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Showing posts with label Japanese Ballet. Show all posts

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Imperial Arts Presents Love is. A Modern Japanese Ballet - June 29th at 5pm SLT

Love Is...complicated. Among the dancers of a humble ballet troupe, love is unrequited, freely given, heartbreaking, and joyful. Artfully blending together ballet and Japanese music, this contemporary ballet explores the varying emotions and definitions of love. 

Imperial Arts is an inclusive group which focuses on providing East Asian themed performances, educational opportunities, and cultural experiences for its residents and guests. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Japanese Ballet: Majikku (Magic)- April 26th at 5pm SLT

In this fantasy ballet, a group of four magicians attempt to re-design their quaintly adorned parlor room.  They struggle to come to a decision and each secretly use their magical abilities to remove the prior one's work and build their own new and fantastical setting. Chaos ensues as the projects begin to overlap and wreak havoc!