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Showing posts with label DevWorks OSI. Show all posts

Sunday, October 15, 2017

DevWorks OSI is an Open-Source and Proprietary Scripting Company that is based on an Open Source Initiative Model.

Although we do have a Return on Investment (RoI) to meet, we meet the OSI demands by:

1: Providing Free Full Mod Scripts with in depth usage instructions

2: Provide in house lessons on Basic LSL, PHP and MySQL Scripting

3: Support the OSI by giving back to the community via various channels, groups and our in house academy.

DevWorks does not rely on 3rd Party initiatives or Companies for Development, Transaction processing, Delivery or Redelivery as we code and design our own to meet our own needs. 

The ROI is met by way of sales, donations and custom work for various customers.

We provide custom work and design in the area's of LSL, PHP, MySQL, Linux Servers and Web Design.

The Owner and CEO of DevWorks is a member of the Builders Brewery and lends his area of expertise to any students of the Builder Brewery who wish to pursue that type of scripting.

The Devworks or [DW] Academy is an Education System bases on LSL, PHP and MySQL with various instructors from various backgrounds. Classes are generally free.