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Showing posts with label Liam Youngblood. Show all posts

Sunday, October 31, 2021



Second Life is a virtual land of opportunities for people from all over the world to engage in special interest activities and even step out of their comfort zone and try new things. You can find everyday people getting involved in businesses as well as entertainment. Some second life members showcase their talents and others are just beginning.

Liam Youngblood is one of those people who has found his circle of friends and feels blessed to be able to get involved in the entertainment industry in Second Life. He loves meeting new friends and was encouraged to enter the weekly drawing at the Sunday Showcase at Terry’s place.  He won the spotlight feature! At first, he was surprised and unsure what to say. He was assured no matter who you are in Second Life, everyone has a story. Here’s Liam’s.

Interview with Liam Youngblood

SLE: Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Liam: I am from the USA. I currently live in Iowa. SLT+2. I found my way to SL through a google search, after having frequent issues with The Sim 4 and wanting to find a similar game. I'm an avid baseball fan, managing a fantasy team in Out Of The Park (OOTP). The MLB season had also ended, leaving me with free time.

SLE: I think many virtual world gamers have heard of the SIMS or have even played it. That is how I started! Aside from the interests you mentioned,  I see that you are very involved with Breedables in Second Life. What do you do in-world?

Liam: I work for BioBreeds as a Chat Moderator, in a Customer Service Representative role. As the holiday approaches you can find me as the Chief Elf with BioBreeds Special Events. I am a Manager at The Breedables Farm (TBF) owned by ƤЄƦƝίℒℒЄ ӇДℒЄ (pernille80). It is a breedables sim that provides rentals amongst other things. I am also an assistant & backup auctioneer at the TBF Auction House, as well as Moon's Myst owned by Tяemaуne ๖ζ͜͡   Ecliρse (tremayne.barbosa) & ℒʋɲɑriɑ ๖ζ͜͡  Ecliρse (lunaria.eclipse).


The Breedables Farm (TBF)

Moon's Myst

SLE: Wow it looks like you do a lot in the breedable community. We see you a lot at Terry’s Open Mic, normally people don’t want to go there. :) Jk. We love it there! What other places do you like to visit and perform?

Liam: The safest possible answer would be simply too many to mention! I have had the opportunity to perform at several welcoming venues with Holly and Winter. Each venue tends to have a vibe that is unique to itself causing the performance to take on a life of its own. A normal weekly schedule might involve. An early Sunday morning at Spirit of the Outback (SOTO) with the addition of Paul Nowles, where I'm often dressed up like Angus Young, in Aussie fashion. Starting off the work week with friends at either Night Owl, where I'm also given the chance to perform on stage in support of Lyric Serendipity or at ღ ŞŧíииĄ -Şкẏ ღ  (xstinnax)'s Meadow, a natural laid back environment and venue where I can play my tree stump guitar from {Why Not?}. A treasured birthday present. Tuesday morning at Cafe Musique followed by an afternoon at Lakeside Pavilion, which always makes for a grand event with space for the overflow crowd. Midweek can vary, recently having had the opportunity to perform at a new venue called glow, staffed by many supportive friends. Thursdays performing as a member of Holly's Hooligan's at The Warehouse. A venue, with the surrounding community, where I recently placed my Youngbloods storefront. Ending the workweek at The Blue's Cove, who provided me with my first opportunity to sing live, in second life, with their Open Mic. I also find myself frequently supported by and attending, Love Kats, Bugatti's, Swamp Water Bluz, SheWorthy Pub, Southern Nights, Zack's Road House, The Black Diamond, The Sapphire Beach Club, Crabby's & Synful Sync. My live solo career is currently aided by The Elf Bar. The NOT Bad Management Calendar can provide a more extensive list and provide locations. Found @

Holly's Hooligans consists of Doner Daxter on bass, Ivar Frost (ivarfrost) on drums, Kring Mavendorf on lead guitar with Lιαм Mαɗɗσx ƘιƖƖαмαя (liammaddox) on rhythm guitar.

{Why Not?}

SLE: I love all the name-dropping you did! Kudos to all the performers and venue owners out there that get the attention they deserve! Can you tell us about NOT Bad Management?

Liam: Owned and Operated by Kaysie Michigan. Featuring 4 of the best performers in SL. HσƖƖყ GιƖҽʂ (hollygiless.heartsong), Aaron Cabott Jones (aaroncabottjones), Acoustic Energy (acousticenergy.nitely), ll ƜIƝƬƐɌ ll (11winter11). Working to bring happiness and pleasure into Second Life with each show.

SLE: These are all great performers you mentioned and we do go to their shows when we are able. In fact, I recently saw you performing with Winter and also at Terry’s Open mic. You are a busy one. What is Liam Youngblood’s Clubhouse, can you tell us a little about that?

Liam: Liam Youngblood's Clubhouse is my recently created group. It will be the start of a personal community, where I can provide news, updates, and upcoming events. It will also give me the opportunity to connect and grow with those individuals who have an interest in knowing more about me or the communities and causes I support.

