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Showing posts with label Kimber Carter. Show all posts

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bodywear Jewelry: Interview with Kimber Carter – Tea Couturier Reporting…

We can say Fashion is a big part of our SL lives. What we wear signifies who we are and what message we are projecting about ourselves. However, clothes are not the only way to express one’s self. You can use bodywear jewelry to do this too.

What is bodywear jewelry, you ask?

Bodywear jewelry is big in Second Life© and there are quite a few designers out there who create it . However, to explain this jewelry in more depth I could not think of a better creator than Kimber Carter who herself creates one of the biggest range of Bodywear jewelry in SL and is also the owner of the famous CCD jewelry store in SL.

Interview with Ms Kimber Carter owner and creator of CCD and Bodywear Jewelry

Friday, June 17, 2011

Designer Dossier: Kimber Carter CCD Lacy Muircastle Reporting...

Kimber Carter is the new owner and designer of Carter's Custom Designs (CCD). Kimber purchased the CCD store and products from Caithlin Carter in August 2010 and continues in Caithlin’s footsteps to provide the most elegant jewellery and beauty products to the citizens of Second Life.

Kimber came to SL out of curiosity. She commented “There is always something to discover and learn. Everything here is complex yet at the same time simple. If you look closely you can figure out how something works and then put it into the big picture. It's like a dream, a very happy one, a dream and a fantasy. I love fantasy and here in SL, you can live it.”

Kimber got into designing jewellery when one day after purchasing a ring she studied it and discovered that it was not very well made. This spurred her on to investigate what was possible. So she started searching for textures and then found other things that gave her ideas; that triggered more ideas and interest and it became a passionate mission for her. Kimber says “Finding out how, what, where... I was amazed with the endless possibilities.” Soon her first business “Elegant Designs by Lake” was born, which then became BodyWear Jewelry. This business belongs to Lake Swords which is another avatar of Kimber’s.

Because BodyWear went on to become really successful, Kimber (Lake) took the decision to make it into a franchise operation thereby giving her more time to do what she really wanted to do – design jewellery.

And then in August 2010, things changed again and Kimber bought CCD from Caithlin Carter.
Kimber stated “When I first heard that CCD was for sale, I was totally intrigued. I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities but I was also concerned about the amount of work that would be involved in the transition. I would go visit Caithlin’s store and carefully look at each item. At first, I didn't think I would be able to handle such a huge project of converting everything but as time went by and after numerous visits with Caithlin to discuss the details, I decided to go for it. I am deeply grateful to Caithlin for everything she did during the sale process and it helped me tremendously when she put the reference in her profile to me and the new CCD. I was now owner of one of the most elegant and prestigious jewelry and avatar beauty-supply stores in Second Life. The dream became a reality.”

Kimber says that she manages all of this with the support of an outstanding team, LarryB Writer, Caithlin Carter who remains on in a design capacity, Iain Wandsworth and all her beautiful models.

Kimber is very passionate about what she does and expects nothing short of perfection from herself, wanting only the very best for her customers. She said “I would like the experience of shopping at CCD to be completely immersive and truly inspiring.”

She has plans to fill the CCD plaza with brilliant new products, products that set the pace for Second Life fashion and products that really make use of new viewer innovations and trends.
Kimber concluded by saying “My main goal has always been to make this my perfect world... Perfect in every way... And along this journey in second life, I learned that this so-called 'fantasy' is actually 'real'. Real people, real friends, real passion, real feelings, real challenges, and real business. I have also found 'real' happiness from this wonderful opportunity to do something that I love and something that brings a little beauty into people's lives.”

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