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Showing posts with label Distant Thunder Rock Club. Show all posts

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Distant Thunder Fashion Academy Showcasing Styles For Every Occasion- Fashion Show Coming September 30th 6-8pm SLT!


Got a fashion itch that's just waiting to be scratched? Well not anymore! Distant Thunder Fashion Academy proudly presenting it's fifth fashion show Wednesday, September 30th.  Our models will strut the runway with grace, turn with flair and pose with attitude in featured designs by Lo's Inspiration and French Vintage Couture. The show will run from 6pm to 8pm SLT. Come join us for a night of fun and fashion, Where we will be sure to dazzle and inspire your inner fashion diva to life!

Any creators wanting to participate in one of our fashion shows can contact:

Kimmy Maldor (Kimmy Underwood) Owner
Fiona Whelan (Fionawhelan68 Resident) Marketing & Promotions 

There is no cost to participate, just the donation of outfits of your choosing. Promotions are done via many outlets both inworld and on social media.  There is space available for sponsors to put out vendors in the Distant Thunder Rock club as well as the Fashion Academy venue, if the sponsor desires.

Monday, June 1, 2015

THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE AIR: Spotlight Feature on Distant Thunders Rock Club- Mackenzie Abbot Reporting

I have to admit, I had never heard of Distant Thunders before in all my 3 years on Second Life. 
I also have to admit I’m not a rock music kind of guy, but I put aside my preconceptions and headed over to gain an insight into what goes on over there.  I found a warm and friendly place where people actually speak to you when you enter for the first time.  I was made to feel welcome from the second I walked in, and that matters to someone who has been to places where you’re just another cash cow for the club.
So I was intrigued to get the assignment of writing the Spotlight feature for the SLE.  At the anointed time, I was whisked over to the board room and was greeted by a variety of people, including the owners, Joy and Kimmy Maldor.

Mackenzie Abbot: Why did you decide to set up Distant Thunders? Aren't there enough clubs in SL already?

Joy: I never had plans to open a club but I was trying to get a club to my sim when I heard they had changed the sim. And when I spoke to the owner of that club, the response was not very good, so I decided to open one of my own.

M: Was it difficult in the early days, setting up a club?

Joy: It’s easy to open a club, anybody can, but holding on to it is very difficult, 24/7 makes it worse, so yes having a club in SL is a very difficult indeed.

M: And how long have you been open?

J: 1 year

M: Is it disheartening during those quiet times, when a DJ and Host/ess are playing to an empty (or nearly empty) club?

J: We do sponsored events, sometimes just contests to attract VIP’s, but many times it’s what it is, next set improves.
K: We also have really good host/hostess that are good at drawing VIPs in when things become slow.
J: Yes I agree. 

M: So what is the unique selling point of Distant Thunders?

J: We value our VIP’s and give personal attention.  Good music, friendly place, fun hangout.
Fiona Whelan: I would also say the different options you have available to them
K: And a lot of other fun things to do while they're here
J: For example, the other attractions at the club include a bowling alley, white water rafting, jet ski-ing, hang gliding, fan boats, sail boarding, ATV riding, paintballing, biker ball, the DT Mansion, weekly sponsored events, firing range, balloon rides and sky diving.  There is something for everyone.

S: and our DJs don’t just play music, they interact and make the VIP’s part of the set.
K: It's about the experience they can have here. It’s a great place to hang out with friends.

M: And is that a bike track I saw out there?
J: This is a Rock and Ride club, so anybody who likes to ride, we have a great track for you to use.

(I laughed)
M: I took the Editor of the SL Enquirer out on my bike and nearly killed her.  I hope you have insurance

J: failure is the stepping stone of success; you will ride well next time :)

M: I appreciate the faith you have in me, but I fear it may be misplaced.  Anyway, if you had to sell Distant Thunders in 3 words, what would they be?

J: Rock Ride & Play

M: That's probably the best answer to that question I’ve ever seen.  Ok last question, what's next for Distant Thunders? Where do you see the club this time next year?

J: Well we have some new services in progress, including Distant Thunder Wedding Venue with end to end wedding service, Distant Thunder DJ/Host School, Distant Thunder Fashion Academy, Distant Thunder Studio and the Distant Thunder Monthly Magazine.
K: Still here, and more popular and better than ever!

M: As a fashion designer myself, I’m intrigued about the Fashion Academy.  What’s that?

