SL/RL TV Variety Program; The Benski Show- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Benski Korhonen is a multi talented virtual world resident that rezzed on the scene in early February 2007. Benski likes to look at it as “reverse virtual reality”. He controls his First Life "Character", making him go see all kinds of First Life bands (he also play keyboards in one), art exhibits, plays, and working various jobs to pay for his First Life house and expenses.  He has a First Life virtual dog named Vinny, and flirts with other First Life Characters.  It's all very "meta," and not at all auto-biographical.

 He brings his acting, singing, piano and Ukulele skills to Second Life along with a new venture that includes a RL/SL Variety show; The Benski Show coming soon!  His talent doesn’t end there, Benski also writes and records jingles for First Life companies to "help make ends meet". He and his RL crew already have a fantastic bunch of bands to bring to you, including Wake Up Joel, Glass Affection, Michael Wasmund, Treasure Mammal, Fading Point, We Are Nemesis, RubixxQube, Something Colossus (formerly known as The Foleys), Former Friends of Young Americans, Sound Potion, ScaTTer Gather, Sun Bones, and an experimental improv trio that Benski plays in called MWC.  
Before we get into the details of his newest venture, I thought it would be fitting to shine a spotlight on Benski and learn a little bit more about him and his perspective of the virtual world.

Interview with Benski Korhonen