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Showing posts with label Dress. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

"Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021" LUXE Paris GOES RUSSIAN!


''Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening'', said Coco Chanel.

Seeing things in the same way as the great lady of fashion, Viktor Savior de Grataine, creator of the artistic event ''Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021'', decided to invite fashion designers to join painters, builders, poets, actors and musicians to tell about this fascinating culture of Russia before Christianity. And of course, LUXE Paris took up the challenge with immense pleasure!

The Russian soul at the heart of fashion

Paganism, unity with nature, indigenous gods, strength of spirit, fairy tales and epics, furs and ancient patterns ... drawing their inspiration from these main guidelines, the designers of LUXE Paris have created three outfits that they exhibit in photos at the art gallery of '' Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021'' in the company of several other fashion houses.

Parisian Skytower presents KRASNE, a dress and headpiece all in Slavic poetry. The dress with coat and hat SLAVIC BEAUTY by Mika Palmyra, for its part, features the iconic material of this snow country, fur! Finally, Avalon Chrome has chosen to play the Grand Duchess ANASTASIA Nikolaevna, adorned with a sumptuous kokoshnik, a typically Russian headdress.

An event funded by Linden Lab

The ''Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021'' event, which starts on January 1 and runs until February 28, is one of the first achievements of Second Life Endowment for The Arts (SLEA), a project by Tansee, funded by Linden Lab.

''SLEA is the spiritual successor to the former Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), a decade-long partnership with the arts community that aimed to provide opportunities to further fuel interest in and spotlight the work of both established and emerging artists in Second Life'' explains Tansee, founder and coordonnator of SLEA.
''The new SLEA pursues the same goals with a multi-region, cost free experience, where the artists can exhibit their works and make themselves better known.''

With artists from all walks of life

Artist in real life, Viktor Savior de Grataine draws the world of Second Life as if it were real, with pencil and brush. He was therefore a suitable candidate for SLEA.

''One of my friend told me about art grant from SLEA'', he explains. ''I never heard about it before but I like to try myself in new projects so I have filled the form about my idea to revive the ancient Slavic culture with the contribution of artists from all walks of life and I was accepted!
''Sure, it was a big surprise! And then, a very big work inside team with many people to present an unique world  dedicated to russian culture but I am very proud of what we have accomplished all together!''

If you have an art project and would like the support of SLEA, contact Tansee.

The address of the ''Winter Slavic Rebirth 2021'' event is:
LUXE Paris outfits inspired by Slavic culture are on sale at the main store: