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Showing posts with label psychic. Show all posts

Monday, March 20, 2017

Positive Vibes for Positive Brides by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

You are preparing to get married and one of the first orders of business is to share the good news with family and friends. During that time is when you begin looking for the bridesmaids and grooms who will stand by you, helping you enjoy the fun stages of planning the wedding, from the engagement party to the main event, with the bachelor/bachelorette parties sandwiched somewhere in between.
With all that activity going on, the challenge is to keep up a positive vibe so you don’t get stressed. There are several ways you can accomplish this:
Meditate daily. Taking time out for yourself will rejuvenate you and help you keep you mood in high spirits. Put 10-20 minutes aside and sit quietly and breathe. You can add soft music, as long as it’s instrumental, and just allow your thoughts freedom. It will be a great pick-me-up as well as a centering. Make sure you make this time for you alone. Turn off your phone and ignore any communication that isn’t internal.
Be smart about how you use and post on social media - Don’t be a slave to it. Yes, I know there is that temptation to post every photo and video clip of things as they are happening. There is a better way to do that: delegate the job of posting to one particular person and decide what smartphone or camera they will use. There will be plenty of guests doing their own posting, but at least you will have the security in knowing that your end has been taken care of for you,
Make a To Do list - it doesn’t matter whether someone is doing things for you or whether you are doing them yourself, this can be a scattered time and even the most organize person needs to work with a list. As the bride, you have the master list and can orchestrate everyone from the maid of honor to the wedding planner.
This is enough to get you started and set the tone for a happy, stress free (as much as possible) wedding. Even if you take one of these into consideration, it will most likely make a difference for you.’s wishing you a fabulous wedding and a long and happy marriage!

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found flying around her Island ETU Abbracciare

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mind Over Matter: A Psychic Medium’s Business Tips posted by Sumi Portola

No matter what stage of business you’re in, there are always moments where we silently find ourselves wishing for answers from a higher power. We hope for ways to clear negative thoughts and energy from our lives as we move forward to make big decisions and big moves. Well, 4th generation Psychic Medium, Color & Energy Expert, Author and Reiki Practitioner, Linda Lauren, has some tips, strategies, and daily practices for learning to trust your instincts and most importantly, thrive.

Being a fourth-generation psychic medium, how has this role impacted your day to day?
The fact that I had available to me a network of female family members spanning generations who were skilled in spiritual guidance, made all the difference in the world.  My mother, especially, was instrumental in revealing to me the ways I could embrace my psychic awareness in everyday life.  As a result, I am able to intuit a better course of action in my approach as I move through day to day.  This has been a blessing because it has allowed me to accomplish more in one day than I might have in a week.  It has opened me to grow in areas I might otherwise have missed.

When starting out, did you take business advice from your mom? 
Oh, I definitely took business advice from my mom. She was instrumental in helping me to set up my first real office.  She had insight into the way I might operate it and cost-effective approaches to how I structured my business.  Her advice was invaluable.  I discuss the extent of her involvement in my memoir, Medium Rare.

What is one thing you’ve learned in business that you would pass along to someone just starting out?
A lot of people tend to look at their business strictly from the standpoint of checks and balances.  But before you can truly get to the point of understanding your business, my suggestion is to add meditation to your daily schedule.  
Meditation creates structure.  When you meditate you learn to respond to life, embracing reason, rather than reacting, which is through emotion.  That single most act can assure success and good health just by the awareness it affords us when we meditate faithfully.  To me, it’s like washing your face or brushing your teeth: it’s something you don’t skip! So, even if it’s for 10-20 minutes a day, the potential for positive energy is in every breath.

