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Showing posts with label service. Show all posts

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

GridPlay now offers security service


GridPlay Productions are now offering security services for airports, events, malls, and towns. We can monitor for grief, assist airports with ground control, check for fire, find and report anything out of place such as a car in the middle of the road, and so much more. We are hiring people to be security guards. Training is provided by a real-life security guard.

If interested in being a guard please visit our job posting at or contact Venkellie Resident to hire GridWorld Security.

Friday, February 10, 2023

SV Photography is back and at your service!


SV Photography is back and better than ever. If you'd like a profile picture or just pictures for memories that can be turned into art for your home or friends, I can do that.

Monday, August 29, 2022

A NEW slightly risky Second Life dating venue opens in September


Zen Metal WANTED is a new Second Life dating venue and online website opening on Friday, September 30th. The Grand Opening will kick off at 8 AM, and Tonia Thraw will activate the dating boards starting at 8 PM. There shall be fireworks! From the beginning of September, the extensive, thought-provoking profiles on https://ZenMetal.Club are open to being filled up, but they cannot be read by anyone but the profile owner until the Grand Opening. What is different about Zen Metal WANTED, in addition to the profile fields that are completely unique and copyright protected, is the dating game rules; you will go on one date on the Second Life grid without exchanging any contact information. If you both like each other and want to turn the date into a relationship, you will meet at your rendezvous point as specified in the profile of the younger avatar. "Zen Metal WANTED is a dating concept designed to enable those who are 'everybody's type,' like celebrities, to date around without the pressure to commit to the first avatar that swoops by them. It is not nice knowing you'll have to reject yet another nice person who likes you a ton and expects interest shown toward them to lead to a relationship," explains Tonia Thraw, the owner of Zen Metal Projects. "While much-loved people love others' company and hanging out, it may not mean they're willing to commit to that person. Nice people don't enjoy rejecting nice people... So I figured I'd make it a part of the game. A part of the risk factor for also those people who don't get rejected a lot. Maybe now they will be. I was actually thinking of naming the place 'Stood Up' for the humor value of it," Thraw laughs. The festivities will begin at 8 AM and end sometime after 8 PM on September 30th at Gowers, Gaeta V - Second Life mainland.

(Teleporter to the event will be found here... Once the event opens.) - The Zen Metal Club online dating profile registration. For questions, contact ToniaThraw Resident.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Grand Opening of The Cliffs on 3/14/22 @ 6pm


The Cliffs is Second Life's newest restaurant specializing in role play dinners for two or dinner parties for a group by reservation only. To give you a little taste of what The Cliffs has to offer we are beginning the complimentary dessert service @ 6pm. We only have a few spots available so please secure your reservation by sending an email to Cocktails and dancing on the patio start at 7pm with music provided by DJ Una Woodrunner.

For more information Contact:


Dinner Packages:

Sunday, April 12, 2020


When you first land at “Tranquil Isle” in the Orient and wait for your vision to clear, you see the world around you come to life.  You are pleased by this lovely place. But just when you think it is fully rezzed, it becomes even MORE beautiful, even MORE realistic and even MORE lovely.  It is then it strikes you. This is not just ANY landscape. You’ve landed in a WoodyRacer Emoto Professional Sim and Parcel Landscape! Stunning in its beauty.  Enchanting in every detail, from the expertly sculpted topiary gardens, to the lifelike quality of the water trickling in the stream. This is undoubtedly an example of the BEST landscaping to be found anywhere on the entire Grid!  What Vincent van Gogh did with landscape paintings back in the 1800s, Woody does with pixels two centuries later in a way that would bring that old Dutch painter to tears. 

I managed to catch up with WoodyRacer Emoto the other day, and I asked him how it was that his landscapes creations were so unlike any I had ever seen in over a decade of prowling the countless sims and regions of second life.  Join me as we delve into the mind of this modern-day Monet. 

Josh Bellic (JB):  How did you develop an interest in Landscaping in SL?  Are you a landscaper in RL?

WoodyRacer Emoto (WR):  I have always had a creative side to me, and when I saw what one could do with a team and this program , I have never looked back...........I was a RL Landscape designer and developer for 17 years

JB:  What makes your landscaping different?  How does premium landscaping differ from what we generally see out there?

WR:  I use the talents that God has given me to create virtual environments in SecondLife with a team, that people can come to and escape from all of the pressures of RL.  Our Premium Landscape creations differ from most that are seen out there for the fact that most of our team have been training with this program for almost 16 years now, and God as my ultimate trainer has trained my eyes to see the good, to feel what goes with what for the desire of my clients

JB:  Your landscaping looks very real.  How do you feel about Linden Lab’s efforts to improve the graphic quality of their Virtual World with the creation of Sansar?

WR:  I chose to stick with the original LL SecondLife program, because we are good at it, and wanted to stay with only one training program. Two trainers never makes for a sound horse in RL. LOL  

JB:  Where do you get your inspiration?

WR:  My inspiration comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I do all of my creations for His Glory, not mine. He is the One who has given me this gift

JB:  Where do you find the “building blocks” for your creations? Do you have a preferred supplier for the  plants and shrubs and trees you use, or do you build your own from scratch?

