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Showing posts with label scripting. Show all posts

Friday, March 18, 2022

Stacey Visits The MCX Sim

MCX is an interactive hud-based gaming sim on Second Life. The game is based on a player building a reputation (with the accompanying street credibility) via the completion of certain tasks commonly associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs. MCX is a very ambitious and joyous mixture of the better points of both Grand Theft Auto and the Sons Of Anarchy

I don't really know much about motorcycle clubs, which is a nice way of saying, gangs. I drive a Volvo, drop the kids off at field hockey, that kind of stuff. "Playing SL" is pretty much as "wild" as I get these days. I haven't killed someone in like five, six years, easy.

Motorcycles are like sailing, in that I don't understand the basic A to B mechanics of it. I have no idea how one sails against the wind, and I have no idea how something that would tip over without a kickstand (or two biker legs) supporting it can suddenly be balanced simply by going 85 mph on it. I also have that European thing going on, even when I am an animated avatar, where I look less like Jax and more like Rommel when I wear black leather. It's an unintentional and unavoidable faux pas, and while bikers most likely don't give a damn about hurting someone's feelings, they probably prefer to do so on purpose. Guys who take a lot of shit, even tough guys, kind of like to know when it's coming.

All you need to do is show up at MCX, get your free hud and start your crime spree! Your hud has all the buttons you need to start an import/export career in Little Pharma and is also a good way to get to your different weapons quickly. It has a scanner, so you can locate both friend and foe. You can use it to launch missions, recover from missions, recruit people for future missions... all that good stuff.

If you have some familiarity with the GTA modus operandi, as well as a knowledge of motorcycle clubs greater than Easy Rider but not as complex as Sons Of Anarchy... you're good to go. You can even ride around like The Searcher and just crash into things. I kind of wanted to do that Kobe Bryant thing where I flip (I was a cheerleader for a while, and I flip really well) over a speeding, approaching motorcycle, but I was afraid to ask a biker to try to run me over. There might be a dozen mouthy journalists buried in the hills behind the MCX mall.

MCX has a motorcycle mall where a beginner or an expert can get themselves astride a chopper. They seem to have about 40-100 different kinds of motorcycles. You can make a day out of just going through these bikes. They have ad boards where you can get a notecard with detailed specifications, and I'd recommend going through those specifications well. It's like buying a dog, in that you want to match the right dog with the right owner and the right bike with the right biker. The main difference is that bikers won't beat you up if you have a border collie instead of a schnauzer, but they will beat you up if you show up on a moped or something similarly wimpy/corny. I didn't see any Rice Burners at the mall, but I didn't look that hard, either.

They don't have any pretty pastel pink motorcycles for yuppie girls. Biker girls tend to be as tough as the guys are, and they ride big black choppers just like the guys do. I'd imagine that you'd get a chain-whipping if you showed up at a serious, drug-smuggling MC on a lavender bike with little butterfly stickers on it. Motorcycle people are fun, love to party, get along like brothers... but the behavioral line between what gets an outsider a mean look or an aggravated assault from bikers are often indistinguishable.

Kicking ass is an important part of being a biker, and not everyone is cut out for it. To quote Hell's Angels author Hunter Thompson, “There is an important difference between the words 'loser' and 'outlaw.' One is passive and the other is active, and the main reason the Hell's Angels are such good copy is that they are acting out the daydreams of millions of losers who don't wear any defiant insignia and who don't know how to be outlaws. The streets of every city are thronged with men who would pay all the money they could get their hands on to be transformed-even for a day-into hairy, hard-fisted brutes who walk over cops, extort free drinks from terrified bartenders, and thunder out of town on big motorcycles after raping the banker's daughter."

I didn't find the gun-selling part of the sim, but much firepower is available on the MCX website. You could keep the Russians out of Kyiv with the arsenal I saw advertised there. I'm pretty sure they have that gun Tony Montana was shooting at the end of Scarface. You'll be a well-respected man about town if you shop here enough. I spent a month's pay there. I bought seven Mack-11s, about eight .38s, nine TEC-9s, ten Mack 10s, the list never ends. U Can't Touch my riches, even if you had MC Hammer and those .357 witches.

