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Showing posts with label Cobra's MC. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Cobras are looking for a Few good Bikers

Cobras MC is looking for mature minded people that love to make friends, enjoy events, explore the grid, go motorcycle riding and become part of a great family. No hotheads or drama Queens/Kings need apply.

To visit the Cobras you must have payment on file and use voice. After all, a bunch of bikers just do not like to type.

The Cobra MC World does not role-play a Biker 1% Gang, they are a neutral riding club, out on the road with friends and family. We live on adult sims and have adult conversations. Our main sim does NOT allow child avatars. Child avatars are allowed on our sister sim with tracks, Heartfelt Ridge.

We would be happy to teach you the basics of riding a motorcycle in SL, if you do not already do so.

The Cobra MC World is located on 4 Private sims. Our main sim, The Pins contains our clubhouse, tracks, shops, and our rally areas. Heartfelt Ridge is a connected by Bridge sim that holds 17 tracks shops and breedables.  We also have 2 sims that are used for private residences.

Many events and rides are held often. Watch the Pit event boards or add our support group for ride out and event information.
Tues ~ Friday we ride both at noon and at 6pm..  We also ride on Sat & Sun at noon.  Friday evening rides are Clothing Optional followed by a bon fire.  Sunday Noon rides are absolutely crazy. We have ridden balloons, cooties, hamster balls, demolition cars, ghosts, alligators and more! What a ride.
Tues evenings we follow our ride with a Party at our "PIT", our MC Clubhouse.  We also Party at the PIt on Thurs, and Friday mornings at 8 am slt. All pit parties have great DJs willing to find your special tunes for you.
Saturday Nights are special at 6PM slt there is a concert, themed event, or special event of some type, always something fun.

 Come by and see what the Cobras are like. Enjoy our events and ride with us. Maybe we will blend well, maybe not. Hope to see you there.

For more information, a tour, or to join our support group for events and rides, contact: Mightbe Shelter, saralecia, sativastaryk or stormrunner1 in world.