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Showing posts with label baby. Show all posts

Thursday, May 26, 2022



Dr. Ghostie Antwoord delivered Hugh on 5/23/2022 at   7:19pm, weighing 7 lbs  10 oz and   16  inches long. Maggie had a very smooth labor, staying strong throughout with Hugh and her family by her side. The family are smiling, happy and healthy, and we wish them tons of love and happiness as they start life as a family!

At Everlove Maternity Clinic we strive to enhance your pregnancy experience through personal care and making each and every one of our clients feel like family.  We specialize in Hands on Mommy,Tantra, & Mama Allpa births,and are now accepting new patients.

Contacts: Dr. Ghostie (ghostie.wildmist), Lydia, Midwife (lydiafairmount resident)

Public Landmark:

Social Media:

Friday, April 29, 2022



Imagine going to a live concert with the love of your life, enjoying the music and strum of the instruments. Thinking you're just experiencing some cramping like Braxton hicks & then your mucus plug detaches. This was the moment I knew I was in deep trouble. I couldn't panic because I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I leaned over to babe & said "It's time babe." Little did I know a few minutes later I was experiencing contractions, very persistent... After being in labor for 12 hours. I started having second thoughts. Maybe, I'm not ready or do not feel confident to do this. Until I noticed this is the moment to meet you, the moment we've been waiting for forever. At 5:15pm slt last night, Illiana Analia Viotto arrived in my arms. I love you so much. It's love at first sight. A beautiful baby with the features of both parents. Your smile lights up the room. Welcome to the world. Photograper @c.elestite OBGYN: Dr. Ghostie. Writtten by Mother Noemi.

Noemi's Blog: Taxi to Bayside Medical:

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


 Welcome to the world Kailan Amir Moon Veneta. On Saturday the 16th of April, Bre SInclair Veneta gave birth to her beautiful baby boy at 3.13pm, weighing 7.79Ibs, and 21.40 inches. Kalian came later than expected and therefore could not be delivered by Bre's primary physician Dr. Cartier. However, Dr. Suga was on stand-by to aid Bre through lengthy labor. With the support of her loving mother holding her hand all the way through, together with her sister and her friends supporting her; as she pushed for the last time counting down from 10 to help ease the pain, baby Kalian arrived. Bre and all her family couldn't be more than happier with their little moon.

From the team at BMC, we wish Bre and her family a big congratulations and many blessings for the future.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022



Congratulations to Sevyn Jaylee Casani and Prince Anthony Casani who both welcomed their little prince Jaeceon Prince Casani on the 12th of February last Saturday weighing in 7:15 pounds and 19 inches. The birth was none, to say the least, a surprise for us all. Dr. Suga Cartier was ready on-call with mother Sevyn every step of the way, as she monitored her contraction patterns from home. However, baby Jaecon was ready to enter the world and the family made their way to the clinic earlier than expected. It was a smooth but suspenseful delivery filled with love as friends and family supported and watched on as Jaeceon arrived two days earlier before valentines day at 2:10pmslt. Both parents are thrilled and now enjoying spending time with their little man. <3 Welcome to the world Jaeceon Prince Casani from the team at Bayside Medical Clinic <3

Thursday, October 24, 2019

K-Mae My Youngin' Animesh Babies - For a More Complete Second Life!

K-Mae Babies offers Animesh and Legacy (prim babies) children for your Second Life family roleplay. Our babies are highly interactive and there are tons of items to go with both our Legacy and Animesh babies.

We offer:

* Human and Elf Babies - in Single, Twins and Triplet Packages
* Furnishings
* Clothing
* Accessories
* Toys
* Foods and Drinks
* Education Toys
* Developer's Kits

With our babies you never have to worry about losing them because you can always come Recover them right here at our stores. Updates are always free for life, so when we add new features or make necessary fixes you can simply come to the store and update your babies.

Our babies have an AutoFeed System, which uses Addable bottles in conjunction with their Stored Bottles, so they never go hungry! You can even breastfeed them if you wish! Also we offer SelfCare babies for the parents who just want to enjoy their babies without having to do Care Chores such as feeding, diapering, etc.

Our babies are interactive, with each other as well as with their parents and friends, as well as cute as can be!

We have a Daycare and Learning Center, staffed with highly qualified child educators, so be sure to utilize this program.

Come by our store and grab a 2-week Demo. We're sure you'll be impressed and want to take home a full version before the demo expires!

SLURLs for Animesh store, Legacy store and Daycare & Learning Center:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pschology of Colors - HuffPost Live

Linda Lauren was interviewed by HuffPost Live by Nancy Redd.  This informative discussion about how the positive energy of color can enhance a work environment, baby room and even affect how we eat!  Check it out and think about the colors in SL you use!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Mother of Baby Products Trace Corbets- Piers Diesel Reporting...

With this past Mother’s day now behind us, the baby products industry in Second Life is still as competitive as in any business in Second Life. 

 SLE set its sights on what the parents in Second Life want and need to make sure they have a complete parenting experience and how they keep their little ones happy.

Many of us have heard  GOOCCI GOO and are aware that it is one of the leading baby brand names in Second Life but we do not know much about the creator Trace Coberts.
Trace has worked hard in building her business to what it is today and SLE thought it was time to shine our spotlight and find out a bit more about her . This interview is not only for our readers but also for her loyal customers who have supported her and have helped Trace’s business grow.

Interview with Trace Corbets

Saturday, May 11, 2013

PRIM BABIES- Virtual Pregnancy thru Childbirth- Jessii Warrol Reporting…

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the States, if you are in Second Life, you might be asking if or how you can become a mother in Second Life. There are various ways to become a mother, you can give “birth” or even “adopt” prim based children or kid avatars.

I decided to get together a group of moms in Second Life, in order to find out what exactly is the process of becoming a mum (mom if you are on the other side of the pond) in Second Life.  I later would dub this group the “mummy panel”.