Collecting bounties is a facet of this game not seen on many SL activities. At the moment, the game is new, and doesn't offer enough bounties for a woman to retire from, say, her SL Enquirer sportswriter job and start killing bikers for a living. However, if MCX gets popular- and I have every reason to think that it will- that may change. In case you've never looked into having someone killed on SL, killing a chump-type biker is worth 90 Ls. I'd imagine that killing off someone like Vito Corleone might cost a bit more. I already have a few SL jobs, but it's nice to know that, should it ever come to it, I can make an Eastwood-type living killing people with bounties on them. My money will have blood on it, but all money has blood on it. Sure, it's murder, but they're probably real jerks anyhow, and they had it coming. We've all got it coming, I suppose.

You can see who has a Bounty on them by checking the Stats page on the MCX website. They also keep score somehow, and you can see where both individuals and clubs stack up once the blood starts spilling. This, I'd gather, is the manifestation of your Respect score, which is like currency in the gang world. If your MC isn't listed in these rankings... well, you might as well ride a BMX or something. 

They also have Beacons, which lead to other motorcycle / MCX friendly sims. This is important, as biker shootouts work better at biker sims than they do at the Maitreya main store or the Newbie hub. I'd assume that one would use the Beacon to get to the sim, then use the Hud to find and eliminate your enemies- who almost always need finding and eliminating. MCX has you covered pretty much from start to finish there.

There are two kinds of video games, and if you're looking to run Super Mario and hit coins with your head, God bless you. I'd rather introduce crack cocaine into a formerly bucolic suburban community. If you're cut from that same cloth, MCX is for you. Set in a moral vacuum, it's drug-dealing, snitch-killing fun for the whole family! If your family is the Gambino family, perhaps... 

Visit for more information!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Spotlight on SIngh Automotive - SLE Reporting

With all the teleporting going on in Second Life, it’s rare to see avatars behind the wheel. You usually find cars on race tracks or in family roleplay communities. With all the roads to travel wouldn't it be nice to take one of your favorite cars for a spin, hit the track, or roll up and impress your friends or that avatar you’ve had your eye on? 

Singh Automotive of Second is RP and family-friendly. Ramesh SIngh is the creator and has been in business since 2019 and continues to create great quality cars at fair prices. The vehicles are geared for city driving, whether it be on the mainland, a private region, or a community sim.  Vehicles can be modified so you can add your own items and plate textures. Custom work is also available for roleplay and family needs. 

There are over 120 Models available from older classics to newer cars, motorcycles, and Trucks too! Live customer service is also available. With support like that, you will be dropping some lindens on a luxury car experience and living your best SLife! 

The SL Enquirer caught up with Ramesh to learn more about SIngh Automotive and what he has to offer car enthusiasts across the grid.

Interview with Ramesh SIngh 

SLE: Ramesh it is a pleasure to meet you.  I must say, the work you put into your vehicles shows great attention to detail. What inspired you to get into the auto industry in Second Life?

Ramesh:  Well growing up I always had an affinity for cars, and I always loved the thought of having my own brand.

SLE: Do you personally create all your vehicles? 

Ramesh:  I have some help, my SL family helps me tune things.  The shells are pre-made and acquired and we add our scripts and flair to them.  

SLE: It is great to have family and friends around to help you test your products. Tell our readers what kind of customizations do you do?   

Ramesh:  In the past, we have added trailers, lightbars, made an emergency services vehicle. There are a lot of options.

SLE: Your customers have to like the optional customizations. What is your price range from standard to all souped-up rides?

Ramesh: I try to keep the prices low and fair. 500 to 1500, with most being right in the middle.

SLE: That is very affordable, so many times you find something with the quality you produce to be priced a lot higher. I am sure you pass the savings to your customers brings in a lot more business. What type of vehicles is on your showroom floor? 

Ramesh:  The main lot has a lot on display, from family cars to sports cars.  There are demo rezzers to test everything.

SLE: Demo rezzers are great. They allow residents to try before they buy. How realistic are your vehicles? Such as standard and automatic, working blinkers, wipers, and other features? 

Ramesh:  We try to make them as realistic as possible, blinkers are easy, any vehicle can be auto or manual.  Wipers are something we are adding.

SLE: Do you offer any features to your vehicles that other vehicle designers do not offer?

