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Thursday, September 7, 2023

COMING SOON - I Pink I Can - Oct 2 - 29


Camping For A Cure is once again bringing you I Pink I Can. From Oct 2 - 29 there will be an amazing line up of live music and Dj's as well as vendors, raffles and lots more. There is sure to be something to please everyone, so mark your calendars, keep the dates free and come along and have fun with us while raising much needed Lindens and awareness for breast cancer. The support from the SL community, no matter how big or small makes a real difference. Together we can do this.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Transylvania Turns 19!


Updated: 8/6/23

Transylvania, which was established on August 13, 2004, is Second Life’s oldest gothic, vampire, and lycan lifestyle community. With nightly DJs, art exhibits, discussions, shopping, and residences, it continues to thrive as Second Life's oldest community for those with a penchant for the dark. The Transylvania sim is a safe haven for those with an interest in a vampiric lifestyle in Second Life, and home to the Transylvania Family. Unlike most of the vampire communities in Second Life, Transylvania is not focused on role-playing, and is instead a darkly gothic environment built for mood and atmosphere with a strict no combat policy. Walking the streets of Transylvania you’re sure to find the Vampires and Lycans who call it home, but be prepared for the unusual visitors, too. All sorts enjoy an evening under Transylvania’s eternally moonlit sky. All are welcomed. Transylvania is the home of the Transylvania Family which is comprised of Vampires and Lycans. There are four Transylvania Royals who own and run the day to day operations of the Transylvania sim, Willow Raven Paine, Noirran Marx, Joytou Timeless and Sabbian Paine. At Transylvania, there is a strong sense of family filled with dedicated loyal family members that share a close family bond. Each family member contributes in their own unique way to support the family to make Transylvania what it is. The family bond is Transylvania's source of strength, and its legacy. Transylvania has always been about the family as a whole working together as equals or as the family refers to as "One Blood." The Transylvania community is not just made up of family members but its visitors and residents as well. In the evening you can find live dj's at the community's central gathering spot called The Wall. The family also hosts monthly themed events and will host seven days of events for their 19th Birthday Celebrations starting on Monday, 8/7 with a Transylvania Trailer Park Block Party with DJ Lesa, Dark Carnival on Tuesday, 8/8 with DJ Sequoia, Vampire Noir on Wednesday, 8/9 with DJ Sinobi, Bloody Burlesque on Thursday 8/10 with DJ Zarabella, Bloody Fury on Friday, 8/11 with DJ Sabbian, Transylvania’s 19th Birthday Ball on Saturday, 8/12 with DJ’s Sabbian and Chopper and Transylvania’s Bloody Birthday Bash on Sunday, 8/13 with DJ Morden. All events start at 6PM SLT with the exception of the Birthday Ball which starts at 7PM SLT. Other areas of interest on the sim are the Castle, catacombs, family crypt, graveyard, ballroom, shops, the shoreline that connects to Transylvania's sister sim of Hercynia and art galleries. There are residential Townhouses and Row Houses throughout various parts of the Transylvania sim for rent. There are also a lot of spots on the sim that make a perfect backdrop for photographers and bloggers. The Transylvania family encourages creativity and hosts periodic group art shows at its One Blood Gallery. Contact: Sabbian Paine (inworld)

Monday, October 3, 2022



DRAMA LIBRE is a 16-yr old club with a weekly immersive themed party every Saturday from 7-10 pm SLT, with over 400 different themes to date.  Created by owners Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon, their attention to detail mixed with creativity and the entertainment they provide makes it one of the most talked about venues on the grid. The SL Enquirer caught up with this dynamic duo leading the revolution against drama, one party at a time!

Interview with Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi

SLE: It is a pleasure to meet you both, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?


Peachy: I am from Pittsburgh Pa. Friends of mine were DJs on the Web and asked me to join SL. I always told folks I came kicking and screaming... giggles. but once I joined I knew I was hooked. Then I met Xerxes and it changed everything.  I never looked back.


