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Showing posts with label FarSoFar. Show all posts

Friday, September 23, 2016

Saints and Sinners Debuts in Second Life

Sexy sculpture by Cloak Fairigfule

Saints and Sinners made its debut last weekend and includes pieces from four talented artists. We speak with Saints and Sinners founder, Vardasilver Spearsong to find out why she started this exhibition and to learn more about the artists involved in the current exhibition.

SLE: What inspired you to get involved in this type of exhibit? 
Varda:  Well that is rather funny, I had bought my first ever adult parcel on a sim, and thought this is a lot more freedom of expression here.  Everyone seems to be free thinking, even though sometimes it is not so nice especially with griefers, it is nice to be around other adults.  I had met a very talented artist named FarSoFar who is an amazing artist about a year ago, and I am married to a real life professional photographer who’s works are also being displayed.  I thought this was an opportunity to do something back for the artist who’s work I enjoy so much on an almost daily basis, first it started with my husband requesting I do something, then my friend FarSoFar.  It was then my good friend Cloak Fairigfule, also pointed out since it was an adult sim we could show adult works as well.  Since I had some works that were innocent in nature and some that were more adult in nature, I decided it would be a good mix.  It was my best friend RuaelleLionheart who master minded the decision for the gallery name.  Hopefully soon this gallery will grow and we can move to our own parcel dedicated to this gallery!

Artists featured in current exhibition at Saints and Sinners

SLE: Can you tell our readers about the artists who will be featured in the Saints and Sinners Exhibition?
Varda:  Well I will start with my husband Brian Papke.  He has an idol named Joe McNally, who he LOVES and wants to recreate every single shot he can.  After developing his skills at the New York Institute of photography, he started to take on human subjects.  You know, the graduation picture or engagement picture, but recently began to delve into model photography with a good friend of his named Tim Pruitt.  They had a model show up who wanted to do a lingerie shoot, and then it took off from there.  FarSoFar has been a good friend of mine for a while now.  I always saw his post on Facebook, and admired his work, at first I thought he was posting something from google, you know like a lot of people including me do, until I noticed the consistency in his works.  The two things didn’t click until one day we started talking on Second Life.  It was then I was amazed at his skills and had to see if there was a way to get something going in the way of displaying his works as well.  Every piece is expressive and endearing and that is what I love about his works, it really draws you in.  Cloak Farigoule, is also a great artist as well.  If he is not coding games or scripting on SL , he is making custom mesh avatars and other pieces for various customers.  PakennyUsa Cheing, I could not have gotten this far on the gallery without his help.  His works are all done from his iPhone and when he is not chasing blooms, he is off at college, DJ-ing, working on Minecraft project building servers, and various other online type games.  

Lovers and sunset

SLE: What types of fine art can guests expect to see at this event? 

Varda: They will see dreamy works that will draw them into a different time and place, photography that is seductive and inspiring as well as fun.  they will see a vision of a church and a woman pleasuring herself under one roof.  That what makes this different, a bit of a different kind of heaven under one roof.  

SLE: Will any of the pieces be available for sale?

Varda: All pieces on display are for sale, I make sure the artist gets their money for each piece sold, and donations are appreciated.

FarSoFar in Saints and Sinners

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share about Saints and Sinners Art exhbition?

Varda: If anyone would like to have their art works displayed here when this cycle is complete, to contact me and give me a bio and three watermarked examples of their artwork or link to their portfolio.  

Saints and Sinners Art Exhbition opened to the public on Saturday September 17th  7PM SLT to 9PM SLT.

Come see this exclusive collection and be prepared to be inspired.

Please contact: Vardasilver.Spearsong for more information and additional details regarding this event.

Additional Information
Group: Coelesti Custos