J: Distant Thunder Fashion Academy is about helping creators in the fashion community showcase their products. We also have a school for training those who wish to learn the methods and tools it takes to excel in the modelling field. We host a fashion show at the end of every month on the Distant Thunder sim too.

At this point, I concluded the interview and was about to thank everyone for their time when Joy stopped me

J: I would like to take this opportunity, if I may, to thank the DT staff for their hard work every single day. I would also like to thank the management staff for their commitment and hard work, as well as all the people who stood by me for building Distant Thunder.

M: I'm sure each and every single one of them appreciates that sentiment

K: We have the greatest staff you could ever find in Second Life.

Leaving the boardroom and crossing the dance floor, I get an overwhelming sense that Joy and Kimmy take an immense amount of pride in their business and staff.  Not once did the subject of making money come up.  In fact, they seem to be ploughing what money they do make, back into making the club bigger and a more fun place to be.  This reporter finds no fault with that.  Too many clubs in Second Life seem hell-bent on making as much money as they can at the expense of services or staff well being.  Maybe there’s something in that for all of us to consider.
 It is refreshing to see that Distant Thunder stands out and truly appreciates their staff and visitors as well as shows where their priorities are for making it a fun place to be.

Additional Information:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Distant Thunders Fashion Academy Fashion Show -May 30th 2 till 4 pm SLT

     Join us May 30th at 2 til 4 pm SLT as Distant Thunders Fashion Academy puts on another great show at Distant Thunders Rock Club.
 This month our models will be featuring outfits created by Biker Braatz and Bastards, Latex Station, Luas Store and Tazz Creations.  We have outfits for everyone's taste and style.
  Come see this great show as we have a Fashion Rock Party with Great tunes, sexy models and great Fashion creations.  There are vendors out now for you to get some great fashions to add to your wardrobe.

  Distant Thunder Fashion Academy is about helping creators in the fashion community showcase their products. We also have a school for training those that wish to learn the methods and tools it takes to excel in the modeling field. We host a fashion show at the end of every month on the Distant Thunder sim.

 Kimmy Maldor (Kimmy Underwood) Owner
 Scorpion Swansen  Events and PR Promotions Manager
 Fiona Whelan (Fionawhelan68 Resident) Marketing & Promotions
Be sure to check out our FaceBook Page

Facebook Page

Saturday, May 23, 2015


    Join us May 30th and May 31st at Distant Thunder Rock Club as we bring you 48 hours of Live acts and tribute bands. This will be a do not want to miss event for those that love music. We have great live acts lined up featuring the likes of Maximillion Klene, Colliin Martian, Kebba Tammas, Parker Static, Red Heaven, Wolfie Moonshadow, Amforte Clarity, Chip Takacs, Leon Fang, Diane, Dan, and Rocky Toocool.  We also have some of the Best Tribute Bands SL has to offer featuring some of the greatest bands around. Check out these concerts we have planned. Bon Jovi, Volbeat. Black Sabbath. Rolling Stones, ACDC, Shinedown, Guns N Roses.

 Now if that’s not a great concert lineup we also be having the likes of Nickleback The Cover Girls, Ted Nugent, Rod Stewart, Avenged Sevenfold, The Beatles and Queen. So as you see this is one great weekend not to miss!

Distant Thunder Rock Club:

Music Fest Schedule
May 30th

5AM  PARKER STATIC -  LIVE SINGER                                       
** Parker Static calls the Music City her home and started singing at a very early age.  Being from a musical family, her passion for singing was inevitable. With a sultry sound, she is not limited to one genre... Her eclectic stylings include Ballads, Pop, Jazz, Country, R and B, Soft Rock and more. She's fun and vivacious and her shows have something for everyone!

11AM MAXIMILLION KLEENE - LIVE SINGER                             
Streaming from Niagara Falls, Maximillion Kleene brings a vast repertoire of popular music to Second Life.
**Winner of the 2014 Avi Choice Awards for**
·         Favorite Pop Singer
·         Favorite Rock Singer
·         Favorite Male Musician 
·         Favorite Singing Duo with Lisa Brune.

If music feeds the soul, Maximillion Kleene is the food of the gods. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide many a listener with a virtual buffet of auditory temptations.