Xerxes: I’m in Jacksonville FL. I read about Second Life in a BusinessWeek article back in the exciting days of 2006, and that led me to see what the fuss was all about. Been here ever since.


SLE: It is always interesting to hear where people came from all over the country and world and how they come together. That is the greatest thing about Second Life! What inspired you two to create Drama Libre? 


Peachy: Honestly way back when, lol I got tired of going to places that offered Best In Blue and Escorts and etc... I knew there had to be so much more. There had to be ways to create and me who knew nothing of building, long story short, Xer taught me how to build.


Xerxes: Peachy and I observed that most events that we attended were narrowly applying what Second Life could offer. They all focused on holding different themed events in a fixed club-like structure. We envisioned flipping that philosophy by having different thematic environments that just happened to be music and dance events. Why just dress as a pirate in a dance club when you can rock it up on the main deck of a 40-gun galleon sailing the Spanish Main? Why not party as Godzilla and other monsters stomping around a miniaturized city where you can cause monster-sized mayhem? Instead of adorning a club with the Eiffel Tower and french flags for a French-themed event, why not party at the Palace of Versailles… at the Court of King Louis the 16th?  Second Life really has the power to bring forth great imagination, so why hold back?



SLE: What creative minds you both have! I love the idea of creating an immersive interactive environment like the ones you described. With over 400 different themes over the past 14 years, it is impressive that you haven't done any repeats of the same event. How do you come up with the themes and who designs them?


Peachy: We get together and put our thinking hats on and discuss what kind of themes we could do, also we take ideas from any DL'ers and if we use their idea we pay them 500L. As far as the designs go each of us takes a turn being the lead builder.


Xerxes: To be specific, we always build a brand new set every week, and we have never re-used any set we have already built – although we are willing to sell them if there is an interested party. We do sometimes repeat broad themes, but we always execute them differently with each new build. For instance, we’ve done many pirate themes e.g., we’ve danced on a pirate sloop, in the pirate town of Tortuga, a Goonies set with an underground cavern and pirate treasure, and even a modern-day scene involving Somalian pirates. We’ve also done a steampunk version dancing on flying dirigibles. We always look at different angles to build a theme. As Peachy said, we have a very creative and skillful build team, all of whom learned how to build, script, texture, etc from scratch. We also all taught each other as well using various tools like Photoshop, Audacity, etc. No one is an island, and there is power in many. We brainstorm with each other regularly and come up with different ideas that we each want to realize, so we take turns each week leading the build to bring our ideas to life. And as Peachy said, we also ask for ideas from our guests that they want to see built. We draw inspiration from many sources, from current events to historical events to movies to our own memories and experiences. So we have a varied pool of ideas to pull from and each of our sets is very personal to us.



SLE: Power in many is a great approach when working together because you produce amazing things!  I love your motto of Leading the revolution against Drama one party at a time, I heard from a few people that this is the place to be! Can you tell our readers what they can expect at each event? 


Peachy: I can say that once you come to one event you will be back time and time again. Always a good time to be had. There is a lot of chatter going on at Drama Libre. No private chats but openly chats we talk about food, weather, what's new, and the likes of things, we strive to make new people feel welcome.


Xerxes: We‘re primarily in the people business, and we want everyone to be comfortable with each other, and with everything that happens at Drama Libre. As our name indicates, we work hard to steer clear of drama as discreetly as we can at our events. We welcome everyone here and welcome as much creativity as they can come up with,  but we know we’re not for everyone. Clothing is not optional, for instance, and we do not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse.  Peachy and I do our best to help every guest who has a concern or difficulty, and sometimes our patrons beat us to it!  We have a large number of regular visitors, many of who have been coming here for years and who we practically consider to be family.


We also invest a lot of time and effort in what we do. We spend at least 35-40 person-hours planning and building each set, and that does not include time spent by the DJs in planning their playlists and the additional work to create the teaser audio clips and posters for the following events, brainstorming sessions, website change, and maintenance, taking pictures and videos of each set, etc. All this work for one 3-hour event, and we repeat this whole process 50 times a year. This does not work, but a labor of love and of the creative process.  Our reward is the smile on people’s faces and the fun they have each week, and a job well done. I do believe that shows in every event we produce.


SLE: I can relate to working in SL. It really is a labor of love. Especially with the ability to be creative in many different ways. I’m sure you have had lots of fun stories over the years. Can you share one of your most memorable moments at the themed parties?


Peachy: OMG there are many but I remember one that makes me laugh every time I think of it. We had a cartoon set and I was clicking on things and moving them around and bam I deleted the floor and everyone... giggles went falling to the ground. I was so embarrassed, but it was funny. We all laughed about it.


Xerxes: We’ve been doing this for 16 years, so there are too many stories to count. Back when we started the sim servers were prone to crashing when you overloaded them, so we would crash a lot when we got too many people at our parties. It was fun to watch folks rez back in-world after each crash, and amazing that they cared enough to return as well. One time the Lindens announced that on one particular Saturday evening that all their servers would go down for maintenance, so we held a crash party i.e, we partied until the servers went down. And we still managed to crash the sim minutes before the servers were taken offline, and everyone still came back. I guess we were determined to go down fighting!  Peachy also mentioned accidentally deleting the floors at our parties, which are usually held at 1000m altitude, so it was hilarious to see 30 or more avatars falling at the same time. It took us a while to learn that lesson.


Most of our fun is in seeing what everyone is wearing. We have patrons who are quite imaginative and competitive. Peachy and I are always oohing and ahhing at every event like tourists.


SLE: LOL, those are great stories! Do you have a calendar of events so guests can plan accordingly for the events? 


Peachy: No we have not done a calendar for the events. It is something to think about.


Xerxes: I’m not sure this is something that would fit but we are open to considering different ideas. I think the weekly theme reveal is part of our charm and evens the playing field among our patrons by giving them each a week to come up with a costume. We do make a big deal about the next theme at the end of every event. We create a 2 - 3 minute audio teaser that the DJ plays, and make a poster, so even the theme reveal is a production in itself. We do have a schedule of who will lead the build and who our DJs will be for each event, though, but we really don’t make that public to maintain the weekly suspense lol. While it would be nice to announce our themes well in advance, we really only decide on themes the week prior.  Still, this is something we should think about. We’re not wed to our current format, but we do want to make sure any change we make is thoughtful and within our abilities and our brand.



SLE: We should definitely talk about a Sponsorship so we can make sure our readers always know what is going on and can be prepared with a costume! With theme parties, it's always fun to dress up! Are costumes mandatory and are there contests?


Peachy: Costumes are not mandatory, but if you want to join in on the contest you will need to join the Drama Libre group, which is not an open group. It is free to join. All ya have to do is let Xerxes or myself know. The reason we do not have open enrollment is that we want everyone at the party to know who is joining and welcome them to the family.


Xerxes: We hold a costume contest with every weekly event we throw. Costumes are not mandatory, but clothes definitely are. The more creative the costume, the better we like it. And there are many ways to interpret our themes for costumes, and we welcome different dimensions that we hadn’t even thought of. For example, we once did a Safari-themed set, and one person came with an iPhone running the Safari web browser. Love those tangential executions!


SLE: Very cool! I see that your next theme is House of Borgia! Can you share with our readers what guests can expect on October 1st?


Peachy: Our next theme is called The day the Dinosaur died.

 During our event after the contest is over, we have a teaser that the DJ plays which was recorded. We never speak of our next theme until the teaser has been played.


Xerxes: You have to come and see. We never talk about what a set build will look like before the evening of the event itself. Our lips are sealed!



SLE: Surprises are exciting! We look forward to popping in on these events. Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are you looking to fill and how can people apply?


Peachy: We have not talked about hiring.


