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Showing posts with label Dream Builders. Show all posts

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pschology of Colors - HuffPost Live

Linda Lauren was interviewed by HuffPost Live by Nancy Redd.  This informative discussion about how the positive energy of color can enhance a work environment, baby room and even affect how we eat!  Check it out and think about the colors in SL you use!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dreams, More Than Just a Place to Build -- Lukes Lionheart Reporting

The Sojourner Memorial

What started as a story about a building contest turned into the story of "The Sojourner" and the Love of a Mouse.

I'm a builder here on SL and a couple of weeks back, I went to one of my haunts to watch a “Speed Building” contest. While there, I saw the notice for the monthly building contests. The theme for the month of March was “Green”. I thought, Wonderful! What a great theme, green, as in the environment. That would probably make a great story. So I sent an IM the owner of the “Dream Builders” group, a person by the name of “The Sojourner”, to ask for an interview. A little while later, I received an IM from Golda Stine, who said she was the sim caretaker. This struck me as a bit odd, but we set up a time to get together later that day. It turns out Golda is a pint-sized mouse with a giant heart of gold. After some initial chit chat, I got down to business and asked questions about the history of the sim, the how and why of the group and the March build contest. This is when I realized the story was not going to be about the contest; it is the story of The Sojourner.