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Showing posts with label combat. Show all posts

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Karnage....The War Starts Here....


Karnage - Here is a new and upcoming grid-wide supernatural hud-based combat system. Pick a supernatural species like a Lycan, vampire, demon, or angel. (Many more species to come) Then decide to either join a clan or start one of your own. Work on building up a powerful empire. Many possibilities. The War Starts Here.... Let the Karnage begin. Website:


Saturday, July 11, 2020

The (R)esistance GRAND OPENING! Monday, June 13, Starting @ 1 pm SLT

Can you survive the Apocalypse?

A small group of survivors have banned together and created a safe zone in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The compound is swarmed with flesh eating monsters! It's been almost a year since the outbreak started. We have managed to become almost self reliant but we need more people, supplies, weapons and ammo to survive!

Our sim is based off the Grim Combat System (GCS). Come and roleplay, or just hang out, play games, listen to music, do some quests, earn some coins, prizes & xp, and of course... KILL SOME ZOMBIES!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Welcome to The Walking Dead RPG and resident living Sim.

Thank you for taking interest in our Walking Dead themed sim. We try to keep to the Walking Dead and what fans would expect. We feature communities and characters from both the TV show and the comic. Each featured community had its own personal touch, with each being able to be recognized. The communities that we offer are as followed. Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom, Sanctuary, and Whisperer's. Each community is choice selected based on your own interest. We accept both comic and show based character as well as  custom characters.

Walking Dead cast members 

If you are not familiar with much of The Walking Dead, that is fine. Almost all of our staff is up today and well educated with the TV show and the comics. We do not do spoilers here, and we do not copy from the TV show nor the comic, but might take certain aspects from either or. 

From time to time we do major role-plays on the sim that go in hand with our current storyline, often times those major role-plays are a player vs player type role-play where selected members will be killed. We understand everyone spends a lot of time on their characters, so your death here will only be for 24 hours. 
Walking dead scene

We do run the grim combat system as a form of combat to go with the walker aspect of the show and or comics. We offer a number of interactive quests that also run on the grim combat system. Combat is not something you have to take part in, in order to role-play here. We do have a few who are more role-play then combat. 

We offer a wide range of resident living for role-players on the sim, as well as lodging. We also have our very own talking dead studio. Here at The Walking Dead sim we are like family, we do not judge, and we do not accept drama, unless role-play calls for it of course. We welcome everyone and anyone to take in the experiences we personally create here for our role-players and fans. 

Dare to leave the fenced community

This was a vision, and it has blossomed. This has and always was our gift to give something to the fans, something they can not only enjoy, but also take part in, and tour our number of replicated locations. Please do enjoy your visit at The Walking Dead Sim, and if you have any questions feel free to message anyone of our staff on sim.

Visit The Walking Dead and be part of the action!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

SinFinity; A Club that Sounds Like It Needs To Be Iconic

The name SinFinity and the curiousness about it is something everyone needs to experience, as well as the sim it inhabits.
 There are double clubs; Right across from club Sinfinity is Club Foxy, and a big mall right beside it. There are so many roads that you can't count on which way you will be going next. It is an adventure. 

Club Sinfinity has mini-malls in the back, a pool to the right, a bar and giant TV for anyone to watch.  This is a new and upcoming hangout spot. For those into combat, we offer the grim combat system setup for pvp (optional).

 This is something  never seen before, while listening to music, or riding your bike on the roads, you can do PVP. YES, PVP! Imagine running thru the malls and being able to have a match with your friends.  This place needs to be put on the map and  visited, both clubs welcome all, nobody is excluded. 

If you cant find something there just give it time, We are still expanding!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Explore Adventure and Fantasy at The Drow Realm of Luth

The Drow Realm of Luth is a great city built deep underground. If you're a fan of dark roleplay, visit Luth and feast your eyes on a great underdark city. 

 Lloth's City at Luth underdark is a  dark  fantasy role play sim. Experience combat role play, SpellFire, Medieval Fantasy, archery and swords . There are Tournaments in the Arena as well as dungeons and dragons.

It is important to note it is NOT BDSM, bondage or sex sim. Nudity is not allowed in public unless it is in the context of a role play scenario or special event.  We ask that you dress in appropriate medieval/fantasy attire and wear your Unity combat meter and or OOC Tag (obtained at landing point and from the welcome kit)

Let the role play begin!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take Part in Combat; Show Your Brutal Side- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Real life is rarely on the verge of mortal combat. Even when war takes place, most just watch it on television. No one joins the army. This leaves a void in many. The desire for all-out fights never gets fulfilled. The monotony of life takes over us and the pent-up aggression begins to show up as defects in our personalities. This may explain some weird behavior in real life.
But thanks to Second Life, we have a few places where we can release our pent-up emotions. These places let you indulge in your brutal fantasies at no cost to real life.

Here is a list:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Role Playing in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

According to Wikipedia, (2014) Role playing is refers to as “taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice” 

We have all sometime in our lives, role played, beginning in childhood when our imagination was running wild. For example, boys pretending to be superheroes by jumping off of household furniture and being yelled at by mothers saying, “this is not a playground!” Little girls may have role played being a princess or even acted out scenarios using Barbies with friends. Role play has evolved significantly from those times with the rapid expansion of technology and more adults are participating in creative ways.

Role play in Second Life has a large community. From vampires, fairies, lycans and furries characters to ancient, medieval and combat sims where RP residents can actually play whatever role they would like with their friends from real world history, popular video game, movie or computer game story lines.

If you have always wanted to RP but do not know where to go, here is a list of locations in Second Life to explore. Keep in mind that there are many different genres of role play out there that can be found using the Second Life search engine.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Protect yourself in Second Life with ☢ EXCLUSIVE WEAPONS ☢ Owned and Operated by Roby Tandino –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 Second Life is full of adventures and all sorts of things to do, but sometimes you need to sift through your inventory of gadgets and bust out some weaponry to handle your business and protect yourself from griefers, zombies or those e-gangsters and their goons on the combat role play sims.

It’s a vicious job with lots of bloodshed but someone needs to rack up on the body count and keep things in check. What happens if you don’t have weapons to protect yourself? You better run and teleport to Exclusive Weapons!

Let us point you in the right direction where you will find weapons, shields, magic spell casters and protection tools to help you feel safe and secure in areas you are not familiar with. There are even monitoring tools to protect your business too.

Recently I met Roby Tandino, the proprietor of Exclusive Weapons. This store is  one of the longest running Weapons distributors in Second Life boasting 6 years of providing protection to the community. Their best clients are informed clients and The SL Enquirer is here to help spread the word.