Ramesh:  At the moment we pride ourselves on being customer service oriented, however, we are in the process of working on a luxury brand with some exclusive features.

SLE: Your work is fantastic. You also sell motorcycles at your location. Is that part of SIngh Automotive?

Ramesh:  Right now we are an authorized reseller of Motodesign bikes, a lovely creator in SL.

SLE: I've driven many vehicles and motorcycles in Second Life from freebie scooters, motorcycles, and sports cars but I always seem to fly off the road and land at the bottom of the ocean. Control seems to be the biggest issue. How can avatars drive the cars you create? Is their a hud? If so, how do you use it?

Ramesh:  We do have a HUD however I don't prefer it.  The best way to avoid losing control is to make sure your vehicle is modifiable and change the settings to what is comfy.  It can depend on where you are, the lag, the type of region, computer quality. We do offer to help find that optimum setting for you, whether you want to Roleplay it out as a service call or just fine-tune it together

SLE: Great advice! Thank you. It is a nice service you offer to help the customer find the best settings for them to get the most out of their vehicle. Do you offer driving lessons for those of us who can’t seem to drive without the risk of being pulled over and given a sobriety test?

Ramesh: chuckles:  Actually the family RP sim I currently live in, I actually run a driving school.  So Cedar Creek would be where to come for those free lessons.

SLE: Might have to sign Orion up for a course, he drives his motorcycle into the garage a lot. So, can you tell our readers are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available?  

Ramesh:  We are always looking for RP mechanics for our lots in Family communities, those don't pay lindens tho.  Otherwise, we are looking for a marketing manager.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ramesh:  Just that this endeavor is designed to be fun, and I enjoy meeting new people and talking cars.  I hope if anyone enjoys that as well they would reach out.

Additional Information:


Group:  secondlife:///app/group/b042196e-8d67-e60e-b2d0-53c0a5671c60/about



Preferred Contact:


Sunday, October 15, 2017

DevWorks OSI is an Open-Source and Proprietary Scripting Company that is based on an Open Source Initiative Model.

Although we do have a Return on Investment (RoI) to meet, we meet the OSI demands by:

1: Providing Free Full Mod Scripts with in depth usage instructions

2: Provide in house lessons on Basic LSL, PHP and MySQL Scripting

3: Support the OSI by giving back to the community via various channels, groups and our in house academy.

DevWorks does not rely on 3rd Party initiatives or Companies for Development, Transaction processing, Delivery or Redelivery as we code and design our own to meet our own needs. 

The ROI is met by way of sales, donations and custom work for various customers.

We provide custom work and design in the area's of LSL, PHP, MySQL, Linux Servers and Web Design.

The Owner and CEO of DevWorks is a member of the Builders Brewery and lends his area of expertise to any students of the Builder Brewery who wish to pursue that type of scripting.

The Devworks or [DW] Academy is an Education System bases on LSL, PHP and MySQL with various instructors from various backgrounds. Classes are generally free.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Want to Learn how to Build or Brush up on your Skills in Second Life? Visit the Builder’s Brewery

The Builders Brewery was voted favorite Group & School in Second Life.  It is owned and operated by Sen Maximus (sensuous.maximus) and Supremius Maximus and together they have created a great resource for helping SL residents perfect their building skills.

There are 16 “Brewmasters” aka Teachers and three classroom settings. Each Brewmaster shares their expertise and  worsk closely with students by offer an assortment of classes including beginning Fundamentals, getting started with blender, scripting, mesh studio basics, photography using wind light settings, working with textures, alpha layers and more.
BB also offers a sandbox and terraforming playground where you can learn by doing.  If you don’t have a place to call home, the Builder’s Brewery welcomes you to set your home here while you learn.

Check out the Class Schedule here:

Join the Builder’s Brewery Group for perks like access to sandbox and private dressing rooms

Group: Builder’s Brewery


Friday, June 7, 2013

What The Hell is LSL?- Linden Scripting Language- MysticScottie Reporting…

LSL - Linden Scripting Language, that thing we all know exists but have no idea how it works.
To make the long story short, LSL is the life of the objects in Second Life. And I, MysticScottie will try my god damn hardest to help all you lay-mans understand LSL.

Step 1 - Get a strong shot of coffee, or whatever you use to get your mind active...