WR:  In my spare time, I search and look, and vet for the best of the best of SL Content Creators. There are many what I call " Scary Brilliant Content Creators"in SecondLife. Using this program and many other outside programs " Scary Brilliant Content Creators" create Virtual content for this program.  My hands are held high to all who use this program, and others along with their own minds to create for SecondLife residents. God has gifted us to find the best of the best, and use it. Just like the master painter searches far and wide for the best paint and materials needed to paint his masterpiece, we are always searching and purchasing  for the best materials for our creations. The best part about this team is that anyone can right click on any item in SecondLife and know who has created it, and go for themselves and purchase it.

JB:  How do you interact with your clients during this process? 

WR:  My Ideal client is the one who knows and trust us as artist, to paint for them the masterpiece they desire.  We always consult with our potential clients to get as much out of their minds and into ours as we can. It is very important to know where they are coming from and what they are seeing, so we can serve them with the best our gifting s.

JB:  “The Orient”  is a lovely landscaped Scene all in the sky.   Have you done other themes as well, perhaps desert, or mountainous? Or maybe an Underwater sim?

WR:  We have lost count over 5 years ago, at 200 full sims and parcels  of landscaping. We do not believe there is a theme of a sim or parcel that we have not created. We always love new challenges here in SecondLife.

JB:  Do you work by yourself, or do you have help in your work?

WR:  Team work is key to building any business in SL or RL for that matter.  I do have a team, and am always vetting others and picking and choosing wisely who I allow to join my team. They are always the best at what they are gifted at.

JB:  Where else on the Grid can we find examples of your work?

WR:  The vast majority of the creations that we do are for private clients, that choose to stay this way..  The best way to to view more of our work is to visit our showroom where we have 3 separate slide shows of our work τ€€€, or look at our flickr page at
Or join our facebook page at

JB:  What’s next for “Team WoodyRacer”?  Do you have plans for expansion?

WR:  Our desire is to continue to demonstrate what one can do with this program, and to continue to be a part of evolving SecondLife into one of the best and affordable virtual platforms for all to enjoy 

JB:  Anything Else you wish to say to our readers?

WR:  Please understand, that this is a world created by its own inhabitants. We encourage all who have even an inkling of creativity to use it and develop it, so SecondLife can continue to evolve. Stop settling for the same ole, same ole here in SecondLife. We are all in this together. Don’t just come and use for free all the talents that others have brought here and exercised. Start paying the top shelf artist here what they have earned. Many like us depend on our SecondLife income to assist in payin RL bills, and we are willing to spend many of our RL hours to earn it. Take care of the content creators, that are creating this world for you. Be well

So there you have it folks, SecondLife Landscaping at its finest, for only the most discerning of sim creations.  But Hey, don’t take MY word for it. Check out the cool videos below, or better yet, pop on over for a look-see yourself.  You will NOT regret it.

Tropical Illusions:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Allen Bar & Grill - A Role play experience with a server! Dine in or Take out.

Come and Join Us with your Friends & Family to enjoy the role play Experience..
Enjoy Our Well Presented Caribbean Dishes and International Delicacies.
Our Bartender is here to Mix-Up/Shake-Up those taste buds.
We Also Offer Take-A-Ways [Pizza & Chef Specials]

Delivery / Reservation Service 2020

We also offer Doorstep Delivery & Collection; 
Call us on [NBS]   (376)876-5251    Allen Bar & Grill [ Dinner Reservations ]
                            (376)876-5252    The Allen Bar & Grill [Pizza Delivery/Checkout]


•Join Us secondlife:///app/group/98fc45b8-d73b-8dc4-bd97-3c922b9bbbf3/about

•••Mon-Sat 8am-8pm•••
•[BreakFast] > 9am-11am
•[Lunch] > 12:30pm-2:30pm
•[Dinner] > 5pm-8pm
*Closed Sundays

Special Offer
-Buy 1 & get 1 free PizzaπŸ•πŸ•TUESDAYπŸ•πŸ•

Friday, October 30, 2015

Loki's Photography

Loki Ravens, though sighted and often seen, has vision, talent, and professionalism that most
so called wannabe professionals just don't have.  Taking that unique vision, with an intricate understanding of lighting, filters, and hues... LOKI's Photography can make a simple shot, a 
thing of beauty with a touch of creative and artistic flare. 
Need just the right shot, don't know what kind of shot you need, need something unique, that's not just a picture, but a true expression and statement? Then call LOKI @ Loki's Photography.
New accounts (under a month): Free
Profile pictures: 250L
Set's of pictures: 200L a piece
Weddings: full set of pictures + group photo and groom and bride: 1500L
Framed pictures: 300L per
*Prices subject to change.  
Contact  Loki Ravens (Elghinn.Masala)

Saturday, August 29, 2015


 Finally you can get something for FREE with no strings attached! Hurry Time is running out!

For the month of August, we are offering a ONE TIME FREE PRESS RELEASE POST TO TRY OUT OUR SERVICES. (300L Value) All you have to do is email us your press release* and 400x400 promo image to (please note only one pr submission per customer) Additional Press release fee is 300L.
*if you need assistance with your press release we will provide you with a useful guide to help you create a quality press release.

 If you are satisfied with the results of this service and wish to continue advertising with us we offer affordable options that cater to your needs. Contact Lanai Jarrico or charliereid78 for assistance!

One Month Ad Banner/link
AD banner link on site
Free Weekly PRs on Site  (also sent through our social media outlets)
group notice access
Fee: 1000L
Ideal for venues and services
Long Term Options:
1,2,3,6 Month Ad Banner/Link Packages available

Spotlight Feature
article/Interview conducted by The SL Enquirer
1 Month Ad on Site
Free Weekly PRs on Site (also sent through our social media outlets)
group notice access
Ideal for grand openings, new products and self promotional features 
Fee: 3000L

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Need a Marketing Manager and Digital Media Interns!

Join the VIRTUALVillage Media Team Today.

We Need a Marketing Manager and Digital Media Interns!

VIRTUALVillage Media continuously seeks talented and driven professionals to join our ever growing team and brand.  
For More Information and to Submit an Application,

Inworld Office:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A New Amazing You in Second Life- Introducing Renaissance AV Consulting Agency

Renaissance AV is an avatar consulting agency; we design exclusive and complete avatars that are sexy, classy and stunning. We can also style your current one for special occasions and events.

Our consulting agency is a new user friendly venue with services that will guide and coach you along the way. We will review your avatar and consult with you about  how we can make your avatar as close as possible to your needs.  We cater to everyone and  speak French, English and Italian. 

Renaissance AV Consulting Agency is unique. We will create a new you and/or improve the one you have. Our specialty is to offer you an exclusive shape according to your needs.  The shape is the base of your digital self with a skull that will define your further incarnated persona on Second Life.

 It is important to have a unique avatar in order to separate your look other avatars and avoid the same random shapes that are sold on the market. 

Our coaching and guidance will also depend on which kind of services you require. And there is no hidden fees or constrains in buying a shape from us. You come with your own shape and we guide you to find the best matches such as skins, hairs, eyes and AOs. Let’s not forget your animation and movements should also be very personal. 

After your consultation, we decide together what offer will be the most convenient for you, may it be your exclusive shape, or just guiding and counseling around the shops. 

We can also completely take charge of your avatar and make one or two propositions of modeling, shapes, skins, hairs, eyes by guiding you around the shops while creating your style card. This will help you find your items afterwards.  We value privacy so your personal info will remain confidential.

Please bear in mind that our prices don't include skins, hair, eyes or clothes. 

Contact us in world, if we are not online, just IM us or send a note card with your request to Kamilla Vayandar or Tankgirl Zaytsev, and we'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

Renaissance AV

Friday, November 28, 2014


XTREAMLYU is an entertainment service company that provides high quality PERSONALIZED SHOUTcast streams to venue owners, DJs, live musicians and singers, talk show host, etc. Company owners, Parker Static and Jackie Lefko, are live performers who personally know the value of having quality products and dependable resources to excel in the entertainment world.

So what is a personalized stream?  The stream URL can be customized to the name of your choice -- [i.e. -- a great way to continuously promote your brand.  Streaming packages range from 50- 125 listeners @ up to 192kbps and AutoDJ.  All streams are Instant Activation!

The Store is located on a very quaint parcel on the TriBeCa City sim.  Come on over and check it out.  Also, as part of the grand opening, XtreamlyU is offering a limited special!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin (Tributes) to Perform a Benefit for "THE OPEN WAY COUNSELING CLINIC" "DREAMS TUTORIALS AND SANDBOX" at Night Moves- October 8, 2014 4pm-8pm SLT

     NIGHT MOVES is proud to host the Grand Opening Reception for "THE OPEN WAY, Counseling Clinic", in support of DREAMS TUTORIALS AND SANDBOX, on Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014 4-8 SLT .  

Night Moves will host the event to introduce you to the staff of "The Open Way",  Denisse Mendelsohn and Steveo Rhiano and the services they provide.

The entertainment will be provided by "Night Moves' Tribute Band", featuring Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin!

All Proceeds generated by this event will go to "DREAMS TUTORIALS AND SANDBOX", so please be generous tonight !

The Open Way Counseling Clinic was born with the idea to help people in sl to solve their problems and knowing that sometimes we have tried to feel better and face some difficulties but it seems we can't find the solution. So when we need help, who we can turn to? The Open Way is the answer to that question. We're here for YOU!! Come and see there are no limits for you!

Night Moves Outside Dance Floor

The Open Way Counseling Clinic

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SL Newser: Linden Lab to Allow Several Third-Party Exchange Services to Reopen, Podex Still Closed.

May 17- In a partial reversal of it's earlier ban, Linden Lab announced earlier today that they will be allowing Third-Party Linden exchange services after all. But so far, only five of the many exchangers have met their approval. Plus, the services now operate under tighter and more limiting terms and conditions.

Read more Here