Xerxes: Drama Libre is not really a typical club. We hold one party every Saturday evening (7-10 pm slt) for 50 weeks a year so it’s not like we need lots of people. Peachy and I host for the most part, and have a few guest hosts when we are not available. We have 6 DJs who rotate, so they get airtime only 8 or 9 times a year. However, they do work hard as each event is 3 hours long. We have a team of 5 builders/creators, including Peachy and myself. We have one builder who doubles as our website manager. Peachy and I work on administrative duties and planning while Peachy doubles (triples?) as the event photographer. However, if anyone wants to participate or see different roles that can help streamline and add to the Drama Libre experience, please reach out directly to Peachy or me. For instance, one of our patrons came to us and wanted to do a weekly reveal video at our events, and she is now practically our videographer–of-record. Katheryn Llewelyn, posts videos of our events to her YouTube channel, Adventures in Second Life, each week so check out her channel to see our events.




SLE: It sounds like you have dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s to create the perfect party experience in Second Life and we wish you the very best for years to come! It has been a pleasure chatting with you both. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Peachy: All I can add is that we welcome all to come and enjoy a 3-hour event with us. As stated no need to wear a costume, just come and relax and enjoy a drama-free night. You will be hooked.


Xerxes: Come on down and check us out. You don’t have to be in costume, We’d love to have you at our events. You can see our profiles, pics of our previous events, and upcoming event announcements at  You can even see videos of our events by going on YouTube and searching for Drama Libre or going on the following channels: Adventures in Second Life and Alexxy’s Adventures.

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Peachy Sassoon or Xerxes Sismondi

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Poetry Night Presented By The Healing Muse -August 31st at 6pm SLT


Date: Wednesday

Time: 6pm SLT

Duration: 1 hour

You are cordially invited to the Healing Muse Poetry Night. Poetry is a way to connect through the spoken word the diversity of Life. We welcome all who are interested in participating either by listening or by sharing/reading. Both are appreciated. We ask you to consider poetry that is meaningful to you, inspires, encourages, or enriches you on your Journey.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

AVIE POLL QUESTION: What is the funniest thing you ever witnessed in Second Life? Share your story!


Hey, friends and SLE fans! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

It’s been a while since I randomly interrupted your regularly scheduled Second Life

and I hope I’m not being a pain in the prim.

Still, I was wondering if you were interested in participating in a new AVIE POLL section

I want to introduce SLE readers based on the stories I collect from you, the readers!

SLE will ask a question once a week and if you have something to share just submit it through this form link with your screenshot proof if you took a pic! You can remain anonymous or share your name it is entirely up to you!

At the end of the form, you can also make suggestions on other topics and questions you would like to see addressed by the SL community.  Let's make this interesting!


  What is the funniest thing you ever witnessed in Second Life? Share your story!

Submit your story here:



Sunday, July 3, 2022

SPOTLIGHT ON Kinkiva BDSM Nightclub & Community- SLE Reporting…


From the Creator of DarkHeart Strip Club and Escort Lounge comes yet another adult entertainment venue for the grown and sexy. Introducing Kinkiva, a BDSM Nightclub & Community that features exclusive events and a dungeon to explore those kinks in a D/s Lifestyle.  The SL Enquirer met up with Master Paimon again to learn more about this adult hotspot and what to expect. Leave shame at the door and come join us for an exclusive peek into Kinkiva.

Interview with Master Paimon (vizierpaimon)

SLE: You are one busy Master! Recently we met to talk about Darkheart Strip & Escort Club. You also have Kinkiva, a BDSM Nightclub, and community! Since our last interview, how has Darkheart been doing?

Master Paimon: Darkhearts is doing great, everyone is happy, were growing by the day, it's been a lot of fun!

SLE:  Fun is the name of the game, if you aren’t having fun, then why do it right? Kinkiva has a lot of interesting features, including a dungeon! What type of events happens there?

Master Paimon: So we have DJs just like you would in any other nightclub, the difference is we also have fun things for you and your partner to enjoy, as well as BDSM-related events. In real life, there are things called a Munch. Basically, a local meet-up for people to meet new folks, and talk about BDSM and the D/s lifestyle. We have taken that same concept and brought it to Second Life. We have different munches that go on a few times a week, as well as other events like parties.

We do have an event on Thursdays called "The Market". It's a place for seeking dominants (both male and female) to meet and interact with seeking submissives (again, both male and female). We have a moderator for the event that helps drive the conversation around subjects concerning BDSM and D/s. It's a great way to connect with someone new, or just make friends.

SLE: That is great that you have it open to a lot and they have the ability to participate while not really having to be there all the time. So, is Kinkiva open to the public or is it private membership to participate? And if so is there any cost to become a member and gain certain privileges?

Master Paimon: Kinkiva is a free group, there's no cost to participate at all. All we want is to serve the BDSM community on Second Life and give them a fun, safe environment to interact with friends, learn about safety in BDSM, and connect with others.

For those unaware, they may say "safety in BDSM", but this is Second Life, not real life? Here's the thing. Headspaces can and do bring about interesting things in the human psyche. Sometimes, things in an interaction in SL, even outside of BDSM can trigger negative feelings or emotions, bring up trauma that's unresolved, and lots of other things.

How would you deal with that? How can you prevent that from happening so your partner doesn't feel like crap in the middle of an interaction? These are all things we talk about in our group discussions.

SLE: Nice that you take into account that there are people with true feelings on the other side of the avatar in front of you. What is the difference between Darkheart and Kinkiva?

Master Paimon: So, Darkhearts is a strip and escort club. I think we all can get that pretty easily. Kinkiva is a hub. A hub for the BDSM community on Second Life to connect, have a great time and learn about BDSM and the D/s Lifestyle in both the real world and digital worlds such as Second Life.

SLE: Do you have a calendar of events?

Master Paimon: We do! Our calendar of events is posted on boards inside the club, and within our group on Second Life called "Kinkiva Kinksters"

SLE: Everyone likes to be a little “kinky” at times, in public or private :) In order to manage all of these things, it takes a strong team of dedicated individuals. Can you share with our readers who are part of your team and what they do to ensure things run smoothly in the community?

Master Paimon: For absolute certain. I am blessed to have a strong team to work with and NOTHING would be possible without them. BabyBee is a cornerstone of both clubs, without her I would fall on my face. Bri, Euthy, Victoria, and Visha are amazing and they work in the day-to-day of everything from interviews, to training, to even help with odds and ends.

The Rogue DJ, DJ Henning, Techy, and Xeno are amazing DJs and without their time, talent and patience we wouldn't be able to rock the socks off of our clients, visitors, and friends at Both clubs.

SLE: Great to have a solid team behind you. Are you currently hiring for any positions in Kinkiva BDSM Club and Community? And if so, what positions are available and how does one apply?

Master Paimon: We are looking for Hosts and DJs for Kinkiva, you can apply by visiting us and filling out an application.

SLE: We will help get the word out. Aside from Kinkiva BDSM Club, the community has an assortment of things to do like the nude beach, lagoon, shops, and more, can you tell our readers more about the activities the community offers?

Master Paimon: So, in the basement of our club, there is an open public dungeon that's free to use. There are also mini-dungeons you can use down there for a more private setting. We have a nude beach that is clothing optional where you can relax or play volleyball with friends or swim. Our lagoon pool is where we do Pool parties and we have tons of spaces for you to hang out and spend time with your partners and friends.

Our shops are a great way to check out some of the latest in adult-based products, as well as fashion items, etc. We do offer rentals in the form of skyboxes, or beachfront stilt houses. We also have a bowling alley and arcade, as well as rollercoasters, rides, and other fun stuff!

SLE: You really do have a lot of things your customers and guests can do, that is nice. Do you host Escort / Sub auctions at Kinkiva? If so, when and how can Masters and Mistresses find out when they are?

Master Paimon: We don't specifically do escorts at Kinkiva, but more than a few of our Darkhearts Dolls have taken some clients to our dungeon, or one of our private dungeons. Our Market events are about as close to a "sub auction" as you'll find. We don't do the standard bidding thing, because as a principle, consent is EVERYTHING. We believe it should be more of a relationship-based thing between Dominant and submissive.

Trust is a cornerstone of a D/s relationship, if you haven't EARNED that trust and built that relationship, how will you have a healthy, successful relationship? That's why we don't do the Sub auction thing. If you're just looking for a hookup and rough sex, sure, go for it, as long as it's two consenting adults, have at it. But our community wants to help build strong bonds between others in the BDSM community.

SLE: I like the explanation you gave there, that is great to hear, and hope many will be more informed about D/s now a bit more. You also have rental properties in the Kinkiva Community, what do you currently have available for rent?

Master Paimon: We do! We have some gorgeous rental skyboxes and homes. Our good friend Justi from JBC Architecture & Design is in my opinion the BEST designer on Second Life. He has created for us some Stilt homes that sit right above the water, and that has an absolutely gorgeous look to them. The skyboxes he did for us are second to none. Absolutely beautiful layouts and furnishings. He really did an amazing job, so shoutout to Justi from JBC Architecture & Design!

SLE: A lot of the builds are indeed detailed and beautiful. You are a real-life web and App developer, currently working on a BDSM Mobil App releasing soon similar to Fetlife. Can you tell our readers more about that and what sets it apart from other BDSM Apps?

Master Paimon: So I've been on Fetlife for a long long time, and there was a lot of awesome stuff, but not all of it was awesome. It also had a very dated layout and no advanced features. I created a new BDSM social network and mobile app that will be open to the public soon. I have added some awesome new features to help people stay safe and eliminate issues with drama or creepers that you find in other spots. Stay Tuned!

SLE: OOOOO we love a good scoop and look forward to learning more about that new APP you are working on!  Is there anything else you would like to share about Kinkiva BDSM Club and the community?

Master Paimon: It doesn't matter if you're an experienced Dominant/Submissive, New to BDSM, or just curious. Come check us out. We are open and welcoming to everyone, even if that just means you coming for our DJs.

Additional Information:


Group:Kinkiva Kinksters secondlife:///app/group/fa1fb019-1289-381a-c2f7-53237fd48e59/about

Preferred Contact: Master Paimon (vizierpaimon)

Thursday, April 7, 2022

PaganFest SL 2022 April 8th -10th- A SecondLife Multi Sim Pagan Event


PaganFest SL is the combined effort of multiple sims and groups to present a weekend full of ritual, Pagan education, art, and fun, and to promote online unity amongst the various Magickal people and communities in the virtual world of Secondlife.

This year's Groups and Sims are Westwytch, Covenstead, Nox Obscura, Rungardvik, Sacred Cauldron, and Wild Moon!

This year's host is Covenstead with a visitor center at their Paganfest Event Platform:



You can access the event calendar directly at:

And you can join the group to keep up with how the event is progressing:

Just type PaganFestSL into group search.


or Ainsley Weatherwax in world.

Thank you so much, we look forward to having you be a part of our event!

Friday, March 25, 2022

GeekSpeak – What is our purpose? Eat, Drink and be Merry? Join the discussion March 26th at 12pm slt

What is your purpose in life?  Is it enough to eat and drink and enjoy as much of life as you can?  Or do we all need a higher purpose?  Do we need a purpose that is just for us?

Does having your own purpose make you happier?  Is it worth trying to find one?  Will we still be looking for a purpose even if all our wishes on earth are met?

Can you find a purpose in the future of our species? In the colonization of other planets perhaps?  Or in the end of disease or war?  Do duties and obligations provide a purpose?

Come and join us in GeekSpeak at noon SLT on Saturday to discuss what drives us and where we are going.  Bring all your friends, and a map!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Spotlight on Bayside Maternity Center


Family roleplaying is very popular in Second Life, just like in real life. It sets the stage for future relationships and is there for each other through challenging times. We all need a family to rely on. They are an essential source of encouragement and affection.

Bayside Maternity Center is the embodiment of building families in Second Life. They offer a unique blend of round-the-clock expertise and patient-centered care. Dr. Lelani Rayne and her team of nurses and doctors hold the highest standard in avatar healthcare and are available to help new patients every step of the way. From health insurance, maternity care, pediatrics, urgent care, and many other medical needs. The SL Enquirer is excited to be a sponsor of this well-thought-out medical facility. We sat down with the owner, Dr. Lelani Rayne to learn more about Bayside Maternity Center and what it has to offer the residents of Second Life.

Interview with Dr. Lelani Rayne

SLE: We thank you for taking the time to sit with us for this interview, with your company Bayside Maternity Center you have a lot going on. Can you tell our readers how your company started and the direction you would like to see it go?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Thank You so much for taking the time out to interview me. My clinic started in a basement of a mansion I had, I wanted to provide a place where everyone could receive maternity services, regardless of sex, species, or income. The clinic grew quickly so I purchased my first clinic and saw about 5 patients for two months. That too grew even bigger and I needed a bigger clinic. Now I have so many patients a full staff of Drs, nurses, receptionists, and technicians. I am currently of services for maternity, general medicine, pediatrics as well as BeYou patients. The direction I'm headed is to have multiple locations within SL to offer the same as well as more services.

SLE: That’s great that you offer your services to anyone and everyone who wants to experience having a family in Second Life. Your center offers many different services from Maternity to Urgent Care. Can you explain to our readers the different types of care they can expect for each service?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: When a maternity package is selected, you will receive several weeks of exams, blood work, ultrasounds, prenatal care, assistance with the different HUDs, and Pregnancy bodies. General medicine will offer, physicals, blood work, x-rays, and any prescription that can be filled in our fully functional on-site pharmacy.

SLE: That is a full-service medical roleplay facility. You also stated that you offer Medical Insurance. Can you explain how that works in Second Life for residents?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes! Medical insurance can be purchased for and paid monthly, 6 months, or annually and it will cover several services at the patient's request, such as Vision Health checkups & Immunizations 

SLE: That's the first time I’ve heard of insurance in SL. The maternity packages seem to be one of the most popular that you have. You offer many different levels of it, can you explain more to our readers what each package will offer and what kind of service they can expect with each?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes! Maternity is the biggest. I offer three packages Standard, which covers short term pregnancies, Deluxe covers slightly longer, and VIP will cover up to a 9 month RL pregnancy. They can expect to receive:


  • Blood work, Urinalysis, Blood Pressure check, Glucose, and Fetal Heart rate

  • Sonograms 

  • Congratulations Package Gift

  • Customized birth Certificate.

  • Delivery in a luxury style suite or clinic water birth

  • The birth announcement in The SL Enquirer (optional for privacy)

SLE: There are many pregnancy / Belly HUDs in Second Life, which are compatible with your maternity center? Do you need a specific product to experience pregnancy and delivery with your services? Which HUD would you recommend and why?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: No. We work with all HUDs and pregnancy bodies. I'm a personal fan of the Lovemomma body because it is very user-friendly.

SLE: Huds and pregnancy bodies can be intimidating, thank you for sharing which is most user-friendly. I see that you offer Lamaze classes, do you find this a popular class for new mothers and fathers to join and learn what to expect before the arrival of their little one or two or three for that matter :)

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes, it's popular, it gives parents the opportunity to know what to expect during labor and delivery. It also answers lots of questions new moms and dads may have.

SLE: Since your company inception can you tell us how the clientele growth has been? Do you find that you have more mothers during specific months or times? 

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Clientele has grown in a major way. Went from getting 1-2 new patients every 2 weeks to 1 new patient a week, to now getting 31-33 new patients a day. 

SLE: That's some major growth! We are excited to sponsor Bayside Maternity Clinic and post the birth announcements in The SL Enquirer as part of your packages and look forward to working with you. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: I'm appreciative and grateful for being able to provide affordable care for my patients and patients to come. :-) I want to thank the SLE for working with Me and my team. I look forward to more growth! 

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