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Showing posts with label Brielle Coronet. Show all posts

Friday, July 12, 2013

Celtic Connection Production: music with identity - Glossom Resident Reporting…

Not long ago we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day, jiggling and reeling in an Irish style to the sound of traditional Irish music.

But while outsiders listen to it as exotic and captivating music by the traditional instruments used and the “magic” sounds produced by those instruments, Celtic music transcribes many valuable stories that resume the cultural identity and heritage of the Celtic nations: souls abundant of emotions.

Geographically bordered, this music genre, covering a spectrum from pure acoustic folk to folk rock, etc, becomes global in this great little virtual world, bringing communities together to celebrate whatever occasion to the rhythm of the distinctive sound of bagpipes and the vigorous drumming. Better than an energy drink, it will make you dance until you fall off your couch.

To better understand what Celtic music and Connection Production is we have talked with the owners, Brielle Coronet and Rik Xaris, here as CCP, who also own Club Catalyst.