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Showing posts with label Flyte. Show all posts

Thursday, January 26, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- February 4th - Amberle, Tally Mercury, and Semina LIVE at Flyte for Ninja's Birthday!

It's that time of year again! Join us at Flyte for a very special event on Saturday, February 4th beginning at 12 pm SLT to celebrate Ninja's real-life birthday with THREE fun-filled hours of live music from some of the hottest entertainers on the grid!  We'll be partying in the Aviary overlooking the beautifully designed Flyte sim, so be prepared to take plenty of pictures and get there early!

Kicking things off at 12 noon is none other than Amberle Janniah!!  A singer/songwriter/musician from the Philippines, Amberle grew up with several influences that are rooted deep within her family's deep ties to structured church music combined with her mom's pop/power ballad techniques and her dad's more playful rock/jazz approach to performances.

Amberle knew from early on that music was one of the things that would always make sense, so each and every melody sung from her formative years to the present would impact her song choices that span from the 80's to the present (and a few handpicked original songs thrown in the mix). Intent on initially focusing on acoustic performances, she has added tracks to her arsenal, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles to convey a wider range of emotions and topics.

With her ever-growing enthusiasm for guitar, vocals, and deft arrangements, Amberle will give you a deeper sense of a raw, stripped-down musical experience.

Up next at 1 pm SLT,  get ready for more fantastic entertainment with a special LIVE performance from Tally Mercury (formerly Tallyesin), a singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows in SL since 2011. He has a 20-year history as a performer meandering through the UK and abroad.

Tally is a storyteller with a sound that is both soothing and powerful. He does a wide range of songs that span genre and time. Some of his choices are recognizable and some will be songs you've not heard before but all are guaranteed to be memorable.

From the Beatles to Adele, Coldplay to Bastille, Tally has a distinct style that keeps bringing people back.  

Last but certainly not least, our party continues with another spectacular performance from the lovely Semina! Born and raised on the south coast of Sweden, she is a talented singer-songwriter who has traveled the world playing her music at clubs, festivals, living rooms, and theaters around Scandinavia, Europe, UK, and USA.

With a playful way of mixing genres and a voice that could mend a broken heart, SEMINA now comes to entertain in Second Life with covers from well-known artists.

Come celebrate Ninja's birthday with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...and don't forget to stick around after the party and explore the beautifully designed Flyte sim!  Home to Flygearz, one of the most popular interactive dance experiences in SL, you'll discover a new world containing sights you've never seen before, including a few "hidden" gems you can only find by exploring the outer reaches of the sim!  See you there!

What is FlyGearz you ask? First and foremost, we are a group of like-minded, carefree dance-oriented, party peeps! Award-winning choreographer, Jenna Dirval will have you dancing in the aisles and in sync with great music through memorable themed interactive events, many of which are held at the breathtaking Flyte sim. Costumes are encouraged but never required!





Ninja, SLE Events Coordinator (ninjaantwoord resident)


Performer Websites:

Amberle Janniah -

Tally Mercury -

Semina -