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Showing posts with label Elese Faulkes. Show all posts

Monday, May 27, 2013

Spotlight on Elese Faulkes; An Avatar in Second Life- Vapor Paragorn Reporting…

Second Life is indeed a fascinating virtual platform, where you can meet interesting people from all over the globe. You can explore different lifestyles and can learn new things. Socializing is certainly the most prominent feature of SL, which allows us to interact with people in variety of ways. Our random and friendly interactions with people impacts on us in a number of ways, which helps us to better understand people and life as a whole.

Every interaction either short or long term, teaches us something and helps us to improve as a person. Every new person we meet is like reading a new book, a book that stores new stories for us, new experiences and sometimes new lessons too.

Through one of my random interactions, I met Elese Faulkes. Reading her profile I found her to be an interesting person. So I decided to talk to her about her Second Life experience and activities in the virtual world. Elese is a real life artist and exhibits her work in Second Life. She kindly invited me to her sim, which houses her gallery.

Interview with Elese Faulkes