Are there any specific signs or energy that you say a female entrepreneur should specifically try to listen to as she starts her business?
I feel it is very helpful to listen to what your gut is telling you.  Put yourself into a quiet place, address any situation via a question, place your hand on your midriff, and “listen” to what your body, mind and spirit are indicating.  It is a way to learn to tap into what I refer to as your “center,” which is a place where we make our most important decisions.  If something feels “off,” this will be a good gauge to help you discern the best cause of action.
How have you learned to listen to your business intuition?
I make it a policy to meditate on each business issue as it comes along so that I can discover the best way to work.  Yes, there it is again: meditation.  I consider it a business practice that is the foundation for everything I do.  However, I also use color to work with the energy available to me in business.  I have long worked with color to help people in business pursuits. I can attest that certain colors reflect positive action when they are embraced.  Embracing them can be in the form of the clothes or jewelry we wear, the colors we surround ourselves with, and the intention we wish to convey.  For instance, one of my executive clients often focuses on the color blue when she is in business meetings.  If affords her a clear understanding of what is being said and she is able to achieve desired results. 
We’re loving the idea of your Vibe Spray. Can you explain what it is?
The Vibe Spray™ was designed to clear negativity from a space and replace it with positive energy.  I use this product everywhere, and so do my clients.  It is part of my office procedure.  I spray it when I first open my doors, when I close, and after each client.  Many of my clients use it for when they travel to spray in their hotel rooms, meeting room, and other areas.  It is designed to replace the use of smudging with smoke.  It has a lovely rose top- scent and it incorporates essential oils, sea salt and other ingredients of a proprietary nature.  I came up with the recipe via my family and have gone back generations in my research in developing the product.
What drew you to go beyond your reading sessions and develop a product that we can use everyday?
Public demand propelled me to extend my work to products.  We make or carry everything from bracelets, color/energy candles and mediation pieces, to The Vibe Spray and Himalayan salt lamps. These tools are essential to growing within your spirit in business.  They create positive awareness that moves us forward. I have also create a website that allows people easy access to the products I develop, as well as the information and advice I provide as a blogger for Huffington Post and

Lastly, are you able to make any predictions about what’s next for females in business this year?
Women will continue to raise their voices in unison and solidarity.  We will most likely see more businesses springing up that are headed by women.  The written word will be a consideration, too, as the plight of women takes center-stage.

Linda Lauren can be found hanging out at her Island ETU Abbracciare and her Meditation Gardens.  Come visit!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Using Crystals to Enhance Dreams by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

To me, dreams are the most important part of living. By tapping into them one can explore the waking world, and actually work through issues before they have even come to light. There are two factors one must consider in dream work: remembering one’s dreams and recording those dreams. I have had many clients tell me they could not remember their dreams, or that they do not dream. Everyone dreams, every night. How can one record what one can not recall? There is one method I believe works well.

REMEMBERING: Before sleeping for the night, form your hand into a fist and hold it in the center of your chest. Close your eyes and say: “I will remember my dreams when I wake up.” Say this three times, once aloud and twice to yourself. After a few days, recall should be easier.

RECALLING & DECIPHERING: Once you begin recalling dreams, you can record them. Purchase a journal, any kind will do. Some of my clients buy a notebook with an inspirational cover while others simply pick a small school notebook. Personally, because I do heavy dream work each day, I have a notebook and a small tape recorder that I use during the night because handwriting can be tricky when you wake up from dreaming. In dream recall everything is important. A general rule would be to make a point of recalling any of the following: colors, shapes, gender, water, weather and movement. These points should reveal a great deal about the state of your life at the present time.

Using crystals for dreaming can enhance the dream state in many ways, depending on the type of crystal and how it is used. The results can be enlightening, enriching and therapeutic. Below are methods and the crystals one might use.

Stress Release And Insomnia — Amethyst is an excellent stone for relieving you of the stress of the day. A relaxing crystal, it also helps with insomnia and headaches. Take a glove and place it over your left “receiving” hand before retiring to bed. Slip a small amethyst crystal into the glove. You will be able to get a good night’s rest, release stress, and your dreams may become more uniform, thus allowing you to remember them more easily. Once you become more comfortable with dreaming with amethyst, you may want to tape one to your third eye before sleeping and create some real magic!

Love And Romance — Rose quartz and Jade are good crystals/stones for dreams where love is the issue at hand. Place either crystal (or both) under your pillow. (I find it best to actually slip the stone into the pillow case. If it gets lost during the night, don’t worry. It simply means you no longer need the benefits of those particular crystals. The energies of these stones are soft and may bring forth dreams that are loving and filled with positive vibrations.

Problem Solving — Clear quartz is the best for issues one needs to work through while sleeping. Program a clear quartz point with the issue on your mind, with the express request to solve your issue via your dreams. You will find that when you awake you may be more focused, grounded, and clear with your issue.

Money and Prosperity — Citrine is an excellent crystal for bringing about wealth in body, mind and spirit. Known as the merchant stone, it manages to attract abundance in ways that fortify balance, whether that balance is sought in the home, the bank account, the body, spirit, or the mind. Intent is important…as is your faith that God and the Universe will provide for your needs. Citrine is also helpful in cleansing the chakras (energy fields) of the body. You will find yourself awakening refreshed after using Citrine.

I strongly suggest that you dream with crystals for a full week, recording your results and the crystals you use, before moving on to the next crystal-dream exercise you want to try. Consistency and intent are most important. Your intention, your faith and your desire for accomplishment will bring about positive results. There are as many methods as there are crystals. There is no right or wrong to doing this. Tape a crystal to your wrist or third eye; wear a glove with a crystal inside, slip it under your pillow, or even place some crystals under your mattress, forming a grid around your bed. Experimentation is the key. Just make sure to keep an accurate record of the crystal/gemstone you use, how you are using it, and the length of time within which you used it.

I wish you luck and I wish you love! Enjoy this new adventure in dreaming with crystals.

Originally published in

Linda can be found Island hopping or on ETU Abbracciare, her SL Island.  Come visit! 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Black (&Blue) Friday Help Your Spirit Inauguration Day by Linda Lauren

Friday, January 20 is the inauguration of the next president of the United States. It is not one being welcomed by all of the Americans in the United States, let alone, the world. The negative energy is amazingly thick as a result. In order for us to help not tap our spirits by allowing all that darkness we feel to infiltrate us, there are a few things we can do personally. Solidarity starts with spirit. Perhaps these suggestions will help.

  •  As someone who works with the colors of the spectrum to bring common sense, positive energy, and understanding to people, I am suggesting that the colors we embrace, focus on, or use for Friday, be black and blue. Black and blue will help promote boundaries of protection around the words or intentions we communicate. They will help create a positive, calm resolution to what we need to convey.
  • Fact check. We’re hear this expression bandied about, but do you really fact check? We rely on news services rather than to check the verification of the information being transmitted to us. A lot of that has been false, which contributed to a lot of misunderstanding.
  •  Plan your travels on this day so that getting to and from your destination is hassle-free. Nothing will make things worse and tap your spirit, then if you are rushing while feeling the collective emotions of this day. That becomes cause for anxiety, and anxiety brings on irrationality, which in turn can promote stress and leads to violence.
So no matter who you voted for, go within your spirit and use color and energy. And remember that Black and Blue will help you find the means to address issues in a collectively peaceful way.

4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be seen hanging out at her Island, ETU Abbracciare.  Hop on over ans say hello!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Law Of Attraction and Living Happy by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

Being happy should be our first priority in life. I have found that when I am happy, all other things around me fall more into place. I believe we can attract more of what we want in our lives by being happy and positive than by being angry and maudlin. The Law of Attraction tells us that what you focus on, you will attract to you. That is something to empower ourselves with! It means we actually have control as to how things play out for us.

In these high emotional times of politics and issues, it is more important than ever to emphasize what we want and not on what does not really serve us. It all really starts with our daily intentions. According to this universal law, your experiences in life are created and propelled by the thoughts you have. So it is important not to invite into your life the kind of thoughts that defeat that purpose. Here are some ways to help keep attracting to you the things that will enhance your life.

Trust your intuition rather than your emotions when it comes to decision-making to guarantee results that might better suit you.

Lending your attention on thinking about what you want may make them happen more quickly.
Envision things as you want them to be, rather than as they are right now.
Don’t watch TV shows that are negative as to crime or illness, and read and see the local and world news only regarding what you need to know.
Don’t forget to dream, as dreams can guide your intentions.
These suggestions are not foolproof, but I have known them to work for me, as well as my clients and friends I’ve shared with. Switch your thinking to the Law of Attraction and experience and see the difference for yourself. It may not be easy at first because we already have predisposed thinking, but over time, you may be quite surprised at how much more positive life is by attracting what you want as a first priority.

Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found hanging out in her Angel Retreat or Meditation Gardens on her Island ETU ABBRACCIARE 

originally published on 
January 4, 2017 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Angels in the Office

This is an excerpt on angels from my memoir, Medium Rare by Linda Lauren

Angels surround us. They fill a lot of space that we think is “empty.” You don’t have to believe in angels to be surrounded by them, but if you do believe, then it’s important to remember to request help, rather than to simply expect help, from the angels. Here is a personal story to illustrate this Divine connection!

In 1996, after years of reading at my home, other peoples’ homes, and psychic fairs that took me to various hotels, I decided to rent an office of my own. I’m not a living-out-of-the-suitcase kind of person, and that is how it begins to feel after sitting in the energy of so many different venues! Each time, I would have to get used to the new space, find a comfy seating arrangement, and spiritually prepare myself, and the room I’d be working in, for the readings to come. This was a good move, and what better person to look for the rental space than my own mother?

