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Showing posts with label James Hagarty. Show all posts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lizard Howl Seeks Funding Assistance via Indiegogo for His Book Virtual Breadwinner.

This fundraiser is to help Lizard Howl put finishing touches to his book "Virtual Breadwinner: How to Make Money Online as a Second Life Land Baron".

Bellingham, Washington, April, 2013

James Hagarty (Lizard Howl) and his wife Amanda (Hottie Something) met in the virtual world of Second Life, and started a business together. In 2007 they started their Second Life land business. In 2008, they started to turn a profit. Since then, they have grossed well over $500,000 and continue to profit every month.

In 2011, Lizard started writing his book and completed the final draft in 2012. The structural editing has also been completed by now. A few of the things readers will learn from this book: