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Showing posts with label Club Foxy. Show all posts

Thursday, December 3, 2015

SinFinity; A Club that Sounds Like It Needs To Be Iconic

The name SinFinity and the curiousness about it is something everyone needs to experience, as well as the sim it inhabits.
 There are double clubs; Right across from club Sinfinity is Club Foxy, and a big mall right beside it. There are so many roads that you can't count on which way you will be going next. It is an adventure. 

Club Sinfinity has mini-malls in the back, a pool to the right, a bar and giant TV for anyone to watch.  This is a new and upcoming hangout spot. For those into combat, we offer the grim combat system setup for pvp (optional).

 This is something  never seen before, while listening to music, or riding your bike on the roads, you can do PVP. YES, PVP! Imagine running thru the malls and being able to have a match with your friends.  This place needs to be put on the map and  visited, both clubs welcome all, nobody is excluded. 

If you cant find something there just give it time, We are still expanding!