“Feels OK,” I heard Mom say, as the landlord escorted us up the stairs to the offices.
He opened the door to an outer office and into a reception area. Inside were three other offices; one already occupied by an attorney who only used the place a couple of days a week. I would have the third floor to myself most of the time, a free waiting room, and a private entrance for my clients.

“Is this place secure?” Mom was still asking questions.

“We have an alarm system that calls to the police, and I will give you the little key to activate it,” he said. “You can’t get in or out of this building without the alarm key.”

That Saturday evening, we stopped by the new space with a coffeemaker and three gold painted angel figurines that belonged to my mother’s late sister. I set up the coffee maker and positioned the three angels across the desk.

“I’ll be sitting in the waiting room if you need me,” Mom said.

A short while later, I turned out the light and slid the doorknob to the lock position. I locked the door, and, before I even realized it, I could “see” the keys still on the desk inside the room! . It was one of those realizations that make you cringe.

“Please tell me you didn’t just leave the keys inside!” Mom rolled her eyes. “Use the spare.”

“We have no spare and we’re locked in from the outside, and locked out from the inside office.”

“Try your cell phone.” I could sense the tenseness in her voice as it cracked the words.

“We’re in a dead zone and I can’t get a signal.”

“Is that supposed to be funny?” she was now panicking.

“What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to start praying, Mom. We both talk about the power of prayer and how we call on the angels for help. Well, now is as good a time as any to have that faith.”

“Angels, please help us.”

“Please open the door for us.” Mom said sweetly as I turned to her and together we said a prayer and waited.

Some moments later I felt moved to go to the door. I wrapped my hand around the knob and gave it a turn. Nothing. I moved back from the door and shrugged. A few minutes passed, and we both heard a click. Turning, we watched as the door softly swung open! The tears in my eyes began to spill down to my cheeks.

“Oh my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mom got up an offered a hug and a smile.

It was at that single moment that we mutually came upon the profound awareness that we are not alone; that our angels, too, are watching over us.

You can read Medium Rare for free if you are an Prime Member, or it can be purchased.  Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can usually be found wandering around her Island ETU Abbracciare and in The Angel Retreat.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Sign of the Chimes by Linda Lauren

Recently, I received an email from a client and friend. She asked that I share my answer.

Dear Linda:
This morning I was sitting here at my desk and I heard chimes, like the sound of wind chimes. It wasn’t a faint sound…I thought it was pretty distinctive. I turned around and asked my co-worker if she has heard them and she looked at me as if I were crazy. Apparently, she had not heard the same thing that I did.
Doesn’t that mean something when you hear wind chimes? Is someone trying to contact me from the other side? What do you think? — Carol

My answer is based on my own experience. I have always felt strongly that chimes are an indication that your angels, guides or loved ones are around you. They are simply making their presence known. It should always be seen as a sign of comfort, but it is not necessarily a sign of a specific message. Think of “chimes” or even the sound of bells as someone on the other side announcing themselves at your “door.” Though many times we don’t always answer their door, we can always count on the sound being a welcomed visitor and not one to fear. Chimes never represent strangers; they represent someone who is familiar to us in spirit.

For instance, I lost my godmother, my Aunt Jeannie, awhile back, and I was at the hospital when she drew her last breath. I stood beside her sister (no relation) and out of all the people in the room, we were the only ones who could attest to seeing a mist rise from my aunt’s body at the moment of death. We never really discussed it with anyone. However, when we met at the funeral home, she had an interesting story to share. She told me that when my aunt was alive, they were so close that they were in contact every day by phone, at around noon, when they would take a break for lunch, Usually it was my Aunt Jeannie who would make the call. After my aunt died, her sister shared with me that she had been hearing the chimes in the backyard ring every day, with no wind, at noontime, and that she felt comforted by the fact that my aunt still seemed to be “calling” her.

So, Spirit is communicating when you hear chimes. Embrace them and put yourself in a quiet place so that you can be mindful to what they may be saying.

POSTSCRIPT: while I was writing this, I was debating in my head whether my aunt spelled her name Jean or Jeannie. I decided that it didn’t matter, and I was just about to submit this piece to be published when the phone rang! My friend, Todd, was here visiting and I looked at the phone and commented “No Caller ID.” But something told me to answer it. After saying hello, the man said, “Jeannie?”

I told him he had the wrong number, but did he? I went back and changed the spelling of her name, just in case.

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The History Behind Three Common Superstitions by Linda Lauren

We often go through the day with superstitions guiding us, even when we don’t realize they are doing so. Avoiding that ladder, crack, or black cat is an every day occurrence, and if we add Friday the 13th to the list, we get a lot of paranoia unfairly pointed to that day of the week.

Many of my clients ask me what my belief system is regarding superstitions. I believe they were invented to strike fear into people in order to have the power to control them. 

Over the years, the list has changed but there are always a few standouts and I’m going to give my impressions on three common superstitions:

A broken mirror gives you seven years of bad luck.
This one dates back to ancient Greece. Fortunes were told by consulting “mirror seers” who evaluated the reflections of their clients. The mirror was then dipped into a bowl of water. If the water distorted the mirror, it was believed the person was sick and would have poor luck. Later, the Romans added seven years to the bad fortune because they alleged that health changed in cycles of seven years.

Make a wish on a wishbone and it will come true.
This may have originated in Rome during the first-century because they believed it was good luck to break a wishbone. The tradition was to fight over the dried wishbones and when they would break, the person with the largest piece of bone would be granted their wish.

Hang a horseshoe on the door to bring good luck.
Some people believe that to bring good luck you should hang a horseshoe on the back of the bedroom door with its ends pointing up. The meaning comes from the fact that a horseshoe has seven holes, which is considered to be a lucky number in numerology, It is also made of iron which was thought to help ward off spirits that may haunt your dreams.

There are many more, too numerous to mention. I would advise not taking any superstitions seriously. Doing so will only hold you back from being the best you can be because they instill insecurity and they play on our anxieties of life and death. It would be healthier to smile and see the humor in them. Taking the lighthearted approach is the best approach.

Originally published at
4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast for February 22!

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast for February 18!

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast for February 11!

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ways to Open the Door to Dream Interpretation by Linda Lauren

My late mother was known among family and friends as the “Dream Lady” because she carried around with her a dream interpretation book, as well as a canary yellow legal notebook that contained her own meanings to the dreams she interpreted over the years. Through her I learned that we all dream every night, but we do not always recall them. When we do recall our dreams we usually remember them in black and white, even though we may be dreaming in color. However, it’s been my experience that if we do more dream-work preparation prior to sleep, we can piece together a message and meaning, and decipher the intended meaning our dreams might imply. We can work through our issues at night during sleep, and process them through our dreamlike meandering. It is a healthy and safe way to reflect on the things that are foremost on our minds. Remembering is helpful to us emotionally, physically and spiritually if we understand a little about what our dreams are telling us.

In order to interpret those nighttime vignettes you have while sleeping, there are three things to keep in mind to help with more active, detail recall.

  1. Keep a journal of some type (electronic or otherwise) at your bedside so that you can reach for it without getting out of bed. A lot of significant elements will be fresher at that time, and dream recall is all in the details.
  2. Pay special attention to what you experienced regarding the five senses. Take into account any people, images, colors, time of day, smell, sound, or any experience. Nothing you note is insignificant. 
  3. Though you can purchase a dream dictionary or look the definition of certain words up on the Internet, please keep in mind that no definition is etched in stone. There are as many interpretations as there are dreams, so you will never get a clear indication of meaning unless you use the definitions only as a guideline. So, jot down your own meanings as they apply to your life in your journal, too.
Once you have gathered your information and logged it into your journal, scan over the meanings and see what applies to your life and/or situation. It will be those applications that should be jotted down more seriously because they relate to what is foremost on your mind during sleep. By writing down and examining our sleep-filled reverie, we can work out problems and exorcise negative thinking so that we are happier and healthier.

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.  Article originally published on The Huffington Post

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast - February 9!


Enjoy using the colors of the day to create positive energy!  Created by Linda Lauren
Visit  Linda's Island: ETU Abbracciare

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Arranging the Work-Space to Embrace Balance by Linda Lauren

I create my day every day by putting out to the universe what I want to embrace and receive in return. I have discovered that balance may be the most important thing that I want to embrace. I believe balance is one of the ingredients we need to afford us success in life and business. When I am feeling balanced it puts an entirely different spin on my day, making it easier to navigate through the murky waters of the decision-making process. It's important to me to initiate each day by incorporating balance in a way that feels natural. Not everyone likes order, and creating balance can make the messiest mind, and/or desk, become something out of the comfort zone. But, once you get used to how it feels to be balanced, new discoveries will more than likely be exposed, making the process something that adds quality to your days.

There are several ways to initiate balance. Here are four that I personally use and I have found them most helpful. They are bound to get you motivated as they have the potential to open you up to a clean canvas. That canvas allows you to begin anew at the desk where you spend most of your time.

