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Showing posts with label Loki's Photography. Show all posts

Friday, October 30, 2015

Loki's Photography

Loki Ravens, though sighted and often seen, has vision, talent, and professionalism that most
so called wannabe professionals just don't have.  Taking that unique vision, with an intricate understanding of lighting, filters, and hues... LOKI's Photography can make a simple shot, a 
thing of beauty with a touch of creative and artistic flare. 
Need just the right shot, don't know what kind of shot you need, need something unique, that's not just a picture, but a true expression and statement? Then call LOKI @ Loki's Photography.
New accounts (under a month): Free
Profile pictures: 250L
Set's of pictures: 200L a piece
Weddings: full set of pictures + group photo and groom and bride: 1500L
Framed pictures: 300L per
*Prices subject to change.  
Contact  Loki Ravens (Elghinn.Masala)