Liam Youngblood's Clubhouse


Youngbloods (In World HQ)

SLE: We can help with that :) How would you describe your style?

Liam: It is a common desire to be placed in a sub-group for easy comparison. But the reality is many of us are a diverse blend. I'd like to be seen as a supportive individual who would care more about the collective, than personal gain. Growing from a communal strength. I desire each day to be a benefit. Some days I'm more successful, due to opportunities given or energy mustered. From a musical and creative standpoint, I'd simply say, raw and direct.

SLE: I like that… a collective gain approach. It is true that it gives people the drive to improve.  What genre of music do you like to perform?

Liam: I believe my sound would best be referred to as Indie Folk. My guitar hero being John Frusciante whose solo work is often classified as Avante Garde, I have yet to reach that talent level. Singer/Songwriter could also be a quality label, performing songs from artists such as Jason Isbell, The White Buffalo & Benjamin Tod.

SLE: When taking a shower, what is the go-to song you belt out that you don’t want anyone knowing you either know the words to or sing it?

Liam: John 5's cover of Michael Jackson's Beat it. This is a beautiful song from another guitar hero of mine and makes for a multi-layered joke, as it's also an instrumental track. In seriousness, my secret song is Something To Dance For/TTYLXOX Mash-Up by Zendaya & Bella Thorne.

SLE:  Have you ever written your own music, and can you tell our readers what instruments you either have trained in or currently play?

Liam: I have written several songs in my lifetime. I do have a project I'd like to work on in the future. Writing songs through the eyes of Liam. I play several instruments which include guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and dobro. I have also taught others to play these instruments at some point in my life. Solo work I focus on acoustic guitar aided at times by a foot tambourine and harmonica. While in bands I tend to move to the bass, as many musicians I've worked with focus on guitar.

SLE: Your avatar is rather different for a performer, can you tell us why you decided on that particular one?

Liam: It's the unique way the world works and the journey therein. I did not set out to live this life, but am happy I have. It came about 4+ years ago, as my parents were searching for a child they could trust. Within 2 months of existence, BioBreeds found me, their staff befriended me, and my life truly began. There has been no looking back.

* Image was taken by Cathy Kærann (catherine.kira) who owns Kaerann's Studio Entertainment. 

SLE: As long as you are happy that is what matters. You obviously know a lot of performers, Winter and Holly for example. Have you ever, or do you ever plan on dual streaming or would you like to. Or is there someone else you would like to dual-stream with?

Liam: There are no current plans. I am still in the early stages of establishing my live music, and working with the technical side of bringing RL to SL. I'm rarely one to turn down opportunities given, and there would be interest when the time is right. Matching styles, finding common songs that allow both artists to add their signature sound surely can be no easy feat. I believe a project like that would be best suited for a charity event. As for other artists, Jack Dryden's music has a folk quality which I believe my sound could easily blend with, in a pleasing manner. Aufwie Mysterious plays with unique energy and Indie Folk quality I enjoy, I could envision a future project with promising results.

SLE: That’s understandable. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Liam: I have had the opportunity to support Together as One (TAO). TAO works with Children's Charities. There will be a TAO Christmas Dec 10-12th. Believe in the magic of Christmas is our tagline. This season's fundraiser will be for Feed a Smile. Together as One! We can feed so many children in need. There will also be the opportunity to provide reading materials to aid in their learning and development as growing human beings. It's a movement I'm strongly behind and believe in. I believe it's gaining ground. During the most recent fall festival, a meet and greet had been implemented. This allowed me and others to learn more about the artists who chose to donate their time and talents, connect with them on a more personal level, and I believe strengthen the community as a whole. I can't say enough good words about the individuals who devote their time, and community members who give their continued support.

 * Together As One (T.A.O.) *


Additional Information:

Common band members in support of HσƖƖყ GιƖҽʂ (hollygiless.heartsong) and ll ƜIƝƬƐɌ ll (11winter11) are OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul) on lead guitar, LαƝєуα Ɠяαcє ƘιƖƖαмαя (laneyagrace) on rhythm guitar, Ĺυηα (lunarose.amethyst) on keytar with Lιαм Mαɗɗσx ƘιƖƖαмαя (liammaddox) on bass. Tentatively calling ourselves 3LO.

Youngbloods @ The Warehouse .

NOT Bad Management Calendar @ 

Open Mic performer @ Terry's Place Friday's 8pm SLT .

Liam Youngblood's Clubhouse secondlife:///app/group/534717db-18d0-c8ab-9c44-df6bc2136772/about

Kaerann Studio Entertainment

OD Designs


Group: secondlife:///app/group/534717db-18d0-c8ab-9c44-df6bc2136772/about


Preferred Contact:  Lιαм Mαɗɗσx ƘιƖƖαмαя (liammaddox)