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Showing posts with label Jammin in the park. Show all posts

Monday, July 6, 2020

Looking for Something to Do in Second Life? Check out Avina's

Avinas Premier Rock and Blues Club is home of the Pamela Live Show. It is also a very classy, laid back night club. Giving you a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful view of the ocean. We offer the best fireworks show on the grid and we also offer the most romantic garden. So stop on in take a look around bring your special someone and enjoy great music and make sum wonderful friends.

 The Lutrova Emporium
 The Lutrova Emporium is a store here at Avinas. In the store we offer gestures, neon signs, gatchas, and textures for all of your Second Life needs. We are always creating something new at very affordable prices.

Glorious Gatcha Gift Shop
Glorious Gatcha is a very cute little gift shop right here on the sim. We offer many different gatcha items, including gatcha grab bags.

 The Pamela Live Show
 The Pamela Live Show is a live talk show we have right here on the sim. Hosted by the beautiful Pamela Alectoris her self. The talk show offers a showcase of business and talents all around Second Life. The show also offers live audience. 

The Pamela Live is open on Sundays. It will begin at 3pm slt. The first show of the year will start in September 2020. All are welcome if interested.

Jammin in the park
Jammin in the Park is a very special venue here on the sim. It is a beautiful garden park. Our live singers absolutely love to perform there. It also offers plenty of space for dancing.

Hot Wheelz
Hot Wheelz is an awesome skate rink here. We offer couple skate, single skate and a group skate. We also have a snack bar and toiletries. (should u need) The venue has a live DJ and host and they do many different games such as musical chairs and limbo to name a few . We have also celebrated brithday parties there as well.