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Showing posts with label Jessi Shadowhawk. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Real Music of Life with Aspergers - Interview with Jessi Shadowhawk -Orchids Reports…

A Heart's Cry

Eyes full of tears
That brings me falling
To my knees
Reaching out for help.

Screaming out words
That falls silent
In the dead of light
That sounds absurd.

Following paths
To Unknown ways
Full of mystery wraths
That shakes my display.

Rising up from the ashes
To the morning sun that awaits,
Shining brightly down on my lashes
That hides my beautiful eyes.

Copyright by: Jessi Smith

Orchids: Who is Jessi Shadowhawk (koyko.calamity)? What is the inspiration behind koyko calamity?

Jessi: I'm a person who loves life. I'm a person who just wants to be herself in a world who just wants to be understood for who she is. Koyko Calamity means Calm Peaceful Music Child in Chinese.

Orchids: Who is Jessi Smith?

Jessi: I'm a psychology major. I graduated from Andrew College in 2012 with my A.S. in Psychology. I would love to help young kids and parents with their child's beginning of life phases in school. I'm an undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome Student.