7PM -RED HEAVEN - LIVE SINGER                                           
Red Heaven is a Canadian hard rock band that performs original songs from their first two albums, Amplification and Moth. Critics praise Red Heaven, saying *[it’s] a surprising mix of a subtle complexity and brutal aggression,* and *[their shows offer] musical themes that take you to several corners of the world and combine to make great music.
10PM- COLLIN MARTIN - LIVE SINGER                                   
Although new to the SL music scene, Collin Martin has carefully crafted his sound and style for almost two years at other online live music venues.  A seasoned music professional once offered this advice to Collin:  "There will always be someone who can play better and sing better than you.  What you have to do is play more tastefully

Leeon has been singing from the age of 13 and playing guitar from the age of 8.  Trained in classical guitar, folk, blues, country and rock styles has allowed him to become a versatile and varied performer. After years of performing gigs in RL he has moved to the SL arena singing a myriad of popular songs.

May 31st

Diane grew up singing in clubs professionally. I enjoy singing music from nearly any genre.  Country, Pop, Oldies, or Classic Rock.
  Many people have compared my vocal style to Stevie Nicks, but I mimic no one, instead endeavoring to make each song I sing my own.
  I can't promise that everyone will like my music, but I will promise that each song I sing will be from the heart and done to the very best of my ability to entertain.

Exposure to all kinds of music, from gospel to bluegrass, rock and pop as a child has made me the diverse singer that I am today.. I rock with the best, share my soul with country and have been known to have a sexy raspy song here and there.
 To me, music is a window to the soul conveying feelings as well as lyrical and musical information.  I do my best to feel a song as I sing, and hope to pass it on to my audience.  If you feel it, and enjoy my performance, then I have succeeded.

Rocky Toocool has been in SL for over 4 years but has been singing since he was 6 years old. Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida & Macon Georgia Rocky has a style all his own that will keep your coming back to his shows for more. Every show Rocky does is different with new music at each performance. His music ranges from Country, Blues, Southern Rock, Ballroom, Classic Rock & Oldies bit goodies. His performances as Rocky Elvis are tributes to the King of Rock and Roll known as Elvis Presley. Rocky performs Elvis Rock Style, A show you don’t want to miss.

11AM -WOLFIE MOONSHADOW - LIVE SINGER                         
Wolfie is now back entertaining crowds around SL every other weekend.  You won’t want to miss his memorizing voice. 

3PM -KEEBA TAMMAS - LIVE SINGER                                          
Keeba Tammas streams from the Midwest and serves up an extremely eclectic repertoire of music: jazz, blues, rock, pop, disco, punk, folk... "At the age of four my mother plopped me on a stage, at the age of 15, I began recording voices for cartoon and commercial work. I put myself through college by recording jingles, traveling the country performing at fairs, malls, and amusement parks I spent the 80's singing lead in bands.
6PM -Essence Bilasimo - Touch of Essence - LIVE SINGER AND BAND
Essence grew up riding & showing horses in a cozy little town in rural Ohio, where the fundamentals of loving life to the fullest, enjoying time family & friends meant everything and that carries into SL & into every performance. She has not only enjoyed live vocal performing within sl, but she has also had the opportunity to sing with many great local bands around her state. Essence then began learning stage performance, and opened her eyes to a wide range of music above and beyond her generation. Now she comes to Second Life to share her passion for music with all of us at many great venues.  She delivers a dynamic vocal performance and a dazzling light show with her band Touch Of Essence!   
7PM   AMFORTE CLARITY - LIVE SINGER                                      
A storyteller, AMForte has captivated audiences with her tales of life and travels, experiences of being a Canadian living in the US and her daily challenges. She's a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice and warmth of character that will make you think of her as more of a friend!
With Punk/Rock/Pop flairs and influences that include U2, Nirvana, RadioHead, Alanis Morrissette, Coldplay, Placebo, The Cranberries, and Elliott Smith, she plays mostly her own originals, and her cover tunes are songs she has taken and made her own.

10PM  CHIP TAKACS - LIVE SINGER                                          
Chip is a Guy (Michael Taska) who was born an raised in the seaside town of Rockaway Beach, and Far Rockaway New York.  at 14 he traded a B.B. gun for a secova electric guitar. Taking lessons from his friend Mike Gordon he progressed to play live shows  at local bars in Rockaway. His crowning moment came when he got to play New York's famous night club, CBGB's. 3 different times. 

11PM  LEEON FANG - LIVE SINGER                                         
Leeon has been singing from the age of 13 and playing guitar from the age of 8.  Trained in classical guitar,  folk, blues, country and rock styles has allowed him to become  a versatile and varied performer. After years of performing gigs in RL he has moved to the SL arena singing a myriad of popular songs.