  • Meditate: This is mandatory to me as it will set the tone for clear thinking and make way for the mindfulness needed to create a day that easily moves your work forward without stress. It affords you a clear slate.
  • Survey: Look at the surface of your desk as a table rather than as a desk. Close your eyes and try to remember what things looked like. Visualize yourself at the desk and try to remember your movements as they were when you are working. This will give you a sense of what is important to your work, and what might be in the way.
  • List: After opening your eyes, make a list of what is on your desk. Then number that list in the order of item importance. Include keepsakes and photos, adding them last to your list. This familiarizes you with the energy of your desk and what inspires you the most.
  • Arrange: By process of elimination, choose the items on your list that you are keeping. Keep only what you intend to use, and place the items on the desk in a way that allows you to effectively reach them with ease. Keep in mind the adage that less is more.
Now, give yourself some time with your new work-space, and be diligent. I have found that working with just the surface helps to keep the space uncluttered, which may ultimately lead to better productivity. The key to the success of this is to always be cognizant to return everything to the same place each and every time you use something so it becomes second nature.

In the beginning, this can seem like a nuisance, but in the long-run it has the potential to boost morale and return to you large allotments of time you may normally have missed out on. That result will have you embracing a more balanced work environment.

Linda Lauren

Article reprinted courtesy of

Link to original article

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Embracing Memories of the Other Side by Linda Lauren

I recently moved into a new house, and in my attempts to make it a “home,” I have been transferring boxes that I have had in storage for some forty years! Someone asked me what was in some of the boxes. My reply was “memories,” as that is what I am about. Not nostalgia, but memories of my life and the people who embraced, and continue to embrace, sharing that life with me.

Many of those memories are of family who are long gone, particularly my mother and father. I miss them the most. Memories create a vortex of emotion that can be overwhelming, but important to the messages that have those people into it. Admittedly, keeping those emotions in perspective are difficult, yet they can be ultimately rewarding.

In the case of my new home, it is my mother I sense around me the strongest. It’s as if she has been waiting for this connection to happen for over a decade. Now that it’s here, I can sense her energy in very strong and familiar ways. Most especially, it is the desire to pick up the telephone and speak to her in real time that is the most intensely felt. It is as if she did not die at all. Yes, as a medium I can connect with her in the manner of communication, but this feeling transcends that. With every new or old discovery, I have the immediate reflex to actually believe that she is still alive in this world and that I can share with her all that is transpiring. The spirit does not die with the body, so when we think of the person and experience the body, we are embracing a part of them we remember as still living in this earthly existence.

My clients and friends have all told me that they have touched upon the same sentiments and ask how to deal with them. I have discovered that the way to work with this energy is to fully seize it and focus our attention on the actual communication. Doing that is easier than one might realize:
  • The key to communication of any kind, particularly that of the other side, is meditation. It is the single most important way to open yourself up to the vibration that is expressed from any spiritual connection. 
  • Listening and acting upon these sensations. This will help you feel better about it, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones who have passed away. They are reaching out to you and what you are experiencing is the intensity of them moving closer to you. 
  • Journal your documentation of this special dialog, as that will enrich your familiarization and enhance your own ability for that special connection.
Remember that your connection is like a telephone, and with practice you can enjoy a rich, rewarding “visit” with loved ones.

When I began to have the familiar “conversation” with my mother, I decided to write down the details of what I wanted to share. That is when I realized that those “memories” have opened up a way to be consoled by her energy. So if this is happening to you, don’t be afraid to act upon it, as it is one of the most healing aspects of communication you can deliver to yourself.

originally posted on 1-13-16 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time Traveling Through Your Playlist by Linda Lauren

I had a beauty day recently, and my first stop was the hair salon for a splash of fresh color. I usually do this on my day off and I elect the entire day to attend to personal grooming, necessities and errands. The owner of the salon usually has on a favorite station and it happens to be one that I like, too. So the experience of sitting and waiting in the chair while he works becomes an experience in memory recall.

I love music. It stirs emotion and speaks directly to the spirit in ways that range from subtle to empowering. It is a colorful array of sound created through inspiration that we draw upon in our everyday life. Music can bring us down or pick us up. It can remember scenes of the past while creating new ones for the future. Often, we move toward music to embrace awareness and healing.

