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Showing posts with label Karensunshine Renierd. Show all posts

Friday, August 9, 2013

Spotlight on TRESOR COUTURE; the Re-invention of Affordable Elegance for the Fashion Diva in Second life on August 16 ©- Orchids Reporting…

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.”
-       Janet Fitch(White Oleander)
The word "couture" immediately conjures up the image of a highly exclusive designer and clientele whose capacity for creation is considered highly unique and off the beaten track. Couture fashion in the real world and in second life to a great extent comes at an interesting decline in the pocket contents. Few people can really afford clothing at such prices. Fashion and taste is not an exclusive to any group. A fashionista may be lurking in the heart of that waitress making ends meet. SL is fantastic in its concept that anyone can be the diva which their heart sees for a fraction of the cost of real life. Here at Tresor Couture their main goal is to make high end quality fashion at affordable prices for the second life of the fashion diva. They have been here a long time and now it’s a time for re-invention.

Interview with Karensunshine Renierd (karensunshine.emerald) and Julya Lykin-Bishop (julya.lykin)