Sitting in the salon chair listening to music from my teenage years brought forth a flood of emotion and nostalgia that ultimately made me smile. I asked myself the question: what if I created a playlist for the specific purpose of drawing on memories I wanted to fondly recall? Would it be beneficial to my body, mind and spirit? I decided to try it and I garnished surprising results. My mood improved and the time spent in the salon (which is usually over an hour) felt like it was the shortest ever. When I returned home I created my own playlist and I recommend that you give it a try. Here is a way to get started.
  1.  Pick a time of your life that holds the fondest memories.
  2.  Research the songs from that decade and choose the ones that speak happiest to you.
  3.  Create a playlist and loop it to play throughout the day in the order you feel fits how you want to feel.
  4.  Journal or log what surfaces for you.
Granted, you may come away with some sad feelings, but the happy ones will be the strongest, so make sure to keep your focus on the positive. Try it for a few days and see how you feel afterward.

Enjoy, and happy time traveling through your playlist!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pschology of Colors - HuffPost Live

Linda Lauren was interviewed by HuffPost Live by Nancy Redd.  This informative discussion about how the positive energy of color can enhance a work environment, baby room and even affect how we eat!  Check it out and think about the colors in SL you use!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BuzzFeed: How Paint Colors Can Actually Change Your Life with Linda Lauren

Linda Lauren was interviewed by Buzzfeed about how color can change the energy of a room.  On her Island (ETU Abbracciare) you can see her use of soothing colors to create a calm, tranquil meditative oasis. 

Click Here to read this fun informative BuzzFeed article.  

Photo Credit:Alice Mongkongllite for BuzzFeed / Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Three Ways to Peaceful Posting by Linda Lauren

If you want peace, you have to be peaceful. The way to encourage peace is through our words and actions. Often, we go daily thinking we are peaceful, loving people and for the most part, that is correct. However the incidents of encouraging peace are not evident in the media streams that engorge us with information, and we often miss the point because once we share, like, or follow we are making a statement and endorsing that person's belief system. Today more than ever it's important to be judicious with what you click on in the fast streams of information and people that pass through your computer.

For healthy endorsement and effective peaceful posting, consider the following:
1. Who is the source? Is the cause you are championing a real cause or is it something you found on the Internet that passed through your stream by someone you may or may not know?

2. Are you responding because you're embarrassed? If you "share" or "like" something, be sure you are doing so because you want to and not because someone shamed you into it. I've seen many posts pass my stream with a threat or dare that I'm not a good person if I don't do what is asked. Some have gone as far as to dare people to share! Those are bully tactics.

3. Are you mindful of whom you follow? Those people that you friend/follow also get your stamp of approval when you connect with them, and it's important to be discerning of the material you release. It is a direct reflection of who you are on the Internet. It becomes part of the identity you reveal publicly.

By being aware of how we interact when we are presenting ourselves on our computers, whether that is via Internet browsing or social media, will help us achieve a better balance of the issues we face daily. This allows us to discover our stance regarding our own beliefs, as it will help to separate them from the ones by people who communicate with us via our computer screens. You have to know what you believe before you can be challenged by another.

Remember: Your clicks, replies, shares, likes and follows are very powerful and should not be so easy to acquire. They are the pieces of the puzzle of the person you become when you are at your keyboard. It's part of your computer profile. Taking action now will help you create a powerful profile of peace, online and off.

originally posted on HuffPostLiving ( 2-17-15

Monday, February 9, 2015

Linda Lauren on Crystals and Gemstones

Learn about the Crystals and Gemstones we surround ourselves with by watching Psychic Medium Linda Lauren on the BetterTV show and reading her article 'Crystal Awareness'!

Crystal Awareness

Have you ever held a quartz crystal in your hand? Ever feel the wondrous delight of its gentle hum to your palm or feel its soothing vibration sear through your fingers, up your arm and tingle throughout your body? If you have not, then you are in for a treat that will tenderly awaken your senses and gently amplify your mind, for the energy one experiences by working with quartz crystals is soul-enriching and life-enhancing.

Quartz crystals are God’s gift to the earth, and a rare treasure to those who embrace their light. A crystal connection will alter your vision and ease you into a greater understanding of your Self. Crystals are found in watches, clocks, televisions, DVR’s, and computers, just to name a few of their applications. Quartz consists of raw piezoelectric energy, and when shaven down to microchip size produces electricity that operates these necessities in our lives. Imagine then, the personal power we can claim when we harness that energy and allow the gentle electrical vibrations of crystals and gemstones to balance and work with the flow of our own unique energy.

Quartz crystal points, clusters and polished stones can be found in most metaphysical shops. I would like to focus on Quartz Crystal Points, as these will be best to use for the purpose of making it your personal tool of power and transformation. A crystal point is a single column of clear quartz with 3 to 7 sides around the face, with a termination at the end. It is usually clear at the top half, and milky white at the blunt end. The following methods are acceptable, but remember, you do not choose your crystal, it actually chooses you!

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you open them, allow your eyes to fall on the first crystal you see.

This is my favorite. A crystal will “call” to you, and when you pick it up you will feel a gentle vibration in your palm. It may take a few minutes to adjust. I suggest you take a deep breath, relax and allow the crystal to “speak” to you by focusing your attention on any vibration or warmth in the palm of your hand. Size does not matter when choosing a crystal point, as sometimes even the smallest chip may have more energy than a large point.

Once you have chosen your crystal, it is important that you keep it in a pouch of some kind. Silk, cotton, leather, are fabrics most commonly used. This will protect the point from any jarring or chipping, as you will be carrying it with you most of the time.

When you get home with your crystal, it is vital that you cleanse it. During the journey from the crystal mine to the place of your purchase, your crystal will have gone through many hands and been in many places. You will want to clear it of the residue from its journey to insure clarity. There are several schools of thoughts regarding this subject, and I will pass along a few methods commonly used. However, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong method to cleansing. When working with quartz, it is what sense you have regarding the stone that is important. Intuition plays an important role in developing crystal awareness.

Sea Salt or Salt Water — If you happen to be fortunate to live by the ocean, fill a cup with sea water and immerse your crystal in it for 24 hours, or until you sense it is cleansed. The alternative would be to fill a cup with a couple of spoons of sea salt and immerse the stone. (Note: Some people are not fans of this method, as they feel it alters the vibration of the stone.)

Rinse your crystal under cool tap water and dry with a cotton cloth.

Sage or Incense — Burn some dried sage or your favorite essential oil incense and run the crystal through the smoke.

Once you have cleansed your crystal, it is now time to charge your crystal’s energy. Here are some methods for charging:

The Sun — A crystal truly loves sun. This is my favorite method because it can be done anywhere. Simply put your crystal on a window sill, car dashboard, etc., and allow it to be nourished by the suns rays. The average amount of time is anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours. Again, you be the judge by listening to your intuition.

Some people place the crystal point into the soil of a healthy plant for a few days. Not only does it charge the stone, but it helps the plant, too.

After a dip in the ocean, allow the stone to sit in the sand with the sun beating down on it for a super-charge. (Just be careful you don’t bury the stone and lose it!)

I have a large cluster of clear quartz in my office. I lay my personal crystal points on top of the cluster to insure a charge.

Now we have covered the basics: choosing, cleansing, and charging a crystal. In order to work with your crystal you will have to program it. Imagine your clear quartz crystal as a blank tape. You can “record” your desires, needs and wishes into it. A crystal can hold as many “programs” as you need to instill. Some programs will become temporary, until your desire is met or your accomplishment is achieved. The way to program a crystal is to do the following:

Hold the crystal between your hands in prayer-like position with the point up. Clear your mind. Now visualize yourself actually in the situation of your desire. “See” yourself clearly. Then state an affirmation. For example: If you have the desire for a specific job, picture yourself as already in the job, happy and content. Then state something like: “I am working at the perfect job.” The affirmation insures the thought into the program. If you wish, you can also “tell”; the crystal verbally what you want in your life. The key is to “see it” and then “say it.” That’s it. You are now ready for the last and most important step: Meditation.

The primary way to work with your crystal to manifest what you have programmed into it is via meditation. When you wish to “receive” the benefits of your program, you would hold the crystal in your left hand. For example, if you are sick and wish it to help heal you, use the left hand. Put the crystal in your right hand when you want to “send” your program out into the universe, where action will take place.

Take your crystal with you to a quiet place, or a favorite room, and light a candle. Relax a few moments with your crystal. Look at it. Get to know it. Every crystal is different. Yours might have wisps inside, or sparkly inclusions of color. Examine it quietly while taking some deep breaths. Close your eyes and allow the crystal to pulsate in your palm. Concentrate on the vision of your desire and allow whatever images to come to you…or to leave you. Do this every day for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Not only will you notice a difference in what is manifesting in your life, but you will feel happier and your spirit will be lighter.

It takes about 30 days to bond with a crystal. Keep it under your pillow every night, shower with it, bathe with it, carry it in its pouch and take it with you where ever you go. It will soon become your pocket best friend.

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